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turkey backed rebels control many villages across northern a level as ours for example back in june there was a car bombing so there are many wars within syria as wars and different actors on the ground which are backed by foreign players engaged in different conflicts on the ground. at least 14 people have died in a train crash in central pakistan a passenger train rammed into a stationary freight train in the hague in the southern punjab region dozens of injured people are being treated in nearby hospitals emergency crews said the number of casualties could rise as a rescue operation continues now investors from 22 countries have condemned china's treatment of ethnic and religious minorities in an unprecedented vote they issued a letter calling for the detention of weak and muslims to stop lopez hayat reports this fun stuff building is called a vocational center in china critics say it's more like
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a prison one of many detention camps run by the government. the target they say are ethnic and religious minorities mostly wigger muslims in the northwest region of chink young activists say at least 1000000 people are detained in similar camps where extreme surveillance force assimilation and abuse are common the camps have long sparked international criticism in an unprecedented move 22 nations signed a letter to the un human rights council condemning disturbing reports australia canada and japan are among the signatories on long with britain france and germany they call on china to stop the mass detentions respect religious freedom and grant independent experts meaningful access to the region. countries that did not sign the document raise just as much interest out of the 22 nations assigned as none of them were muslim majority in. asians which is really quite telling because china is
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using their pocketbook to gain influence in many of these nations as well. china defends the practice the government says it's not about eliminating people's identity but about teaching employment skills and pushing out what it calls extremism year far surely by sitting up locational education and training centers in accordance with the law we aim to education save those who were influenced by religious extremism and committed to minor legal or fix that. the latter is not tied to a vote or a resolution but it will be published as an official document of the un's human rights council activists say it's a good sign but china's government has long stood defiant against foreign criticism katia lopez with a young al-jazeera. the weather is next and then brazil's government is accused of short changing the poll for the changes to pensions and want to have an exit as
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well have been targeted in a so-called what charmed by white when nationalists. how low we've got more right on the cards for japan a little more clout just spilling out of the korean peninsula over towards home a share will see some rather wet weather tucking in behind as we go through the next couple of days friday will see that wet weather into south korea pushing across q is it up to southern parts of honshu and then it will not just way further north which as we go through saturday very big downpours certainly a possibility some localized flooding city not out of the question it's warmer temperatures pick up to 29 to grace celsius there for tokyo brighter skies do come back in behind me is not cheap watch for southern parts of china some really heavy right into the southeast once again we have had flooding problems here of course
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more big downpours on the seasonal rains friday going on it's a sad day trying to nudge a little further north what's already making too much progress meanwhile plenty of wet weather that too across in china come down into southeast asia the usual scattering of showers into the philippines mainly for central and southern parts of the philippines malaysia were saying that he to that it was further south it is generally to counter at around 32 degrees celsius not j bad into thailand but a cloud here bangkok with a high of 34. he lived in brazil's largest for. one day the police. like thousands of others he disappeared. witness follows a family's epic struggle for justice which became
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a national cause and sent shock waves through the upper echelons of the political establishment in the shadow of the hill on al-jazeera. it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories the u.k. says iranian boats have tried to obstruct a british oil tanker in the strange of hormones that is one of the world's most important oil shipping channels denies there was any confrontation though it follows the seizure of an iranian oil tanker by british marines aboard his major brawl to last week. ambassadors from 22 countries have condemned china's treatment
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of ethnic and religious minorities in an unprecedented move they sent a letter to the un human rights council calling for the detention of weekend muslims to stop and at least 14 people are dead and dozens more injured after a train collision in northeast pakistan a passenger train rammed into a stationary freight train in the southern punjab the region. to russia now or at least 6 people have been injured after a fire broke out at a thermal power station northeast of moscow huge flames could be seen in gulf in the facility within $100.00. when 50 firefighters were deployed to put out the blaze. now france has passed a controversial tax bill against large tech firms which the u.s. says unfairly targets american companies the tax is the 1st from a major economy to be imposed on companies like google apple facebook and amazon the 3 percent levy will apply to any digital company with worldwide revenue of at
