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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 192  Al Jazeera  July 12, 2019 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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with a torchlight yes sir yes you go if the light is out and naysay you have to take that which. jacket means just stitching chicken with it you should other men when i can i repeat that is what the book and this issue are kerry should i have said we will just carry on trashing. mariza part 2 both twins but both babies are preached mean in the end the wrong position should have to be taken for their own section. and now works quickly and out comes the 1st baby. born of shockey by the 2nd both babies on grieving.
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one as it goes along with it in little. minutes pause and the baby still breathing properly. again this goes down with more grab it was. very hard to watch on doing. some of the. while and jackie concentrate on mom the rest of the team work on resuscitate in the baby's want to warble the all the love my love is all over the whole life why don't you let me join in and say mommy live long and live. news.
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finally the 1st babies doesn't make. enough to fix in the problem of the boxes and the 2nd baby starts to cry. it's just going to be intensely mo trying to resuscitate them with absolutely nothing these kids don't even have incubate as there was. no statement for us to for the team to try and resuscitate them so i just couldn't bear to watch and do nothing. to think that this would mean the other kids who
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don't make it you know every day and it's just really i just i couldn't see. the monthly sort of. conditions at redemption hospital make an extremely challenging place to work but that only adds weight to the incredible job of hannah and the team of. emergency everybody kind of take action if your professionalism not a bit of a rally you work in a hospital everybody according to save the life of the pricing is so we have to wait to get a income to make it together as a team and the last government report liberia had only 117 practicing doctors just defeated health care system has been supported by the us like. i take risks of
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surgery to help hundreds of mothers facing difficult and possibly left threatening births. what's nice is pigmentosa is the time given to a group of degenerative diseases that affects up to one in 3000 people and with no cure currently available it can result in a slow and complete loss of vision i'm dr janet abdomen and amsterdam the netherlands to see how an incredible new implant is giving people who are completely blind the chance to see again. fred van running is one of 70 people around the world who are being fitted with the august 2 retinal prosthesis system a device that is giving back some sight to people suffering from certain types of blindness in the past i have seen. played football on the field kind of thinking i can walk i can only advise or call it was not in one time fairing fairly slowly
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by the time you were 34 you could not see yes i don't know. your wife tanya have you ever seen her face yes. when i was 34 and she was 29 i'm not 58 years old in my mind she is still 39 years old. played out how do you feel being only the 3rd person in the country to have this. i'm not here this. is the surgeon who will be operating on fred it's exciting technology that is basically a little microchip we implant in the eye and blind people that are affected by everything like this because those ready are thanks to this. light in a healthy i the photo receptors in the retina converts light into electro chemical
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impulses that are sent through the optic nerve and into the brain condition such as retinitis pigmentosa can stop the photoreceptors from working properly. the argus 2 bypasses these damaged photo receptors using a miniature video camera that sits on the patient's glasses this camera sense wireless signals via a video processing unit to an implant which has been surgically placed on the damaged retina the implant then emit small pulses of electricity which travel along the optic nerve to the brain which learns to interpret these pulses as visual patterns when you begin patient they do not understand what they're saying is not official vision so they have to out with paper at the bottom of the light we send them because it's not the vision we have but what we're used to. love ordering. is not.
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during the surgery dr moreau will pin the electrode to the back of the arm which in turn will be attached to an aerial that will wrap around the eye rehab real it's being anchored to be outside of that i am white is just being anchored here on the attendance of the model it won't be seen when you look at the behind behind it. the complexity of the operation means the surgery can take up to 4 long hours. so if the firing the white they are being. which is making right now. through that i hope he's going to him. coming up the moment of truth but mark has gone off on that fact and that drove. straight through.
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because now you're. almost done are you happy with it yes the red. lamp is in is. mostly the same storm that. but it is another patient with what tonight is pigmentosa who had the device implanted 4 months ago. i love those little room i'm fine thank you love job and just to be nice to you walk in here. that's exactly what i was 11 when i got diagnosed. and when i was 15. and again on the bicycle anymore. and when i was 18 and 19 in 2 years i lost 80 percent of my official feels it's only been 4 months since it's been 4 months and takes a lot of time and you know i've got 3 film and the 1st one to. 6.
