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if indeed the parties have still not come back into full compliance with their commitments to iran under the deal particularly the europeans of course and their commitment to protect iran's economy under the deal will then it will be prepared to launch a 3rd phase of actions in response but pointing out that no firm response has yet been decided upon by iran misra by the told the ambassadors in the room that once again. the enrichment that iran is undertaking is its right under the nonproliferation treaty is required for purely peaceful purposes and that iran has never tried to create or acquire weapons of mass destruction he made the point that simply repeating the baseless accusations against iran pointed of course at the united states does not magically authenticate them he said and he painted the u.s. as the ultimate aggressor both in the region and in the current state of the nuclear deal you know that the issue of and which meant is not put it under the
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number of version 2000 this is the right of every member to the nonproliferation treaty and this is iran's right and saw lots we are doing is in a very transparent manner is under the surveillance of the i.a.e.a. inspectors and there really is singular activities under monitoring they have nothing to hide it is questionable therefore what the united states will feel that it's achieved out of this meeting a meeting that he had called of course of all the board of governors of the i.a.e.a. looking presumably for some sort of international unity of purpose towards iran and finding instead in the room only division and no formal conclusion reached by this meeting the board simply saying that all the parties must come back into compliance the division very clear among the signatories themselves to the deal. at least 8 people are being killed in a car bombing in northwestern syria another $35.00 including children were injured
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the explosion happened near the city of clean. routes in neighboring lebanon. it's not the 1st time an explosion rocks the syrian city of a free in which lies along turkey's border is the city is under the control of turkey backed syrian rebels it used to be under the control of the syrian kurdish armed groups the right peachy now according to the opposition and the turkish government the i.p.g. is a terrorist organization and they blame the wife p.g. for carrying out these attacks like i mentioned it wasn't it's not the 1st attack of its kind in fact turkish security sources describe the situation in our free and as one witnessing a low level insurgency it's not the only area that has been witnessing attacks turkey backed rebels control many villages across northern aleppo as for example back in june there was a car bombing so there are many wars within syria's wars and different actors on
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the ground which are backed by foreign players engaged in different conflicts on the ground a car bomb attack in libya targeting the funeral of a former high ranking military member has killed 2 people the suicide attack happened in the city of benghazi the funeral of the former commander of special forces who served under warlord khalifa haftar local sources say another high ranking official was attending but survived the blast a further 6 people were injured in the attack. police have fired tear gas to disperse a demonstration held by a group in nigeria's capital hundreds of members of the islamic movement of nigeria gathered outside parliament in the future demanding the release of their leader at least 2 people were killed on tuesday and 40 others arrested in violence between police and protesters. well still ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour more than 20 countries signed a letter to the u.n. condemning was said to be china's mass detention of we could muslims and one month
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pension reform bill passes a major hurdle in brazil. and in sport the u.s. women's national football team can add another trophy to that name after sweeping the espy awards joe has the details in sport coming up. the u.n. human rights council has agreed to begin a preliminary investigation into what it calls a staggering number of murders in the philippine government's war on drugs it's accusing the president rodrigo tatty of inciting violence against drug dealers as well as intimidating judges and degrading women human rights watch estimates that at least 12000 filipinos have been killed since detainees campaign began in 2016 colors condé is the philippines researcher at human rights watch and joins me now from manila good to have you with us live on al-jazeera so detailed policy and
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actions will now come under the spotlight will the u.n. get unfettered access to the country to investigate. well obviously the remains to the scene because all of this now of the honest with you on the philippine government to comply with the u.n. has done today and also to comply with it so you get a chance they don't want but are particularly the human rights council so really in terms of unfettered access as i said at that remains to be seen and we certainly hope that the philippine government with good access to the u.n. experts that they respect the decision of the u.n. human rights council for them to just change scores of the distro war on drugs it is just to give our international audience a picture of what's been going on in the philippines can you paint it for us in terms of the type of pressure now that deter with regards to this campaign against what he would say is a war on drugs how bad is this war on drugs and how bad has it been for the people
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in the philippines well since 316 when you became president 1st and really got it there is launching a war on drugs in the philippines claiming that we have a serious drug problem aren't percent in him so far as the solution and a solution would be according to him and you think during the campaign he would say that he was going to kill thousands but thousands of people and that was not just some bluster or some rhetoric from a politician in fact the moment he became president people started dying and now we have between 6600 people who have died in police operations to us many estrange our son just as the image of our look both are low of human rights groups in the philippines and resource this campaign has spread throughout or been area will sort of scenarios have been given what explanations or excuse of being given for those deaths. well basically music is
