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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 9, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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this is al jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter told me you're watching the news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. china asks the u.s. to cancel a possible $2000000000.00 arms sale to taiwan saying it would undermine beijing's security interests. reports that the united arab emirates is reducing the number of its forces in yemen raise questions over the saudi arabia can fight the war on it so. we're in the occupied west bank for a look at 15 years on a separation wall is creating ghost towns and affecting thousands of lives. also
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ahead the u.k. plans to begin offering h.p.v. vaccine is to boys in an effort to reduce the rates of cancer. china's foreign ministry is asking the united states to quote immediately cancel a potential sale of arms to taiwan the u.s. state department approves the sale of over $100.00 tanks $250.00 anti-aircraft missiles and related equipment now the deal would be worth around $2000000000.00 u.s. dollars let's get more on the reaction out of beijing wayne hay is there for us so wayne what's the reading of this. well peter this is the 4th a deal for the united states to sell arms to taiwan under the presidency of donald trump in fact it is the 2nd such deal to be done in this year so these things are
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fairly regularly sales deals for arms between the united states and taiwan this 1 may be seen in a different light by the chinese government though washington is saying that this deal will not alter the balance of power in the region beijing sees it differently and wasted no time criticizing this latest sales deal. taiwan's military is built on equipment from the united states its main supply of arms announcements from washington of sales are always met by an angry response from china and this was no difference it's a crude interference in china's internal affairs and a harms china's servant and a security interest china is strongly as does such as far and thoroughly opposed to this and has already made a stern representations to the u.s. side and. china regards taiwan as a breakaway province that it will one day retake that threat is why taipei feels
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the need to regularly upgrade its weaponry this deal may be viewed by beijing as particularly provocative if it's approved by the united states congress at $2200000000.00 it would be the largest since donald trump took over as president taiwan in the u.s. continue to consolidate our security partnership together will guard the democracy and freedom of the taiwan strait and stability in the indo-pacific region the type of equipment included in the deal is likely to further anger china in a bid to modernize its defenses taiwan will buy n.t.a. craft missiles and battle tanks the timing of this deal is also likely to be viewed as provocative by beijing it comes amid a truce in a trade war between china and the united states with negotiations possibly restarting next week the u.s. and china have imposed tariffs on each other's goods over the past year but the 2 presidents agreed to pause hostilities when they met at the g 20 summit in japan
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last month you they also reiterated their close personal friendship which may be put to the test again if this latest arms deal goes through. beijing. ok let's stay with that story take a look now at how the u.s. has managed to get around the one china policy and keep trade relations with taiwan too well the one china policy is a diplomatic acknowledgement that there's only one chinese government and the united states maintains formal ties with china rather than the island of taiwan beijing sees taiwan as part of its territory which should be reunited with the mainland as we've just been hearing however in 1979 the u.s. did pass a law that allowed its maintain informal relations with taiwan including being its main arms supplier let's talk now to william hotton he's director of the arms and security project at the center for international policy he joins us from new york when hartson this relationship's always been super sensitive does this make it a little bit more complex yes i think particularly now with trade talks and they
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are meeting with the protests and. concerns of those reasons i why i think it's it's not a fortunate moment it's kind of now to go through just because it will complicate matters another once how do they deal with those other big issues then. well i think ultimately the trade issue may override this but i think in the short term it certainly won't help the i mean china has never been happy about u.s. arms sales to taiwan these are significant sales in terms of upping its land forces . or says aircraft it believes so well you know from a strategic point of view there is you know you can see a lot though and it never goes right it's not going to make a dramatic difference in the overall balance of power but there is a strand of the trumpet ministrations thinking isn't there when it comes to arms sales be it taiwan be it even saudi arabia i guess as well that's primacy you know we do business the business is focused around selling people weapons and that's how
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it's always been. well yes president trump you some sucker is the ultimate deal maker and he brags a lot about the jobs created by u.s. arms sales and he sells well produced jobs in places like pennsylvania and ohio which were central to his electoral victory and i'm sure he will make a point of communicating that soon has been situ and see so that there is that other element which is not so much strategic but well in terms of domestic u.s. policy what do you think mr trump might be prepared to do or indeed beijing might be prepared to do to to decompress the pressure that seems to be building in this particular part about jigsaw a relationship. well i think you know why so than just the arm sounds it's going to be some understanding of each side and strategic position and i think you know president trump has been erratic at best in his indication china but i think