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and that's 4 when i went to school and when it's a cloudy weather and i use this one and i've got 12 with extra rest and when it's too cloudy i use this one i'm sure that you could get infrared heat seeking but still just a touch of that. it's a lot of preparation just improving when i do this yeah i see this you can see that there's life lessons wow when i go do this yeah i can see i can see and can you see well can you see exactly i see light and dark so i don't see how many are. so you can actually tell there are stripes that i know that they're oh yeah i see their stripes well now when you go stand over here. and it's gets there it's going to much much better. you're not show the good will not. if i could see you have got above me like the way john said i know this and then you know about it i see i was saying exactly that i think it is
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a good thing now if now you're standing in the right in the right light so i can scan you and you can scan makes i actually. i now see something moving when. when when they walking i see something moving so yeah i see you a little i mean big nice big so you can tell the difference in people in that sense yeah yeah. even in the 4 months he's had the device it's great to hear the difference it's made to urines life for my orientation it's a little bit better i feel safer and i want. to weeks after the surgery fred has recovered enough to have the device turned on for the 1st time jessica nice to meet you excited about today. yes a little bit from what we did yes what do you hope to achieve this afternoon i hope . that i see your face ok. so.
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you are well good looking. well you are fear of the glasses with the camera ok i'm recording it transmits the data to the cable through to feed you and a few cents back to the. i think it would be a video processing unit or something else yes. you know just to turn off. your. battery. just. because. it's turned. in your. room. i think i. cannot tell you what i see here because france brain has to learn to process this. image search engine that will take time
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so you just try to live and you will see and hear on the screen there's an approximation of what the camera is up to i'm going to move around friends. i see myself on the computer. he sees the peaks but this gives us a list over what the what it means hybrid so i thought. you know it's been asleep for a while it's time to wake up. a huge part of the process for fred is to practice with a device so that his brain can learn to understand the signals it's receiving 4 months after it was 1st switched on i'm excited to see how he's getting on. with your life for a doctor 4 months exactly almost yes and it has a bit you want you want to know what happened all the time. when we were going home at home i sold 3. of the we're really out of the 3 last question that i
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don't rush out and at home and when we put on the light in our house also ready i see all the lights. that fell. well amazing and on the set today she was sitting at the dinner table and i was chatting year and that's all. it was and i didn't share your moment to do a great yeah yes it's a technique you know and. a lot of times you do one step back and doing steps forward. your if you had lost sight ok find out what your have just turned your head you know you have to lift the cap and friend of 1st beginning at the beginning you're benefiting and ok yeah there's a clear point it could go to. the center that's more.
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ok there is something you could do to you and you can pinpoint is there it is but if you see now in the last 2 to a time see improvement already set improved so extremely so the sky's the limit very good. got a little just not straight don't but follow the line. asking this apparently very quickly to promote their. friend you just seen a pyramid a few months ago you saw last thing i think 2 major. french brain will continue to learn to process the signals so there's no knowing how much insight will improve and at the same time scientists are developing the technology and software involved for people who have been living in darkness for so
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long the potential impact of this is enormous. discover new developments in surgery i'm going to have it up when i'm in hiroshima japan to meet the surgeon why nearing new techniques in regenerating on knees and could a breakthrough medical trial provide some much needed to cystic fibrosis sufferers based on all of the evidence behind the virus at least 140 more effective fighting it's nice to get the cure revisited on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs
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that matter to al-jazeera. hello i'm a star with the top stories on al-jazeera iran is warning of consequences if the u.k. doesn't immediately release a super tanker seized by british troops last week that's according to iranian media on thursday police in gibraltar arrested the tank his chief officer and captain
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just hours after the u.k. accused iranian vessels of trying to impede one of its tankas for a challenge reports from london. british shipping in the gulf is now on its highest possible alerts the u.k. moved to maritime security level 3 after its government said this ship the b.p. oil tanker british heritage was approached by 3 iranian vessels london says h.m.s. montrose a warship moved in to warn the iranians away we're very concerned this is a very serious escalation of the situation and you know we are proud that they're all navy was there to protect their heritage tanka but we are monitoring the situation very closely we don't want to escalate tensions we want tensions to come down iran has denied the incident took place with the foreign minister mohammad javad zarif saying the british had made the claims to create tension but iran had warned the u.k.