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least $844000000.00 u.s. president donald trump has ordered an investigation into its impact natasha butler has more from paris with a friend finance minister bruno lemaire had some very strong words in the senate he said effectively that france doesn't take very kindly to threats from the united states now speaking in the senate that have passed this new digital tax law it's imposes 3 percent tax on huge tech firms that are making more than $800000000.00 worldwide but they have revenues of more than $30000000.00 in france and i said that it was very important that these techs take a more times that we are in a new digital age this is a new economy and these firms some of whom have the sort of power of a small state should be more accountable now the french president him out or mark or has made taxing these tech giants one of his campaign promises is very popular
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here in france in fact it was one of the demands of the yellow vest protesters and even though the u.s. is extremely angry about these u.s. tax tax giants tech giants that will now have to be taxed the tax will actually apply to some 30 international companies including a french company now france had wanted the european union to impose a europe wide tax but it wasn't supported by all countries particularly countries like ireland that i have a low tax economy where some of these tech giants such as amazon are actually headquartered but france has forged ahead anyway because they say it is the right thing to do. the united nations human rights council has voted to set up a preliminary investigation and to thousands of killings during the philippines so called war on drugs the resolution brought by iceland has faced strong pushback from president sure that even to tear things government it calls on the un high
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commissioner for human violence that's michelle bachelet way to report back on her findings by june 2020. benjamin netanyahu has reiterated has pledged not to dismantle even the most remote jewish settlement in the occupied west bank they had been speculation of the israeli promise to may offer concessions on the illegal settlements on the yet to be announced to us peace proposals but those concessions it was reported could have been in return for valuable political prizes from donald trump like recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital and speaking on wednesday netanyahu declared all settlements are off limits and any peace plan. is an international criminal law expert and she says netanyahu has moved isn't a surprise this is very much expected before the last time as usual we promise is. not from the new settlements will be very much in favor of the right wing running for election but in same time this is more of.
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this is we as yes sure ing sorry that was the scene all the men they are on live with the international. west bank settlements in the west bank are illegal and . hundreds of humans from east jerusalem and from west bank are also so when they when they are not going to effect any money whether or. means that those who were already big it will not bury their hands. obviously known peace process will will will be achieved without dealing with the settlements issue so it's as if netanyahu is claiming that there is open and his government is open and sponsored actually is open to negotiation and saints are they are ruling out the one main conditions for the. crosses to take place so there's
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a lot of controversy and people who sit by me say in this statement the palestinians say at least one and a half 1000 all of trade is have been set on fire and putting south of nablus by illegal israeli settlers according to the un the illegal settlers have destroyed more than $4000.00 on of trains since the start of the scare. and in the same year recorded 178 incidents of settler related damage to palestinian properties. there's very government has reportedly enlisted its intelligence agency to counteract the palestinian led campaign against israeli oppression some academics who backed the boycott divestment and sanctions movement said they're now being targeted by right when nationalists how a force that reports from occupied east jerusalem. in january this video of a university professor arguing with
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a student over her decision to were army uniform to class turned into a major controversy for the hebrew university in jerusalem. the loss of the professor carol hill fresh can be heard telling the student she's naive if she thinks she can wear the uniform and expect to be treated as a civilian university apologized taking out advertisement encouraging students on mandatory national service to attend in uniform professor who preach maintained at the student to deliberately initiated the confrontation she later decided to stop teaching following hate mail and reported death threats the video was released by a right wing prosiness organization called interred sue it is long campaigned against what it calls attempts to undermine the state of israel from within in recent weeks it's launched a website publicly naming dozens of leftwing academics who made accuses of doing exactly that the website new york professor lists 85 academics at public institutions nationwide who have among other things advocated boycotting israel or
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refusing to serve in the army the site encourages interred souse thousands of student members and others to suggest further names to be added to the list israel's council of university presidents has called the project a witch hunt carried out by political extremists loss of the professor and a matar is one of those named she says as a known far left activist with a permanent job or tell of university she doesn't feel under pressure but there's a broader threat. there are trees young faculty. all these i know it affects the way they think their way they react they were the right even though their choice of topic for writing to the surprise of many of these same tactics are being applied within israel itself into 2 denies it's created a blacklist or that it seeking the sacking of individual professors it says it student members have been threatened with unfair treatment by leftist academics what's not completely acceptable or desirable is to say i believe my country should