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there's going to be some reassurance that all of the u.s. supports the defense of taiwan and by no means that support anything like independence or you know change the basic rules of the road that have existed for decades now with autumn thank you very much thank you. the u.a.e. appears to be withdrawing some of its sources from yemen that's according to media reports quoting senior iraqi officials describing it as a redeployment and they're insisting they do remain committed to the saudi led coalition fighting to see rebel since 2015 the rebels are calling for a full withdrawal jamaal a child with more. after 4 years of fighting reports say the emirates are reducing their troop numbers to pave the way for what they're calling a strategic redeployment plan in yemen the hope of using those opposed to the u.a.e. saudi war say it's a withdrawal a sign that the 2 countries are losing the war. in reality it's difficult to know the exact reason behind the troop withdrawal 4 years since the war began what
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started off as an international coalition of arab and muslim countries led by saudi arabia to restore the un backed government in yemen has turned into a coalition of true saudi and the u.a.e. bombing yemen and transforming it into the worst humanitarian catastrophe on earth according to the united nations. 4 years ago there was almost daily briefings by the saudi led coalition troop numbers were given together with military targets but since human rights violations have emerged and accusations of war crimes have been leveled against the saudis and their immoralities information has been much less forthcoming. activists have filed court cases in the united kingdom petitioning the government to stop selling british weapons to the gulf countries targets in yemen particularly saudi arabia last month the u.k. supreme court ruled that on sales to saudi arabia were unlawful a decision the u.k. government is appealing. in the united states members of both the house and the
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senate are demanding that on sale stop true and that according to nobel prize recipients and rights activists who are called carmen is the main reason for the u.a.e. withdrawing troops. and their this is a partial withdrawal intended to improve the u.a.e. is image in front of the international community this withdrawal has come as a result of the emirates failure in yemen i'm certain that the u.a.e. and saudi arabia will retreat in shame from yemen after they fail completely there was real pressure from the u.k. on the emirates that forced them to withdraw in order to repair their public relations image another important reason is the iranian threat if tension in the region continues the u.a.e. would be a prime target. it's not just international pressure that's been applied on the emirates the north u.s. backed by iran have proven to be a formidable enemy taking the war to the u.a.e. they claimed responsibility for an attack on international airport last year when
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an unmanned drone was able to reach its target without being intercepted while debates will continue over the reasons behind the reduction in forces many will be asking after 4 years of death and destruction what exactly has been achieved the un recognized government remains on able to govern the cooties maintain control over yemen the only difference is more yemeni men women and children have been killed or had their livelihoods destroyed. the military spokesman for the new weapons to strike targets in saudi arabia al-jazeera can't independently verify the images shown in his presentation i have on but it is a recognition drone that can fly over the skies of saudi arabia would a depth of over 500 kilometers as you can see on the screen it is the recognition some odd one you can reach into a very deep areas in enemy territory and it easy huge achievement you can transmit
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everything it recognizes and all the information it collects directly from the operation theater. let's get more on that one for you mohammed joins us live now from the yemeni capital mohammed was the significance of that announcement. yes during his press conference the general british did it brigadier you has syria the spokesperson of the whole of the militaries. try to show that the they have become stronger despite the over 4 years of war with the saudi led coalition. he showed the b.v. techniques that they have already developed especially that the the cruise messiah will be which has been dubbed as a course or euro zone messiah will also be the drone which has been dubbed or named after of the former. president of the supreme political council which is also run
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by the who. has been named they are some other 3 he mentioned some drawn 33 has the capability to to travel for long distances and to head. affectively that its targets he mentioned that the such as some 3 could reach 1700 kilometers it has been also used during the recent operations as on monday we have attacked the airports and the saudi arabia along with the power plants we have also he has mentioned also that capable to produce snipers and munitions and the the are also able to produce their own and munitions to fight for years. try trying to send a message that the we have become stronger despite of the war the continue to wage against the saudi lit quality and. this is important for them and
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significant to send a message that they want this war to be 2 to 2 to reach an ant marmot thank you. after weeks of mass rallies hong kong's chief executive today announced a controversial extradition bill is now dead. governments work on the proposed law the been a total failure however pro-democracy activists i'm convinced that's the end of the bill mcbride reports from hong kong. after more unprecedented protests hong kong's chief executive power lamb appeared to yield. with an admission of failure in base handling this controversial legislation she promised it is now dead there are still lingering doubts about the government's sincerity always whether the government will restart the process in the legislative council. so i reiterate here there is no such plan the bill instead opposition to the
