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the intention to establish whether the implementation of the administration's 0 tolerance policy contravened federal law mike hanna argyria washington well you saw the vice president visiting one detention center in that report well he also told another facility crammed with almost $400.00 men in sweltering heat some said they'd been there for about 40 days and complained of being hungry and said it was quote tough stuff and that he expected it to be over crowded but he also said the facilities are something all americans can be proud of. women across latin america so men are literally getting away with murder cases of what's known as femicide arising in many countries with men avoiding prosecution for reasons including police inaction legal loopholes and sexual discrimination new government figures in bolivia for example show the family side rate is at a 6 year high the highest number of reported cases of brazil thanks as data shows 4 women are being murdered every day hundreds of women in 23 countries in latin
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america and the caribbean the murdered because of their gender in 2017 priyanka gupta has more. on the way to the funeral home in bolivia mary the last family screams for justice the 26 year old was allegedly hit in the head with a hammer several times till she died the police have detained her partner although we have got the ball the ball ocoee say. she was all beaten her head was swollen her face was swollen it's such a shame that my daughter was killed by these murders man he killed my daughter i ask for justice that this man goes to jail. her death adds to the rising number of femicide cases a bolivia 73 women have a ready been murdered this year it's the high street and 6 years. some survivors say they are free to seek justice and court others hide their identity and then
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we'll see other i'm afraid of being murdered i fear for my life ever that of my baby i only ask for justice. and peace in bolivia passed a law 6 years ago making femicide a crime attackers can be sentenced to up to 30 years in jail but bolivia remains one of the most dangerous countries in south america for women activists estimate only 15 percent of all cases get a conviction one of the last 4 is one of the factors i think is that in all cases of femicide there is impunity that is. are we serious because the signal that you give to the aggressor is that nothing happens here government ministers in bolivia say there are deeper issues. to us we have regulations in place that are recognized by pioneering international organization years but it's clear that the law is not enough therefore our strategy includes work in every day life because it's what happens on a daily basis that needs to change many believe in women have taken their fight to
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the streets and on stage to with a common goal of spreading awareness and demanding justice for the crimes committed by men priyanka gupta al-jazeera. because an acquittal held a ruling preventing the government from selling land in the amazon rain forest to oil companies the ruling was celebrated by the indigenous where only people who argued that they weren't properly consulted on the sale of their ancestral land was indigenous communities have been taking action against oil companies since the 1960 s. the past actions here by coal are shutting down in many countries but pakistan is bucking the trend its 1st power plant burning coal from open cast mining is now operational the electricity generated is lighting up villages creating jobs and cutting the cost of fuel imports but a summer binge averred reports from sin the province the projects causing environmental concerns to this small community in
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a remote part of pakistan is changing brick homes are replacing traditional huts solar lights taking place of oil lamps and there's a new temple and a mosque. krishan kamala's family is happy to move in their new home unlike the old hut it has electricity and running water there among the 350 families who've received compensation for the land many residents are getting training for new jobs after the discovery and extraction of pakistan's largest coal reserves company i n n n n when this company got operational many people from other areas arrived here for jobs or youth were also inspired to get educated and build for jobs themselves the development of this place should be owned by us rather than others. this is pakistan's 1st open pit coal mine which could be the answer to prolonged power cuts under the china pakistan economic corridor or c. pact china is investing in 21 and edgy projects many of these are called powered while other plants include hydro wind and solar power as well the company running
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the coal plant expects more than $1000000000.00 yearly savings in foreign exchange wanted creatures full capacity for its mining coal plants there are 3 issues in the country the 1st issue is the supply and demand ok the 2nd issue is expensive energy and the 3rd issue is imported gore and the answer to all these 3 questions is just one solution and that solution is relying on an indigenous fuel. the power company says all call plans or the ones which have lived a useful life spans are being shut down internationally with an estimated 2000000000 tonnes of energy rich reserves called from per parker could be pakistan's indigenous solutions to provide electricity for 100 years but with call power being replaced by eco friendly plants all over the world environmentalist here have also got some concerts called environmental impact includes here
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pollution by burning sulfur in 1000 particles of the air in very high extraction of water from the after for environmental manner and ground game lamentation implementation and monitoring of the environmental plans is where the problem lies most plans include the environmental and social impact but unless it's executed properly the people suffer nothing can remove the negative impact of using coal but you can minimise it a plantation drive and renewable energy projects are being set up to offset the carbon footprint the company insists its complying with all regulator requirements and following international standards the environmental impact from the cool their technology will think you're off it and you are very very within the limits that are allowed by the regulatory authorities. pakistan must reduce its imports to stabilize the economy and it also needs energy those running the new called project see it may be a win win situation if they can fulfill these requirements while minimizing the