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a campaign against drugs because drug users and it will be a source of course again many of the crimes that are be committed now are not going to quibble about how many of those crimes are are committed by drug users but the justification for them being it's not it's just not true that we are overwhelmed by a drug problem that required such. such a measure. that it killing the murder of cattle out of the people we have to talk now in a final question in terms of hypotheticals here because in your opinion what would happen if there was a negative outcome for the detailed take government after an investigation in terms of would there be a reprimand could we see a prosecution by the u.n. either in the philippines or at the international court of justice how do you see this progressing should there be a negative outcome in the un's investigation but if the if we'd have been able to
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do it would have been devastating to many many families and communities in the philippines undergrowth why are the killings certainly continuing and a precedent that they're against people of the certainly going to do. you know take that to me that use of our blessing or an imprimatur to carry on doing what you're doing and that would be you know how are you can really turn and i mean you don't know if you've been worse so i think you might have been you know allowing out our concerts of accountability and unfortunately does not happen or we should see what happened certainly as the investigation proceeds colace condé thanks for joining us from manila. ambassadors from 22 countries have condemned china's treatment of ethnic and religious minorities in an unprecedented move they issued a letter calling for the detention of weaken muslims to stop cutting lopez when i am reports. this fun stuff building is called
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a vocational center and china critics say it's more like a prison one of many detention camps run by the government. the target they say are ethnic and religious minorities mostly wigger muslims in the northwest region of chink young activists say at least 1000000 people are detained in similar camps where extreme surveillance force assimilation and abuse are common the camps have long sparked international criticism in an unprecedented move 22 nations signed a letter to the un human rights council condemning disturbing reports australia canada and japan are among the signatories along with britain france and germany they call on china to stop the mass detentions respect religious freedom and grant independent experts meaningful access to the region. countries that did not sign the document raised just as much interest out of the 22 nations assigned as none of
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them were muslim majority nations which is really quite telling because china is using their pocketbook to gain influence in many of these nations as well. china defends the practice the government says it's not about eliminating people's identity but about teaching employment skills and pushing out what it calls extremism year far surely by ceasing up locational education and training centers in accordance with the law we aim to education save those who were influenced by religious extremism and committed to mine it legal or fix it. the letter is not tied to a vote or a resolution but it will be published as an official document of the un's human rights council activists say it's a good sign but china's government has long stood defiant against foreign criticism . of the young al-jazeera white haze in beijing to tell us how the chinese are reacting. china's ministry of foreign affairs has responded to the letter signed
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by 22 countries regarding the situation in shin jang province and predictably i guess it was dismissive of this letter saying that this was an attempt to politicize the issue of human rights and that this was a domestic affair for the government in china to deal with and it wasn't up to anyone outside china to comment on the situation there it also pointed out that there has been no terrorist attack in the region for the past 2 years evidence it says that this program is working remembering that the government maintains that these are not detention centers in jan province they are vocational schools with one of the main aims being to prevent terrorism and extremism and also responded to a request in the latest sign by these countries that inspectors experts be allowed
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meaningful access to the area the government saying that it has already organized trips involving media and so-called experts diplomats to the region and what they reported when they returned it was quite different to what has been put trade in the western media the important word to emphasize here is meaningful in those trips in the past those trips have been very much controlled by the government controlled by the security forces and the government really only showing the people on those trips to see exactly what it wants the outside world to see. at least 18 people have died in a train crash in central pakistan passenger train runs into a stationary freight train in rahim your car in punjab region dozens of injured people are being treated in nearby hospitals emergency crews say the number of casualties would rise as the rescue operation continues. so to europe now where