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bill has resulted in mass protests with some violent clashes between a minority of demonstrators and police pro-democracy groups fear the bill would allow china to extradite political opponents from hong kong to face summary justice in mainland courts a claim the hong kong government rejects but carry lymes concession doesn't go far enough for the protesters this week he'll say. look the. city should feel. like it's a little. bit if. we can find out what can. protesters believe the chief executive is playing with words and that although her government has given up on plans to introduce this legislation there's nothing to stop
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a future administration from trying again part of what many people here believe is a gradual erosion of hong kong special freedoms within china the demonstrators are also demanding a full independent investigation into. what they claim has been the excessive use of force by the police in breaking up largely peaceful protests. the government's strategy seems to be weathering this period of unrest hoping public support for the protesters will wane and that its concessions will have an impact this kind of kates are counterproductive he don't handle the crisis is way now he has to assume he will. be old enough parents he has failed to do so on agents of all and all of. them will have to or. for the pro establishment camp the fact that people have taken to the streets in such numbers is evidence that home polls freedoms like the freedom of expression
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are alive and well. the bad news for the hong kong government the protesters are promising more rallies macbride al jazeera all call. plus more news still to come for you here on the news hour including more than $170.00 arrests in turkey we'll tell you why. russia turns up the pressure on georgia will have the latest from moscow. and in sports paris and german say the world's most expensive footballer can leave the club bar us here with us story in about 30 minutes. turkey has ordered the arrest of 176 military officers accusing them of having been involved in the failed coup back in 2016 and process for 2 glenn a turkish political figure living in exile in the u.s. was behind the failed coup and prosecutors say the military officers they want to
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arrested have links to him so far 77000 people have been jailed simcoe sort of has more from istanbul. those 176 military personnel have been arrested or they're suspected links with the glen moment for to laughlin moment and they are suspected communications with good and movements covert operatives which is turkish authorities call the secret to moms according to the turkish authorities in istanbul prosecutor's office investigation those moved to personnel have contacted the what they called secret in mom's pay phones and encrypted messaging systems in the turkish government accuses fatah lockdowns and that's work for for the fate of courts and trying to overthrow the elected government and the trick is there to software that kids don't infiltration in the turkish institutions in the past 3 years following the failed coup attempt at least 7 to 7000 people have been jailed
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pending trial and iran 170000 civil servants military personnel and others have been suspected or sacked from their jobs and this crackdown has been highly criticized by turkey's western allies and the government defended itself by saying that this is a national security threat and the crackdown is necessary the opposition has also criticized the government for not doing anything about it a lucky man networks extensions and a turkish politics mainly including the ruling out party. ok joining us here on the news a body he's a security political analyst he joins us from increase if a part of the one felt the need to do this. i do not think that mr r. dong has need to do this but all the political leaders inside turkey should do this because turkey has faced many military interventions drafty this political history
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so it is more than maybe 6 or 7 times of military intervention and when you take a look at the military interventions many different groups had. attempted for a military coup incited turkey and throughout the history of its political life for the 1st time a military intervention has been suppressed by the nation for this reason this action the good earnest order should be stopped inside turkey because this is not the ori trop the last 10 years many people has suffered because of their network infiltrated to the minister of justice minister of security and minister of foreign affairs for this reason not only are the want to do this but also all polled leaders should do this otherwise the street asian would not be different from when you compare it with egypt ok so just to be clear your take on the story is quite
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simple it is this every so often when he gets a relevant bit of intelligence the kind of blips on his radar any turkish president should in effect cap the military knew to them and get rid of what to sri $400.00 senior ranking officers and then imprison them. it's true the democratic a contra lot armed forces is one of the most important key factor in all the nato countries invest in democracies so what the turkish government is not saying just isn't right for certain and wrong i'm not one of those you know how is that a recipe the case you're using the word democracy there in the same sentence as you're talking about more than 170 people being arrested on top of the 77000 who've been arrested since the failed coup in 2016 how is that in any world in any shape or size democracy yeah ok the
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democratic will control of the armed forces is a normative terminology i'm using this for this reason so they have infiltrated incite the army and 3 years ago we have seen that the military intervention was on the street again on the streets of the turkey that you take a look at the turkish democracy you are familiar with the military interventions because you do not control the armed forces in a democratic of a so you cannot say that this is not democratic code because van the 2nd world war has been and that we know that the germany has cleared all it is broken the code mechanisms just in the same way for clarifying that the democracy is valid functioning after the hitler regime just the same we have to leave it the use of about a thank you. 6 turkey sailors detained by forces loyal to the libyan war lot of landed in istanbul they were released last week turkey had all and have to use