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they would be reprisals for the seizure of an iranian tanker by british marines off the coast of to brought her last week on thursday gibraltar police arrested the tankers captain and chief officer and have seized documents and electronic devices the ship is accused of breaking e.u. sanctions by taking all to syria the u.k. finds itself in a difficult position with iran like the e.u. it wants to keep tensions low and save the iranian nuclear deal the j c p o 8 but it also wants to keep its close alliance with the u.s. . switches walked away from the deal has hit iran with tough economic sanctions the u.s. department of defense believes the british tank incident reinforces its argument for an international naval task force in the gulf to protect commercial shipping threats to international freedom of navigation require an international solution says a statement from u.s. central command tensions in one of the world's most important shipping channels
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have risen again. al-jazeera london sudan's transitional military council says it's foiled an attempted coup but council says it was carried out by a group of serving and retired officers and that 16 people are being held african union mediators have announced progress in talks between the military and a pro-democracy coalition and had been hopes that a power sharing agreement would be signed on thursday but it didn't happen the political document has been agreed upon unanimously what is left is a proclaimed mission which establishes the transitional period or the transition into a civilian government. this shall be. discussed and signed of the same time now the united nations is to investigate the philippine government's so-called war on drugs which what watchdogs say has claimed more than
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$20000.00 lives the philippines is being urged to prevent extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances it says the allegations are offensive italian prosecutors have opened an investigation into possible corruption and valving deputy prime minister matteo salvini and follows media reports there's a covert russian oil deal was devised to funnel millions of euros to his ruling party salvia he has denied to those his party has received any money from moscow. u.s. president donald trump says he's not backing down on efforts to determine citizenship status of people in the country but he's abandoned plans to put a question on citizenship into the 2020 census tromps approved sending federal resources to louisiana after hurricane warnings were issued along the coast to add parts of new orleans are already underwater days of thunder storms and floods.
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well those are the headlines and they'll be more news here to al-jazeera while this episode on senegalese wrestling do stay with us.
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thank. you. thank you thank you thank you. thank. her if. she should go with it you know she this is. needs to sinegal have an effect on the top political and. j. they sank and do come with a. day when going to be able to address i'm going to lead. the limping along and. say
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the limb to learn to move. and. back out to give. it a long. time to get among. said dame and the dead and their. affair. and. get on to the duty it will reach. them you want to begin i was just. about the book about you. off about you know your decision about your book want to. know that i got it but i got i began to get better but yeah that. matters yes oh yes. i'm going to get out on that
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end up well i must turn up at the but i must. know who are there who are oh goody goody wife i want to buy. your son god oh my god like you said a lot of anger. that i was on his letter what is it about my god i'm a grandpa. this is. mine and. what i did was to. do me i'm a little bit but it took me. and robin that what i'm up. to the most indebted i didn't know of then what you meant then. you could have been able to. get a good. number to get to the. know. what i was.
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you know. might have to do on. my own. money that's. been a cause as a priest spoke to me but if he. didn't give. it to me i'm not. yeah there's a little bit of. wisdom below or so yes but. really. where do you. see if i could just for a 2nd i need to. and i suspect they said it. in every day but
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a specific. group that make last little dollars to sit there were a lot. different from the last stage may sound pompous. to. make their lives. they said to look out your mind and sometimes just pass the plan to. the member class. a they're demanding the so confronted is an. intelligent design it is at 2 sorry for compiler and in a more fundamental 2nd set it allows. every process to. suck the price show the true $1.00 kind of packed no to empathy
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set to the 6 prepare them $1.00 pay its own intelligence. it exists then more than realize. they realize also or visionaire the going to tell. they've been identified and joe on their side except it out and found it. so did. the girl who took.
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them out the content says old dylan was a lot of quote man i said i fit life it may alter my karma so that if i'm not on his on this sounds good get out of denies. the last on political bit because if he does study listens to division 0 get out your coma of what the religion has the before you. leave it as the. bluefin and across the consequence are going to do but. that's what the fed and i said set the ground that the fandom was off on nothing that isn't in the masses. little bit.


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