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be boycotted on the world stage i believe my country should be viewed as an apartheid state as a pariah state that's not to my way of thinking acceptable especially when the state is paying your paycheck into it sue says it's in gauging the continual fight to preserve the zionist state its critics say that by naming and shaming individual professors is threatening something vital to the health of that state freedom of expression for israeli academics 3 fourths of al-jazeera occupied east jerusalem. the governments of canada and the united kingdom promising millions of dollars for a fund that supports a free press and journalists in danger zones the commitments were made at the global media freedom conference being held in london canada and the u.k. are co-hosting the event and hope other countries will join the fun and 99 media workers were killed and 2018 challenger has the latest from london. on day 2 this
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summit on global media freedom the host countries u.k. in canada said they're keen this isn't just a talking shop and they have produced some tangible results canada has announced a $10000000.00 fund to promote democracy income botanists information together they've announced a global media defense fund so far there's $4000000.00 in the pot and that will be that to support journalists in legal support and also give them safety training there's also the panel of human rights lawyers will be working to strengthen protection for journalists headed up by human rights lawyer i'm out also u.k. foreign secretary jeremy hunt has announced he'll be forming a coalition of willing governments who would intervene when countries do suppress media freedom a kind of rapid response unit and there will be the signing of a declaration defending freedom of expression so
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a few tangible results that we've seen so far on day 2 of this media freedom summit . now brazil's congress has taken a major step towards pension reform a key goal president job also nado the bill passed in the lower house with a clear majority and supporters say pension reform is needed to avoid bankruptcy proposed changes include raising the retirement age and increase and contributions the pension reform continues to face opposition thousands of people demonstrated in sao paulo and other cities against the proposed changes critics say the reforms will hurt the poor thing. now that last volkswagen beetle col has bolted out an assembly plant and mexico it might mean the end of the popular and i want to travel to one mexican town where the. bottom has more. there it is fresh off the assembly line the last beatle to be produced by the german automaker volkswagen it's the end of an era and to mark this notable moment
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in automotive history workers at the bike and plant weddle in mexico are throwing a goodbye party is one of the oss it was a good buy them to last forever but it's also a party a big party for everyone. maybe it was the combination of a funky design a reliable engine and an affordable price tag that ultimately made the beatles an international hit by the 1960 s. and seventy's the bug had become both a pop culture icon and a symbol of the counterculture movement. while the beetle has gone through several iterations over the last 80 years its cult following has carried well into the 21st century with so much history under the hood could this really be the end of the love bug. in quote that big a small town just outside mexico city you'd be forgiven for thinking v.w. beetles outnumber people. here. has been fixing up beetles for almost 30 years he tells us they can try to phase out the bugs as they are lovingly called in
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mexico but the cars themselves aren't going anywhere. will never go away it's the best car ever made it was the color of the century whoever designed this call hit the nail on the head it can handle any think you through my it's all terrain it was the best of them ain't. on a steep hillside no match for the vultures heavy duty engine this is probably why they're so ubiquitous there yellow ones purple ones other ones waiting to be repaired all of them will get into the cultural fabric of the country and all production of the iconic. beadle may have ended for now here in mexico there are still thousands of very proud drivers who are committed to keeping the style jail life. model up a little. mexico city. again out of the problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera the u.k.
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government says a british warship has intervened off the iranian boats tried to obstruct a british oil tanker in the strait of hormuz on wednesday that on denies there was any confrontation they must be has more from. the iranian government has denied flatly denied that this incident took place at least not in the shape perhaps that the british have suggested the public affairs office of the islamic revolutionary guard corps naval forces have said that there were no encounters with foreign vessels in the past 24 hours so a clear flat denial it's not even that there is a different narrative here it is that no encounter took place with foreign vessels but they did say if they were instructed to seize or confront any vessel they will carry out those orders and messages from 22 countries have condemned china's treatment of ethnic and religious minorities in an unprecedented move they sent a letter to the u.n.