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damage to the environment and bringing positive social change. some of the job a down to 0 particle line that parker. is up next with the sport and come to england finally win the cricket world cup in front of the home crowd at lord's will find out the bike. information indicates that you have or associate those with the least a part of it has the potential to be biased in a number of different ways there are too many opportunities for the computer to get a wrong who's checking those offices who commit those data entry is wrong to be saying that your son the tonight is wrong to. kill becoming a suspect before the actual crime and in-depth examination into preventative policing pre-crime on al-jazeera information in the case that you have or associated to those looked at least a part of it has the potential to be biased in
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a number of different ways there are too many opportunities for the computer to get or all who's checking those offices who commit those data entries is wrong to be saying that your son knew tonight is wrong to. kill becoming a suspect before the actual crime and in-depth examination into preventative policing pre-crime on al-jazeera. book about time to school time the final started yet shame you're reading the news instead of watching the telly where history beckons 1st serina williams as she is going for a record breaking equaling rather 24th grand slam title she's up against last
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year's french open champion simona halep whose race into the lead taking the 1st set to $62.00 now the pressure is on serena williams she hasn't won a title since the australian open in 2017 when she was 8 weeks pregnant at $37.00 she's the oldest female grand slam finalist in history beating the previous record holder martina navratilova by $33.00 days there's also a 10 year difference between her and how up and if she wins serena will equal the record of 24 grand slam titles set by australian player margaret court which is set for 46 years. the stage is also set for sunday's men final roger federer will take on defending champions novak djokovic after coming through a much hyped semifinal with rafa nadal joined a gusher of scott reports. fans of roger and rafa have waited 11 years to see them face each other wimbledon again the last all england club encounter had been an
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epic with an adele winning in the 2008 final friday semi swung the other way. 20 time grand slam champion roger federer a full through a tie break to take the opening set. but has no doubt settled into the pace 40th much he broke twice in the 2nd to take it 6 more in. the next 2 sets provided a master class in tennis tactics from 2 of the greatest players ever to set foot on the court but ultimately it was federer who seize control clinching them 6364. and booking his place in sunday's final where he'll go for a 9th singles crown and a 21st grand slam title was. that everything at the end which was great i guess just very relieved it's all over it's all over at this point but. it's
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definitely definitely going go down as one of my favorite matches to look back on again just because it's rafa because it's every move and the crowds were into it just accept that it. was not a day and i plan to great event i take this in a positive way but the same time today's sad because for me i know its chances are not forever roger federer will face defending champion novak djokovic in that final on sunday the push through 4 sets against for better parties tied to. eventually winning on the 5th match point his spanish rival can now go. to enjoy the delayed celebrations for his upcoming wedding joke which goes into the 25th grand slam final joint venture just. what england and new zealand are getting ready for sunday's cricket world cup final at lord's as both sides look to take the trophy for the 1st time the hosts have built up momentum in recent games with
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victories over india and new zealand in the group stage and a crushing win over australia in the semifinal england are playing in the world cup final for the 1st time since $92.00 it means huge amounts to me everybody in the changeroom it's a culmination of 4 use of hard work dedication a lot of planning. and it presents a huge opportunity to go and try and win a world cup i think for everybody around the country to support we've had 3 has been on question of the star names that europe's top clubs are reporting back for pre-season training christiana rinaldo was given a big welcome at u. ventus he was greeted by hundreds of fans as he reported for his 1st day back on duty and sure and eventis are preparing for life under a new manager sorry this season. and he looks set to be joined by one of the prize signings of the off season it's reported that you may have signed i.x. defender but they are the 19 year old dutchman was one of the stars of their run to
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the championship week semifinal and by the name insinuate that they can you tell us then is not based on sort of you know this barcelona have been making a big deal of their latest big deal the club released a promotional video to announce their $135000000.00 signing and one treatment from athletico madrid. there's a new world record setter at the diamond league athletics meeting in monaco and a 23 year drought said on hudson of the netherlands set a new mark in the women's mile an event that isn't run at many major meetings she clocked 4 minutes 12.33 seconds 231 hundredths of a 2nd quicker than the previous best. and it was a rough race for 20 year old jonathan jones in the 400 meters another runner fall started but jones never heard the recall gun he and several others started running and some stopped but jones finished the track he beat his personal best but ran it