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faces would become quote legitimate targets of the turks weren't freed immediately after it has threatened to target turkish interest in libya accusing it of supporting the rival u.n. recognized government in the capital tripoli ankara says its involvement in libya is aimed at promoting regional peace and stability. russia's parliament is recommending the imposition of economic sanctions on its neighbor georgia but the president vladimir putin is against the move in response to weeks of mass protests in georgia against russian influence and its government riot police were deployed on monday to prevent violence and counter and he's in tbilisi the capital status and joins us now from moscow steps is it likely the russian government will impose these sanctions. no that's not likely it's a very contradictory statements or towards georgia coming from moscow today after the state duma anonymously made a very strong statement against georgia and also saying that these economic
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sanctions are necessary president putin had a very different tone is sad he doesn't wonder sanctions people who are staring up is anti russian tantum it's don't know their history and he said it would only be bad for the country and he doesn't want to disturb their relationship this all comes after a heated few weeks between the 2 countries that started when a russian legislator went to georgia and had a speech in the chair of the speaker of the house in georgia which angered a lot of people in georgia and i russian protests started until today still going on over the weekend the situation got worse after a georgian presenter went on television a very blatantly insulting president putin were very bad words did this of course got a lot of anger in russia the foreign minister has also said that this is not only because of the speech of his present of it also because the georgian authorities don't seem to be in control of the sentiment against russia in their own country
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and what are the underlying causes of the tensions between the 2 nations and how far back to these tensions go. well this goes all back to 2008 when there was a war going on and russia invaded parts of georgia and this ill occupying 20 percent of the country and this is of course something that has led to a lot of time since over the years the situation actually improved in recent years there's more russian support in the georgian parliament but one of the side to to fifty's of course is that georgia has reached out to you european union wants to become a member and also a nato member and of course this is very sensitive because this is directly a defense of france russia feeling of security so close at its borders step thanks very much. and you can put it in greece has been sworn in today 2 days after the
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conservative party leader course mr tuck has won the elections on sunday the plans to get to work right away he wants m.p.'s to skip their summer holiday and it's called a parliament session for next week among his priorities tax cuts trying to renegotiate greece's debt repayment shojo and tackling crime. time for the weather has kept that's right now earlier we talked about what was happening in spain with the flooding that same storm system along the line also brought some very severe weather here across parts of croatia particular down here across other croatia where the winds as well as the strong storms cause a lot of promise or share the pictures they have cloud across much of this area actually 5050 people also had to be rescued in some of these situations we have a lot of downed trees a lot of power outages and of course a lot of homes had repairs that need to be made across that region now we're going to be seeing a lot more weather along this particular line here this frontal boundary this isn't causing a lot of problems over the last few days in it will continue as we go forward for
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the next 48 hours what's going to happen is the flooding situation to the west is easing but the severe weather situation here across the balkan peninsula is going to be increasing over the next few days you can see the very heavy rain across parts of italy as well as over here towards maybe even towards parts of turkey as we go towards wednesday and into thursday pushing this forward look at the rain making its way over here towards istanbul we do think we're going to be having severe weather as we go towards thursday as well most of the west though it's going to be clearing up but over here towards much of the east we're looking at some much severe weather take a look to temperatures as you go towards the west we are looking at a warm up here for paris at $28.00 degrees down towards the record $22.00 in madrid about $38.00 degrees for you kevin thank you so much still to come here on the news out of kashmir visits the united states we'll look at what's on the agenda. also ahead running dry the drug that could leave china chinese biggest city without drinking water in a little more than
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a decade. and in sports news heartbreak for fans as for time champions gonna crash out of the africa cup of nations. one of the last remaining ancient forests in southeast asia is a lifeline to hundreds of lumber jacks and drive as. we follow that treacherous journey as they walk through a stream conditioned. to gather and transport this dangerous but precious cargo risking it all. on al-jazeera. to his supporters hungary's prime minister is a guardian of europe's borders manning the ramparts against migrant told. to others viktor orban is an authoritarian demagogue whose far right agenda poses
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a significant threat to democratic values. people in power investigates the leader taking his country to extremes hungary europe's bad boy on a 0. come back here with the al-jazeera news hour i'm peter told me these are the top stories china's foreign ministry is calling on the u.s. to immediately cancel a potential sale of arms to taiwan the us state department approved the sale of over 100 tanks 250 anti aircraft missiles and related equipment. the u.a.e.