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front has passed. a controversial tax bill against large tech firms which the u.s. says unfairly targets american companies the tax is the 1st from a major economy to be imposed on companies such as google apple facebook and amazon the 3 percent levy will apply to any digital company with worldwide revenue of at least $844000000.00 president trump has ordered an investigation into its impact well in a moment we'll be getting u.s. reaction from mike hanna in washington but 1st let's speak to natasha butler in paris and of course natasha it does seem that was sort of we're heading towards a trade war this time with the u.s. who may well target the french. yes this u.s. investigation could indeed perhaps lead to terrorists being posed on france but of course the french government certainly it's only don't want that to be the case we heard before from the french finance minister bruno lemaire he was speaking in the senate just before senators actually passed this new digital no and bruno lemaire
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though made it very clear that france doesn't take very kindly to any threats from the united states perino lemaire said that this was not precedented move in the history of lation ship between the united states and france and he said look we're living in a new economic age a new digital reality and there need to be new taxes in order to our answer this you also said that it wasn't correct that some companies such as google facebook amazon apple you know just a few are basically making hundreds of millions of dollars they have the sort of economic clout and power of the small state but they are not really accountable or taking proper responsibilities and this kind of tax on tech giants not just american ones or about 30 companies involved is some of french or chinese this tax was one of a model marc calls a campaign promises the french president has really said that it's time that these companies paid more and that's likely to be very popular here in france where many
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people have been demanding attacks like this in fact it was one of the main demands of the l a vest protesters were for the moment such will leave the moderates with you in paris let's cross over the pond so to speak and speak to my color in washington d.c. and if natasha's certainly scenario plays out. d.c. is not going to be very happy about this could be as a heading towards another trade war similar to that of u.s. and china. well the key to it is that the u.s. regards us as a unilateral action on the part of france now president trump has ordered an investigation into the ramifications the u.s. arguing very strongly that this is discriminate tree because the vast majority of tech companies that would get this tax in france are indeed u.s. based so the u.s. trade representative robert litel is about to commence an investigation into the impact of the tax but as you mentioned the real possibility here of some form of
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trade war retaliation coming from the u.s. president trump may have made very clear on other issues that he is not shy of seeking retaliation particularly on trade issues but also what robert like tao is saying and this is important is that there will also be ways to look at finding some international agreement on the taxing of digital companies now this obviously is a new issue relatively there are attempts to find some kind of international agreement but the unilateral action by france obviously sparking real anger in washington indeed for the moment one thanks very much our let's join you remy bushwah is the economist at the french institute of international strategic affairs joins me now from paris via skype good to have you with us on the program. the french do feel they have to apply a tax to these tech giants how much of this is an economic or political lisette
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city at this moment in time for france. well this very task doesn't make much economy sense and itself since the target's revenue and as generally in agreement that taxes should rather gets profit than the revenue this tax has been designed in the broader context of those trade negotiations clude. tax digital revenue is it's not just a story about france and the united states i was there it's also better it's mostly between the u.s. and the european union and there's a number of rather european countries that have considered such a tax and they're making plans to introduce once it's not supposed to be a definitive plan it's supposed to be more of a temporary solution in terms of. negotiation tool
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to be able that some point to to tax digital companies are effectively but we don't see the america has taken the lead of having these sort of you might say protectionist policies so when you have this sort of scenario are we not heading towards a trade war because we might call it a trade war in general but really everybody is trying to protect themselves economically. well the main issue between the e.u. the e.u. and the us is about german exports actually especially car exports to the u.s. and there's a large imbalance and that respects. donald trump and they said this tresham have rather focus on china so far and busy trade war. but of course europe and especially german trade but also france are really a key issue in those in dos global trade negotiations and in those tensions
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and the digital taxes are just a part of but and actually donald trump himself ace quite critical of digital companies and their practices in the u.s. they often criticizes amazon so there's that general topic in all developed economies and worldwide actually about how to tax my pick the those companies economy models are shifting very fast and there's an issue for all states to reformed their taxes to to adapt to that history at its and that's obviously a huge task and this tax is just just one step and one way to to weigh in those very complicated negotiation him is a bush one just just for one final question i mean there is a g. 7 finance meeting scheduled to take place in front very soon is obviously a talking point at the highest political and economic level it is this sort of subject this particular issue of tanks and the white implications of it a you've suggested going to take over the discussion. well this this issue risky