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by himself in a race that now doesn't matter he ended up setting out for the real. what a way to go down on him back to so ready to move over to the timing so click on something spoke or show exactly what and say maybe after the next bulletin as well i'll be back because i'm from lee and myself on the news our team thanks for your time and your complete i seen a few months. i'm
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going to have you know like everywhere connectivity that's paramount and yet for infrastructure and the pendants on foreign corporations speech to many remain offline now a politician and tech activists are building a homegrown solution connect one of us and secure the nation's technological sovereignty. rebel geeks the citizens network on a just you know. al jazeera where every. every reclaim news
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cycle brings a series of breaking stories is maximum jail term has jumped from 5 years to 175 years during the listening post as we tend the cameras on the media donald trump should be the one deciding who is a journalist and who isn't to focus on how they would call it on the stories that matter the most they look closer and closer to the tire shut down both international and domestic news coverage on al-jazeera. police begin clearing the streets of a border town after thousands of protesters turn that anger to a new target traders from mainland china. you're watching al-jazeera with me so robin live from doha also coming up. 26
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people including 9 foreigners are killed by al-shabaab attackers that a hotel in southern somalia. south african soldiers are deployed in cape town to help police with a surge in murders shootings and gang violence. and louisiana is hit by a deluge as a tropical storm barry bears down on the u.s. state. bottom to the program what began as protests over an extradition law in hong kong has now turned into much wider anger over the influence of china fighting broke out on saturday in hong kong involving protesters against visitors from mainland china riot police used pepper spray and battens to stop demonstrators setting up barricades inching chouinard far from the border they say shoppers and traders from china are invading hong kong and drive up prices by buying products to take home
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and sell while hong kong police have taken to social media condemning the protesters for attacking officers involved the police noticed there's a big group of violent protesters gathering near the metro station and shanks way the situation there now is very chaotic and dangerous the police realized the protesters a very organized they distributed supplies in a large scale and collected a large number of metal bars at the scene as well as other materials that can be used as weapons we condemn protesters attacking offices with metal rods and and no one pounder we're warning all protesters to leave immediately and to stop their violent behavior. let's cross over to general allen dogan our correspondent in hong kong who's monitoring events well there was a standoff there was clashes but now there is a a nervous silence i believe in hong kong this evening. well definitely i mean as there's have been a big quick turnaround of from from
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a peaceful march to chaos and then now there's this kind of nervous silence as you said there are still hundreds of police officers right here at the town monitoring in case some of the protesters come back there seems to be no sign that there will be a continuation of protests so what we're seeing basically here is you know. a group of police officers riot officers who were pushed back a few hours ago because they were clearly outnumbered by protesters we've seen both sides hitting each other we've seen police outnumber in the middle and surrounded by police by process or as we've seen bottles umbrellas thrown out and riot police had to come in and rescue police officers who were who were trapped basically but that quickly changed after protesters set up their barricades they left and they said they will come back tomorrow there's another protest tomorrow scenes like these have become common here in hong kong and protesters tell us this is really
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all about this bottled up this content at this point that nothing seems to be what the hong kong government is offering will be enough to appease them they say at the very core of this really are political reforms that they are asking for and in terms of those political reforms driveller it seems that some elements of the hong kong public and student communities seem in boulder and certainly by the fact that the extradition laws not been scrapped and they can really challenge the authorities on the stand some other issues which are either vaguely or directly connected with china. yeah exactly i mean this march was supposed to be about parallel traders a march against parallel traders coming from mainland china as they call them hoardings items from hong kong and selling them back to me inland china the protest of about 30000. civilians were really all about that asking for better regulation
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and protection for the local traders here that quickly changed over the last few days we've also seen different kinds of protests different forms of protest we've seen a romantic form of it where like john lennon walls of public walls were sprung up all across in almost every single district of hong kong where messages were left by civilians those who cannot join protests physically left messages of hope and support for those who take to the streets and messages of anger against kerry lambs government last night we were also at hong kong university where university students challenge their vice chancellor to face them after he issued statements that were basically condemning the violence at the legislative council complex so we're seeing these different forms of protest resistance clearly emboldened basically by what has happened over the last few days they said what they are trying to do here is important is to protect the currently way of life in hong kong