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appears to be withdrawing us forces from yemen that's according to media reports quoting senior iraqi officials describing it as a redeployment and they're insisting they remain committed to the saudi u.a.e. coalition which has been fighting that with the rebels since 2015. after weeks of mass rallies hong kong's leader has described the controversial extradition bill as dead it would have allowed criminal suspects to be extradited to mainland china protest organizers want to surance is the build will be completely withdraw. palestinians say they're being imprisoned in their own neighborhoods by israel's expanding separation wall the international court of justice ruled the wall illegal exactly 15 years ago construction began in 2002 israel said it was to provide what it called better. security the wall now stretches more than 700 kilometers in the occupied west bank and east jerusalem affecting the lives of hundreds of thousands of palestinians human rights groups say it's allowed israelis to confiscate
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palestinian land to build more in the. palestinians say the separation wall is a symbol of the israeli occupation and their demanding freedom of movement. reports from one palestinian town which is the devastating effects of the war the town of the north east of jerusalem has been living in the shadow for 15 years. its economy was booming in the 1990 s. when the town in jerusalem to many cities in the occupied west bank. it looks more like a ghost town now. since the israeli government ordered the building of the separation 12002 the wall has blocked the town's main road limiting access to people and products hundreds of shops have closed their doors and thousands of people have left. carpenter is one of a few who decided to keep his business open but it's very different to when he entered the workshop in the year 2000 and employed 9 workers now the only
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carpenters there are him and his partner like the town's economy their business has been cut right back. this is one of the most vivid areas and were a few meters away from an israeli industrial area this area was bustling with businesses and people going back and forth now we rely on a few customers the contrast between the 2 sides of the wall can be seen vividly here and also heard on the israeli side there is the loud noise of construction works on the palestinian side that sides. as palestinians are being pushed out on their side of the wall because of land confiscation more israelis are taking advantage such as. in the north of the occupied west bank. and his really military order confiscated palestinian lands there for building the wall israelis build a stable on it palestinian fears have increased since israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu announced plans to annex parts of the west bank. the main goal in the
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israeli agenda is to grab more bans push more people out especially those living in east jerusalem the wall helps israel build more settlements extending existing ones and consolidate them in the palestinian territory around 65 percent of the israeli separation wall is complete their rest is under construction and when it's finished is expected to take up to 10 percent of all land in the occupied west bank many palestinians say the main purpose of israel's policy is to make life so unbearable they have no option but to leave. the occupied west bank. from the other side of the separation wall. this is what an area administered by the palestinian authority and every building here has been built with a permit but in a legal 1st israel's supreme court has decided that these 2 buildings behind me and 14 others can be demolished because the military says that too close to the
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separation barrier the military has been in one of those buildings today measuring up for the demolition work and the people who live in them or own them will be given the bill for that demolition work more than it is that the people who live here will be thrown into the streets they don't have anywhere else to go because they invested all their savings into their homes the separation wall barrier cuts through communities across the occupied west bank here in wa they are almost if relatives on that side of the fans want to visit family over here and they have to go on a long securitas walk to avoid the fence now the palestinians fear is that the supreme court ruling gives the israeli or forty's the legal cover to demolish palestinian properties anywhere in the occupied west bank well the israeli government began constructing a separation wall in 2002 saying it was required to prevent attacks the 1st sections extended for 175 kilometers in and around the occupied west bank other
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segments run to the north and south of jerusalem since then the barrier is expanded to being more than 700 kilometers in length dividing palestinian communities keeping them from their farmland and separating them from illegal israeli settlement blocks which have expanded thanks to the walls construction more than 620000 israeli settlers now live in the occupied west bank. well some pain we're also write messages on the separation wall to express their opinions but others refused to do so arguing it should remain an appealing symbol of apartheid sharing that view isn't an artist from the occupied west bank. my name is allah i live in a refugee camp in ramallah i'm originally from the lead area. the wall is a scary racist symbol it's a massive structure meant to display dominance i find it a natural human standing there you can't but have feelings of hate and discussed.