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actually did negotiation is supposed to take place in the context of the o.e.c.d. which has spearheaded. on the digital tax is obviously the g 7 also will will. be will also offer a possibility if you're discuss those those tax issues. which really are important times of the trade negotiations overall between the e.u. and the u.s. but also again really in terms of how these states do it class to. the digital economy more generally over the mobility bushwah thank you very much for joining us from paris. let's have the weather his evident trouble what brewing just off the coast of texas yeah that's right yeah into the gulf has done a sort of. a summer job. is that the south we have got a potential tropical storm brewing up here take
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a little satellite picking see this little clip just storms just into that southeastern corner of texas so sleeping on their little bit further east was into louisiana but we see louisiana showing up on this kind of set up we automatically think back to katrina of course certainly want to keep an eye on you can see a little area of low pressure offshore production has been affected in the gulf of mexico all of the oil so that is set to giving some cause for concern further north as quite a rash of showers into the great plains of the u.s. and they're all tended to make their way further research lots of aids around of course and when you do get a downpour it will be a big one lots of heavy rain there just around the carolinas a little further southwards down into georgia and all the way back down to was the deep south so that eastern side of texas just around we see and as this system spins is where a little further north it's over the next couple of days there will be some big downpours we certainly got to keep an eye on this one it may become tropical storm barry so something to watch out for further south was quite
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a rush of storms as you'd expect. spilling out of the gulf of mexico towards yucatan peninsula well i just see want to 2 showers effect in cuba over the next couple of days but for much of the cap in a place to say it's fine and we also tropical sunshine so thanks very much of it and well still ahead here on the al-jazeera news our new song to protect journalists in danger zones comes a step closer to global media freedom conference and bybee talk it's the end of the road for a popular vote fog a model after more than 80 years. and in sport new zealand are into the cricket world cup final but will they face england or australia cherry will have the very latest force coming up in sport. conflict passion. the key ingredients to any successful south
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for mexico's most loved it is no different behind the cameras this week tensions run high as the producers are forced to balance creative and social issues with the demands of commercialisation. our sides of an episode for absolute bucks mexico on al-jazeera. it's my privilege to name al-jazeera english the broadcaster of the year the cartels are fighting each other and we've been told that we can tell you this is the largest demonstration that's been held by with their refugees since over 700000 right here some of the nicest losers on the planet earth here or they think that they could be part of here. al-jazeera english proud recipient of the new york crystal's broadcaster of the year award for the 3rd year of.
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watching al-jazeera news are with me the whole run a reminder of our top stories the u.k. says iranian boats have tried to obstruct a british oil tanker in the strait of hormuz one of the world's most important shipping channels to iran denies there was any confrontation that follows the seizure of a rainy an oil tanker by british marines in waters near gibraltar last week. and human rights council has agreed to set up a preliminary investigation into what he calls a staggering number of murders in the philippine government's war on drugs. and france has passed a controversial tax bill against large tech firms which the u.s. says unfairly targets american companies the levy is the 1st from a major economy to be imposed on companies such as google apple and facebook.
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the governments of canada and the united kingdom are promising millions of dollars for a fund that supports a free press and journalists in danger zones the pledges were made at the global media freedom conference being held in london canada and the u.k. co-hosting the event and hope other countries will contribute to the fund $99.00 media workers were killed in 2018 well charlie angela is at the conference in london and she joins me now and charlie really one wonders what seems to be sort of the direction of the conference for the tangible results that may emerge from it once it's all over. well the journalists attending here have been looking for some concrete promises it looks like the u.k. and canada are delivering they have contributed $4000000.00 so far to this global media defense fund which will help train journalists in personal safety and also be fun for legal support if they need it and u.k. foreign secretary jeremy hunt also talked about forming a coalition of like minded governments that could put diplomatic pressure on
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countries and when they suppress media freedom it's on clear what kind of teeth that coalition would have that's still working out the details and one journalist that i spoke to who could really do with some of this new support is maria ressa she is an investigative reporter cofounder of the online news for form in the philippines and she's been investigating the human rights violations and mud is authorized by president detected by also how his government has been trying to silence. in about 14 months we've had 11 t. since at least 11 cases and investigations filed against me in rappler i've been arrested. twice in about 5 weeks i've had to post bail 8 times in 3 months in order to be able to travel i have to pay at least $60000.00 in bail and beyond it's it's primitive i feel like my rights have been violated and i will fight this. home