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the sea there is slowly being eroded by what they call this creeping authoritarianism coming from beijing for the moment we'll leave it there. thank you . well anger has been boiling for months as jamila said since the government tried to push through a law that would allow extradition to mainland china on june the 9th an estimated 1000000 people poured into the streets to express their discontent by june the 12th when debate was supposed to resume in the legislative council there were street battles between protesters and police and the use of battens tear gas and rubber bullets brought a new outcry 4 days later the people of hong kong took to the streets once again in record numbers organizers saying 2000000 people marched then on july the 1st as officials mark the anniversary of hong kong's handover to china protesters ransacked the legislative council on tuesday hong kong chief executive carol lam announced publicly that the extradition bill is dead but the protests have now widened into anger over the way the city is run willy lam is
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a professor at the chinese university of hong kong he explained why this is likely to drag on for some time yet. with that and they're having a huge impasse because what's happened is that beijing has basically lost confidence in the ability of the separate k.-rob so. laid back and in the tradition and she is just waiting for instructions from beijing which doesn't seem to be coming so at this stage we see a confrontation between both sides the current administration seems to be. saying nothing doing nothing just waiting for the protesters to make a mistake by means are hoping that some of the article the young cast just might meet. and be branded as righteous and the prettiest of the
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law but the fact that there's been no genuine dialogue between the lamb initiation and the protest this means that. this state of confrontation might be exacerbated and there might be more connotation and even bloodshed on the streets. fighters in somalia say they've attacked a hotel killing at least $26.00 people and injuring dozens more it happened in the port city of kasmir in the autonomous region of jubilant among the dead are people who kenya tanzania and the u.s. as well as britain and canada welcomed where personal from nairobi in neighboring kenya. officials who survived the attack say began with the suicide bomber in a car there was a bomb in the vehicle and the vehicle was rammed into the hotel causing a large explosion gunmen then followed on foot attacking the premises and a gun battle ensued between them and the security forces who were posted at the hotel the gun battle went on for hours but eventually those security forces were
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able to take this situation on the control this kind of violence is common in some parts of somalia but in recent years it's been rare in the town of kiss my but it's widely believed to be connected to an upcoming election which is meant to take place there in august the time of the attack it was a political gathering going on inside the hotel elders and clan representatives and legislators were meeting in preparation for that election and the armed group al shabaab of taking responsibility for the attack what's not clear is if it was an attempt to disrupt the electoral process generally or specific candidates or politicians were being targeted protesters and marking 40 days since the killing of more than $100.00 of the earth fellow demonstrators and the dependence investigation that's being demanded into the killings by security forces a political transition agreement is due to be solid on saturday the agreement is between a pro democracy coalition and the military includes
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a joint sovereign kills all to govern until elections in 3 years time have a borgen has more. protesters in sudan are running up across the country in various states they're saying that they want accountability for the murders for the killings of protesters in front of the army headquarters on june 3rd 40 days ago now there is thing that they pro-democracy 10 was attacked by army security forces and the military and they are saying that what the army was trying to do was and their demand for civilian government but that is not happening they're saying that they're working to need to demand the civilian government now the the forces that the coalition that represent the protesters known as the. or says that for freedom and change ours have signed or have agreed to sign a deal with the transitional military council that would begin that would be the start of a transitional period but protesters on the street are saying that they want accountability before the start of any implementation before any deal is signed in
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their thing that the military was the one responsible for dispersing and attacking dissident and therefore they cannot be responsible for investigating as well because they will not basically incriminate themselves in the killings of the protesters so that we can soldiers are being deployed in one of the country's top tourist destinations after a surge in murders and going violence the boaster cape town struggling police falls the 3 months in poor neighborhoods identified as criminal hotspots police figures show the city has south africa's highest murder rate almost 1900 people have been killed in cape town and its province western cape in just the past 6 months turf wars between rival gangs are being blamed for fueling the bloodshed what provincial leaders says it's become so bad that people are effectively living in war zones cape town residents ordered johnson told us earlier they feel like they're stuck in the endless cycle of violence. we as the community we try our best to help but unfortunately we are limited. and our children this well they only know violence
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see they don't even see a bit of self because every day they see violence so they pick up on this and then when they grow up they start acting but they want. to because this is the examples that they see so this is the only thing this is not a solution to the the problem in a whole because. as a child the army were also deployed in manenberg of what i can remember in the past and so i just hope they can make some difference but i don't think so because they . need to be a. that. the weather will have the latest on having rights also. in the us people in yemen pray in protest as they demand depend to saudi.


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