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but. it stands between me and the land stands between me and the dream of the other place the limits i should be able to cross naturally it doesn't only separate the geography it also limits our vision it blocks the scene behind it and. although for us it's about apartheid for the other it's a symbol of protection and that shows in how the wall is manifested from what i see the wall from the israeli side is designed with mosaic it's lit differently simply made to reflect how they want to show it. on a personal level i think the wall needs to stay grey and ugly needs to be maintained that it's a symbol of apartheid nothing more if we paint on it we would redefine it.
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stuff is going to be. i find it provoking that the wall provides a public space one that provides great exposure for artists especially with prominent international artists leaving their work there i'm not in a position to judge i can't deny their messages were loud but as a palestinian i see the wall differently it is present in our subconscious it's there standing between us and the rest of palestine at least the one that shapes our national identity. let's bring in richard fuld formally the united nations special rapporteur he joins us live from perth in australia mr felt welcome to the news hour here this is also called the jerusalem envelope speaking to one of its several titles i guess you know this idea of security is there a need for this kind of security and does this wall meet that need. well that's hard to say of course but the basic legal objection to the wall
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is that it's built on occupied palestinian territory which is a fundamental violation of the geneva conventions which prevent that kind of behavior from being undertaken unless you can demonstrate an overwhelming security justification you know that during the cold war it had. the soviet union extended the berlin wall by as much as as little as a foot onto west berlin there would have been world war 3 this is a very sensitive issue as to who has the entitlement to. create a condition of separation of this sort and would it be fair of me to say that underpinning this for the israelis is the idea of a demographic as a threat therefore the threat has to be if not dealt with than contained but
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the karoly the consequences of that is the way that we see so many palestinians having to enjoy their day to day life as a consequence of having this big wall right beside them. well this is a classic israeli example of exaggerating their security needs and inflicting acute insecurity on the palestinian people and doing it in a way that violates international law as you know this is the 15th anniversary of the international court of justice is advisory opinion which declared by a vote of $14.00 to $1.00 that this wall was being constructed unlawfully and that it should be dismantled and that the palestinians should be compensated for the harm that had been inflicted and it's very rare that you get the
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international court of justice to have this level of agreement on any issue the only dissenting vote was the american judge and even he said that he dissented because israel hadn't been given enough of a chance to establish its security claim but all 14 of the others from widely different legal and political systems agreed that this was something that could not be tolerated from an international law point of view and the whole israeli reaction to that. advisory opinion showed that defiance of international law and indirectly of international morality richard fuld thank you so much for joining us from perth in australia. for the 1st time in the u.k. boys will also receive a routine vaccinations for the cancer causing human papilloma virus or h.p.v.
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it was previously only given to school girls aged 12 to 13 but from september boys of the same age will now be vaccinated as well the government hoping to reduce the rates of cervical cancer which can be caused by h.p.v. well the vaccination could prevent $100000.00 cancer cases in the u.k. in the next 40 years h.p.v. is a sexually transmitted infection and in some cases it causes cervical cancer in women it's already mandatory in several countries for boys to be vaccinated so they can pass the virus on to women schoolgirls in the u.k. have received the vaccination for more than a decade and in that time research has saw a 90 percent reduction in the number of precancerous cells in women worldwide over 300000 women died of cervical cancer last year the majority from low income countries let's talk now to derek gatherer he's a lecturer in the biomedical and life sciences department at lancaster university he joins us from lancaster in the north west of england welcome back to al-jazeera direct i mean why is it taken so long because the u.k.