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human rights council calling for the detention of week of muslims to stop france has passed a controversial tax bill again flash tech firms which the u.s. says unfairly targets american companies the tax is the furthest from a major economy to be imposed on companies such as google or apple facebook and amazon. the un human rights council has voted to set up a preliminary investigation into. the philippine so-called war on drugs the resolution has faced strong pushback from president. government at least 14 people have died in a train collision in. a passenger train rammed into a stationary freight train. in the southern punjab region at least 8 people have died in a car bomb. explosion happened near the city of green and benjamin netanyahu has reiterated his pledge not to dismantle even the jewish settlement in the occupied west bank they had been speculation that the israeli prime minister many african
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sessions on illegal settlements on the u.s. peace proposals well those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us inside stories coming up next thank you for watching. can georgia and russia result their differences the kremlin response to insults and protests with slight bans and threats against georgia relations haven't been this bad since their war 11 years ago what's behind their latest excuse this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm the stasi attain georgia and russia have had a tense relationship for decades stretching back to the days of the soviet union they fought a war 11 years ago over 2 disputed georgian regions relations are bad again now an invitation for a russian politician to speak in georgia's parliament provoked riots in the capital tbilisi and regular protests have demanded the withdrawal of russian troops from the breakaway regions of up and south ossetia president vladimir putin responded by banning russia's airlines from flying to georgia a popular holiday destination for russian tourists and russian m.p.'s demanded trade sanctions after a georgian t.v. host launched a foul mouth tirade aimed at prison. sunsilk machine in the e.u. as for sanctions i would rather not do it as respect for the georgian people for the sake of restoring full toss for in russia in georgia or not it has anything the
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great complicate our relations andrew symonds has more outside parliament in tbilisi. it all started here june the 20th appearance by a russian member of parliament addressing the georgian paula months that caused uproar now the road to months with the resignation of. the interior minister the demonstrators have been here every evening since many were injured in what they say was heavy policing ordered by what they say is a pro russian interior minister and they said the government has to be less pro russian because georgians don't have what they deserve from the present paula but the demands their particular box of a saw a demand for proportional representation in parliament which is being granted at the bottom a tick on the release of prisoners that's said to be political prisoners taken during the demonstrations the red well that's the question mark over the interior minister these demonstrators say they're serious giving in despite.
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softening up power softening in his insistence that the house of parliament in russia should not go ahead with sanctions against georgia there already a banning flights here and that's affecting the tourist industry there's a lot of concern although many people believe that this is being over heights in some areas although there really is an underlying concern about russian actions against georgia. now diplomatic ties have been broken since the 5 day war in georgia 11 years ago georgian troops launched a military operation against separatist forces and the breakaway regions of south a settin up kazuya russian troops invaded to support the separatists hundreds on or science were killed when the war ended a russian built permanent military bases and what they call independent states georgia and its allies condemn what they call illegal military occupation over the
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years trade and tourism gradually improved but russia opposes georgia's aspiration . ns to join nato and the european union. well now let's bring in our panel in paris we have 20 k. good he's a former deputy foreign minister of georgia who is in charge of relations with the european union and nato in london we have done attila sugru most or she is electra at the department of war studies at king's college in london and in moscow we have russian defense and military analyst pavel felgenhauer welcome to you all. tony k. i'd like to start with you because you're a supporter of these protests and they and we are expecting more today and i believe the georgian prosecutor general's office actually charged an m.p. who is a leader of the opposition party with inciting violence amid the unrest so how involved is the opposition party at the moment and with the demonstrations that we've been seeing and what are the demands of the demonstrators. so there was 3
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tourists are mainly. unhappy with the with the report of the georgian government visibly russia because in recent years we saw the. clearly the increase of russian influence in this country both in the society via the the attempts of abuse of hybrid warfare from the russian side and also on down the georgian government sold russia is spending a lot of money in promoting some pro russian an anti western groups in georgian politics in georgian society these groups are highly aggressive. anti western anti muslim by the way and so minority generally speaking. of the georgian government has been very passive in opposing russia's policies in this country so today and since the june twenty's all these people who are gathered and
