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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 10, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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conditions at redemption hospital make it an extremely challenging piece to work but that only adds weight to the incredible job at hand and the team doing. emergency everybody i would take action if your professionalism not a bit of a rally you work in a hospital everybody have. to see the light of cooperation so we have to wait to get a a call make it together as a team and the last government report liberia had only $117.00 practicing doctors just defeated health care system has been supported by the banks like you and i t v one of the risks of surgery to help hundreds of mothers facing difficult and possibly left threatening births. what's announces pigmentosa is the time given to
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a group of degenerative diseases that affects up to one in 3000 people and with no cure currently available it can result in a slow and complete loss of vision i'm dr janet abdomen and amsterdam the netherlands to see how an incredible new implant is giving people who are completely blind the chance to see again. fred van rennie's is one of 70 people around the world who are being fitted with the august 2 retinal prosthesis system a device that is giving back some sight to people suffering from certain types of blindness in the past i have seen i played football on the field kind of thinking i can walk i can only bicycle it was not in one time but in its own fairing very slowly by the time you were 34 you could not see yes i don't know. your wife tanya have you ever seen her face yes. when i was 34
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and she was 29 i'm not 58 years old in my mind she is still 29 years old i get that you know i thought you played out how do you feel being only the 3rd person in the country to have this. yes this. is the surgeon who will be operating on friday. it's exciting technology that is basically a little microchip we implant in the eye. blind people that are affected by everything like this because those are thanks to this. light in a healthy i the photo receptors in the retina converts light into electro chemical impulses that are sent through the optic nerve and into the brain condition such as retinitis pigmentosa can stop the photoreceptors from working properly the argus to bypass is these damaged photo receptors using
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a miniature video camera that sits on the patient's glasses this camera sense wireless signals via video processing unit to an implant which has been surgically placed on the damaged retina the implant then emit small pulses of electricity which travel along the optic nerve to the brain which learns to interpret these pulses as visual patterns when you begin to question but do not understand what they're saying is an artificial vision so they have to out with the pattern of light we send them because it's not the vision we have but what we're used to. love. during the surgery dr moreau will pin the electrode to the back of the eye which in turn will be attached to an aerial that will wrap around the i have
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a real it's being anchored to the outside of the white it's just being on the hook and from the model it won't be seen when you look at the behind behind it. the complexity of the operation means the surgery can take up to 4 long hours. christopher firing white being. which is. he came right. through that he's the hero. of the moment of truth with. that faction of that group and pretty much. now. you know. who most done you happy with it yes that meant. plenty of these plays you said to still it might be. you didn't but it is another patient would want to not just pick mentos so who had
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the device implanted 4 months ago. i love that i want your room i'm fine i think you have a job and just to be nice if you want to hear adult stuff that's exactly what i was 11 when i got diagnosed and yeah and when i was was 15 it get worse and worse and i think again not a bicycle anymore and yeah and when i was 18 and 19 in 2 years i lost 80 percent of my official feels it's only been 4 months since it's been 4 months it takes it takes a lot of time and you know i've got 3 film to wish and the 1st long days with 6 packs. and that's for when the conversation i had went to school whether and when it's cloudy or whether i used this one and i got 12 with extra contrast and when it's too cloudy i use this one i'm sure that you could get infrared heat seeking just a touch of. it's
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a lot of preparation just in improving when i do this yeah i see this you can see that there's life lessons oh wow. when i do this i can see i can see and can you see can you see exactly i see light and. i don't see how many you are so you can actually tell there are stripes that i know that they're oh yeah i see their stripes. when you go stand over here. and it's gets it's going to much much better you know not show a little you know if i could see it it's got above me like yeah you know when i do this. i see exactly where it's going now if now you're standing in the right in the right leg so i can scan you and you can scan megs i actually. i now see something moving when. when when they're walking i see something moving
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so you know it's you know a little i need a big big so you can tell the difference to people in that sense you know. even in the 4 months he's had the device it's great to hear the difference it's made to your rooms life while my orientation is it's a little bit better i feel safer and i'm more confident now. that. 2 weeks after the surgery fred has recovered enough to have the device turned on for the 1st time jessica nice to meet you you excited about today. yes a little bit from what we did yes what you hope to achieve this afternoon i hope. that i see your face ok. so you are as well you are well good looking. well us here at the glasses with the camera ok i'm recording transfer me. to the cable through to feed you and if you sense it
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back to the call. i think it would be a video processing unit or something else yes. you know to turn off. all that. just. because. it's turned. in your. room. i think i. cannot show you what i. think you're called for its brain has to learn to process this as if you touch it and that will take time so you just try to listen to you we'll see and hear on the screen there's an approximation of what the cameras are so if you can hear to move around friends. i see myself on the computer.
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he sees the peaks but the still desert and just over water with me it's my brain so i thought. you know it's been asleep for a while it's time to wake up. a huge part of the process for fred is to practice with a device so that his brain can learn to understand the signals it's receiving 4 months after it was 1st switched on i'm excited to see how he's getting on and i think i've prayed. for months exactly almost yes indeed it has a bit you want you want to know what but happened all the time. when we were going home at home i said all the trees that i dove to we're really out of the tree restless and all that and i don't rush out and at home and when we put on the light in our house also ready i see all the lights. that fell.