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over some time you want with a number of court cases how is this how much is this taking away from the work that you've been doing a lot it just means i don't sleep i mean because i will we refuse to get silence them in the end goal of this and it doesn't it isn't just the weaponization of the law it started with the weaponization of social media online state sponsored hate and violence that's meant to stifle you to make you doubt yourself free and will continue doing the stories. and we will. fight for our rights. maria's case is not one usual we're hearing time and again of how governments are using bogus charges and lengthy cool cases to tie up journalists who've been critical of them so that global media defense fund will be welcome support for some of them we also heard from human rights lawyer mouth clooney she's going to be heading up a panel of experts who will be able to advise on how to. how journalists can
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enjoy better legal protection she also wants to put pressure on judges to make sure that they comply with their own laws in that country because 90 percent of crimes against journalists are going on punished but the lawyers here did admit that this is uncharted territory and they're really just starting to write the rule book. for them which only really but of course final communique thank you. now european council president donald tusk has condemned russia's decision this week to ban flights to georgia and he was speaking at a conference in georgia marking 10 years since the start of an e.u. initiative promoting democracy and prosperity in the region ties between moscow and tbilisi have been under strain since protests against russian influence began in the georgian capital 3 weeks ago under some bizarre correspondent following events for sin but to me there seems to be a real suspicion of any involvement of sort of russian officials or politicians in any part really of georgian daily life.
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all asteroids and there's also a very much a problem over a connection that wide now communicating with the public for politicians because they're trying to get their message toned down on publicly they will attack russia when it's when it suits them right now it doesn't suit them it's all because this is what russia doesn't want to see the phones of calls the business the dealing with the west the investment coming in $53000000.00 worth of this occasion alone and really what we're hearing from the politicians here is really sort of signals of. peace signals effectively in the direction of russia certainly no rhetoric at all not from the president not from the prime minister the foreign minister or anybody other than the words of
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a key figure in the european integration committee in the parliament who told me that this whole suggestion by protesters that there was some form of pro russian element to the government right now was absurd and that that they would continue in the way they always have done and push for more integration with the well. asked for more business with the e.u. and to move in that direction however the president of the your pin council tusk did put his neck out and attack russia for their action over this flight that . russia says this is a flight to unjustified. this is really closely but still kind of makes the valar lose though it is.
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the clear message from tusk that that russia was out of line in what it's doing but you've got to take a reality check on things apart from all the talking here and all the schmoozing and the deals being made as a reality check a short walk away this is a resort city a black sea resort city that's normally full of russian tourists we've just spoken to the tourist board in this area and they say that hotel occupancy is down by 80 percent now russians will resist form more than 2 thirds of the total number of tourists coming to georgia so this is a colossal knock for the economy only 4 days in right now but at the longer this goes all the more damage it's going to cause what is for them it puts in likely to do could he up the pressure again he does play hot and cold one of the images might
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here will this have an effect all questions for the future but it's quite certain that nothing is resolved in this dispute yet and there's still a lot of distance to go to get some sort of solution or for the moment we'll leave it out and wait to see what comes out of the complete meeting thank you. that italy's deputy prime minister has denied reports that he sought millions of dollars in funding from russian investors buzz feed news obtained what it says the recording of a conversation that took place in moscow drink close aides to slovenia and 3 and identified russian men they discussed selling oil at a discount which would enable solving these illegal party to pocket the difference a violent storm in northern greece has killed at least 6 tourists and injured dozens more songs struck the popular tourist region of near the city of 70 key these strong winds and torrential rain overturned cars and toppled trees the head of a civil protection says
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a state of emergency has been declared. meanwhile beachgoers were forced to flee in eastern italy after they were battered with hell stones the size of oranges 18 people were injured on the city of persist garra was flooded in the storm. the u.s. state of louisiana is bracing for more severe weather after a huge storm hit the area on wednesday widespread flooding is making it difficult to get around the city of new orleans roadways and office buildings are filled with water force custer's say a tropical cyclone forming in the gulf of mexico could become a hurrican that hits the coast by the weekend brazil's congress has taken a major step towards pension reform a priority for president also narrow the bill passed to the lower house with a clear majority support to say pension reform is needed to avoid bankruptcy but there are many who still oppose it as priyanka gupta reports. of thought that brazil's president says we're.


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