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they did not reproduce you're not representing any political party in georgia this is the georgian society all together who is mobilized and who is rallying against these. let's say it piecing or not not very active policies of the georgian government to defend the interests of the country and it started as you mentioned in the beginning with the visit of of a russian delegation and they were invited by these governments and these delegations as part of the russian soft power because they were present and interpol. a mensa reassembly of orthodox nations and we know how the how russia is many pilate in north of the it's a religion especially in the countries like georgia so the fact that georgian government tries to show that this is an attempt of one political party the former party that we're in it was in government in georgia this is simply not true so most
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of these people are against also this many people is shown and accusing only. represents as it were one of the leaders of this party as being the the order of coup to attempt is simply ridiculous of trying to you say that the government has behaved in a passive way i want to read you a statement now from the georgian president that she posted on facebook after that initial unrest that we saw on june 20th she she said russia is out enemy and occupier the 5th column that manages may be more dangerous than open aggression only russia benefits from a split in the country and society an internal confrontation and it's the most powerful weapon today now pavel in moscow we're hearing the president accuse moscow of being involved in triggering some of this unrest in order to sow division in georgia is there any truth in that. well the you should understand of course that the georgian president is the more worse a figurehead than she doesn't have any real power but of course you want to have
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more power and more influence and that saw as a kind of more p.r. statement that russia has of course in this been seeking of pockets of support and once a pro russian government and believe that that's absolutely true. right now i'm apparently moscow is very much. in their anguish that there is something bad really happening in georgia this began some time ago but now they see the kind of a possible outline of a colored revolution or my done i can i can ukraine in 14 of kind of pro russian government or at least partially pro russian being violent we replaced by a pro western one and that's of course very bad and russia is trying to put
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pressure on the on the b.b.c. to afford to kind of prevent this happening while seeing as that's what you're thinking from moscow and i see it on the tele and is not being there in london and let me ask you because last year russian prime minister dmitri medvedev and he he had ambitions for a full scale dialogue between moscow and tbilisi and now we're seeing the threat of russian sanctions and insults being held by the sides what's changed how much of this is about russia georgia tensions and how much of this is about domestic georgian politics. i think it's very hard to sort of separate or decide brigade the 2 because they too are very much interconnected and of course as was mentioned by the other speakers russia has a strong influence on affairs in georgia and as we know there is a very powerful. oligarchy oligarchic figure by me shmuley who is really behind a decision making and he has tried in the last years since he is people have been
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in power to sort of solve their rhetoric against russia and tried to sort of mend fences but at the same time there is a there is a trend in georgia towards rapprochement with a west and with the european union and nato so to a certain extent of course there are issues of concern of a domestic nature related to the economic situation the corruption there heavy handedness of the police and above all the perception that he vanished really sort of overpowerful and his interior minister is sort of his representative in government so there is a great dissatisfaction which is damas state but is in a way related to russia and also to the fact that russia still has a very strong presence an almost occupation if we want to call it of these 2 regions of south ossetia and abkhazia and there is a process really of an existing these regions to russia there were agreements
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signed in 20142015 which to all intents and purposes really brought these regions almost into russia especially if we think about south or say and this occurred after georgia has signed an association agreement with the european union and there is a lot of concern of course about nato membership because this is constantly being rated rated in nato and it is a desire expressed by georgians and it is in the constitution so of course these 2 elements are together their domestic and the external. the presence of russia is important in that way and i think there are the russian warry above all if i if i have a moment if i may say is also that these demonstrations have a very strong sort of untie putin undertone and i think that from the perception of the kremlin it is not good to have a revolution sort of a change of government succeed which has as one of its main sort of inspirations
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and slogans you know to insult the president of russia and i think that that is probably something which creates a lot of concern in moscow time until you're talking about all of this and the persian sentiments and we certainly heard some of that on sunday and tonic i want to ask you about that that georgian t.v. host who launched this tirade speaking in russian seemingly addressing russian president putin himself calling him a filthy invader insulting his mother and he said at one point putin flavor should get out of georgia how have georgians reacted and demain of them share that you. said there were a series of reactions 1st before most of people were to be honest quite shocked because even if the 9 percent of drugs population dislike strongly putin because he's the responsible for the occupation of georgia for the invasion of this country etc etc for the for the embargo successor for many bad things for this country but they were still quite soup.


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