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well amazing and on the set today she was sitting at the dinner table and i was chatting year and that's all. it was and i didn't fail a moment to do a great yeah yes it's a technique you know and. a lot of times you do one step back and doing steps forward. your if you had lost sight ok find out what your have just turned your head you know you have to lift the cap a friend of 1st a beginning but the beginning you're benefiting and ok yeah there's a clear point it could go to. the center that's my. ok there is something you're good to see and you can pinpoint is there it is but if you see now in the last 2 times see improvement already set improved so extremely
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so the sky's the limit very good. got a little just not straight don't follow the. me very quickly to promote this. friend you just seen a pyramid a few months ago you saw last thing i think it's amazing. fred's brain will continue to learn to process the signal so there's no knowing how much insight will improve and at the same time scientists are developing the technology and software involved for people who have been living in darkness for so long the potential impact of this is enormous. discover new developments in surgery. in hiroshima japan to meet the surgeon
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nearing new techniques in regenerating on. a breakthrough medical trial provide some much needed to cystic fibrosis sufferers based on all the evidence we have the virus is least 140 more effective fighting. the cure revisited al-jazeera. we have a newsgathering team here that is 2nd to their all over the world and they do a fantastic job when information is coming in very quickly all at once you've got to be able to react to all of the changes and we adapt to them. my job is is to break it all down and we help give you understand and make sense of it. in the year 1271 a deep thinker on italian merchant set out on an extraordinary journey marco polo
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followed the silk road designer to the hot of the carnes empire. retracing his steps our modern day explorer discovers the descent distance echoes of last words and a reminder of what and who survives history. marco polo on al-jazeera. since it's working to form a military coalition to protect shipping waters off the coast of iran and yemen. and jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a diplomatic route between the u.k. and the u.s. continues from called the u.k.
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prime minister foolish and labeled ambassador stupid. plus the internet finally gets switched. off of the military crackdown that killed more than a 100 people. and forced to have operations they say they didn't need apply to female farm workers in rural india. the u.s. says it's attempting to form a military coalition to protect shipping off the coast of iran and yemen the trumpet ministration is blamed tehran and its proxies for several attacks on tankers in the gulf in the past few months for the world's oil is traded through the only command in iran's revolutionary guard issued a new threat against u.s. assets stationed in the region saying they'd be destroyed if they made a mistake. when iraq's prime minister says any disruption to shipping in the strait of hormuz could hurt the country's economy the strait provides the only sea passage
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from the gulf to the rest of the world oil makes up 95 percent of iraq's exports most of which is shipped through the gulf baghdad has been investigating alternative routes in case tensions in the u.s. and iran lead to disruptions john hendren has more from washington. the united states is developing a military coalition to police the strait of hormuz general joseph dunford the highest ranking u.s. military official is the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff says the u.s. is working with a number of nations to identify who has in his words the political will to join in this coalition and offer military forces for that operation president donald trump says the united states should not pay for this that it should be an international military force but that does present the potential for conflict with iran after all it was only weeks ago when the united states almost launched an air strike on iran that's according to president trump who says we were within 10 minutes of a conflict in that region meanwhile brian hook the u.s.
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special representative for iran policy spoke to al jazeera this is what he had to say about sanctions we have taken iran to new lows in revenue and they're feeling it and they're hurting and their proxies are hurting and we want to deny this regime the revenue that it needs to export revolution to run an expansionist foreign policy that drives a lot of the sectarian violence we see in the middle east so the united states position has not softened meanwhile iran has announced it is violating the nuclear enrichment levels that it agreed to and that multinational agreement from which the u.s. has pulled out so that standoff intensifies and the potential for conflict only increases . and french president emanuel mark rand's top diplomatic adviser is in tehran e.u. countries that signed the 2015 nuclear agreement a call for a meeting after terrence decision to breach the uranium enrichment limit allowed in
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the deal france germany britain and the e.u. are concerned that iran is breaching commitments set out in the deal called on terror and to fully comply with the agreement john the whole has more from vienna where the international atomic energy agency is due to hold a meeting on iran on wednesday. in issuing this communique the european signatories to the j c p a the iran nuclear deal france germany and the united kingdom the a 3 collectively they're known as along with the e.u. of course here issuing their response to iran's latest you rein him in richmond moves the communique expressing deep concern over iran's pursuit of activities not in line with its commitments calling for iran if it wants to stay in the deal as it professes to want to do to come back in line immediately without delay and calling on all the parties in terms of a joint commission to act responsibly to deescalate tensions now broadly speaking 2 points to make about this the 1st is that this is not and this is important i think
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eve 3 triggering the formal dispute resolution mechanisms contained in the j c p a it's apparently thought that these breaches are not sufficient to warrant a move like that a move that could in itself escalate tensions and have the effect of shutting down small room for maneuver there remains a 3 of course remember trying to keep the nuclear deal alive delicately here playing the middle ground on the one hand they've got to express some concern on the other hand of course they retain some faint optimism that iran can be talked around that some bridge can be found between washington and tehran faint hope indeed perhaps but that leads to the 2nd point which is with france effectively now taking the lead in the ether emanuel the president sending an envoy to tehran for. on wednesday the intention to urge the iranians to take a backward step but i think ambition very limited according to a french government official they're hoping at the very least for gestures simple
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gestures that iran is serious about its intention of remaining within the j.c.b. . the us president has ramped up his twitter attacks on the british ambassador as well as outgoing prime minister to resign may on tuesday trump called maes humbling a brags that foolish and said the british the british envoy is a very stupid guy but the u.k.'s foreign secretaries hit back calling trump's comments disrespectful all this was triggered by a leaked memo from britain's ambassador referring to trump's administration as inept helen fisher reports president friends it was a high profile jennifer was a mere brought together political and business leaders as well as washington's top diplomats press missing the uki ambassador disinvited by the white house after the .


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