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arguably is behind the curve on this one i think they are the australians did this what 56 years ago yes even at the time when the vaccine was ruled go to war there were calls for boys to be included in the vaccination program another a very good reasons why because 1st of all it prevents them from later in life passing on h.p.v. to a female partner but also it protects the boys from genital warts which can be caused by human papilloma virus in which there are gardasil vaccine does also protect against does it bring the u.k. into line with other e.u. countries. the vaccination policy of it is an awful lot around the world you mentioned earlier on that there are some countries where vaccination is by industry and we don't of course have mined a true vaccination for anything in the u.k. it's it's generally something which goes against our culture really over there or medical procedure should be consensual so i think that vaccination will continue to
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be voluntary in this country but many boys will take up the offer to be vaccinated because they recognise that it is a good thing protects them it protects their future sexual partners there it give us a sense of how the vaccine actually does what it does with vaccines that are injected into the body they're there in activated or strains of whichever pathogen is is being vaccinated against and then it produces an immune reaction which in in the case of some vaccines can be lifelong in others it's a little bit shorter for the h.p.v. vaccine itself it seems as if immunity lasts for something like 10 years after vaccination. can be given at a later date but at the moment the children are being vaccinated no in school or to have immunity for the h.p.v. until that about 50 years old who is the general trend for confirmed cases of these related cancers going at the moment derek and does this mean that that trend
4:43 pm
will begin to either dip i.e. go down or go down faster or when the doctors when the medical profession gets to grips with people who are presenting with new cancers in say 5 or 10 years time. in scotland there was recently a study of the ghost that had been vaccinated since the time when they got to so vaccine will go to scotland and they found that in survey course smear testing was a 71 percent decrease in the precancerous lesions that in those smear tests no that gives there's a suggestion that there will probably be something like a 71 percent decrease in eventual survival cancer cases once that group of girls reaches reaches maturity. dairy gather at the in lancaster thanks very much. staying in europe opposition parties in albania have launched new antigovernment protests after boycotting last month's local elections.
4:44 pm
protestors accuse the government of links to organized crime they want the prime minister at the rama to leave office but he denies the accusations in the meantime the albanian parliament has voted for a commission to investigate the president who tried to cancel municipal elections because of the boycott. the internet is being restored in sudan after a court ordered service providers to bring it back up following a week long blackout earlier sudan's military council agreed to end the shutdown it says was needed to protect the transition deal reached with the opposition the un's human rights division has condemned the action regional security and the strengthening of economic ties will be on the agenda during a meeting between the u.s. president and the emir of qatar shaikh i mean been hammered all funny in a few hours' time the emir held talks with the acting u.s. defense secretary on monday at the pentagon is white house meeting with donald trump comes during a difficult time across the gulf with tensions soaring between iran and the united
4:45 pm
states and saudi is professor of political sociology at castle university he says the army is latest visit to washington is a clear sign the u.s. does value cantles role in the region. well of course there have been a lot of ups and downs in the past couple of years ago in that relationship but it's very clear now that the white house has made its mind on how it feels about that that in the beginning of the crisis in 2017 it was very clear that the white house team trump and personnel at the time were very supportive of that the amount of the agenda in the region especially towards. shortly after that we've seen flip on the administration's side with various you know state department and. pentagon officials praising that at the time and the white house if any from any more criticism of course. i think about 2 things like terrorism and so on now we've seen very clearly for the past couple of months that there is actually a positive attitude towards in d.c. and especially by the white house team we've had the president president up like
4:46 pm
yesterday you had to wear things that are a couple of weeks ago. actively working in the mediation between iran and the united states actively working on mediation between taliban and the united states the american interest in the region being helped out by many initiatives and i think this is will be the main thing discussed today between the 2 leaders. talks with the taliban and afghan leaders have ended with a promise to reduce civilian casualties in afghanistan to 0 the 2 day event was hosted by council it's expected to lead to more formal binding discussions between the taliban and the government in kabul. i been very happy that they are the ones together from all walks of life and then just in 2 days we heard this joint statement i think it's a great success and it is
4:47 pm
a good news for all the afghans and i would mean is that we are as a nation it. is all this long lasting issue you can government regulates is one british airways to pay a fine of $230000000.00 because of a massive data breach if the airline pays that amount it would be the stiffest penalty of its kind under new rules personal details of about half a 1000000 be a passengers were compromised in the hack just over a year ago and customers were diverted to a fake website the airline has 28 days to appeal it says there's no evidence anybody lost money as a result of the incident. it was.
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4:49 pm
central chile is ensuring its worst drought for 60 years that includes the capital santiago home to nearly half the country's population of 18000000 people and say water shortages will become permanent because of climate change and pressure from agriculture in america and as you see a new man has more now from a trio and shiny. things have i said very little use to run a successful small business growing and selling tomatoes on this plot of land. but a long drought in central chile has dried up her livelihood as well as her plants. this was my band aid we does d b 7 metres of water which was enough to irrigate my
4:50 pm
plans twice now it's totally dry. and so is the nearby. 4 years ago it looked like this. for a farmer who was born and bred here is raising cattle now on what was the main source of water for the shagger cultural region i do have to remember there's no water i'm raising a few animals but it's becoming too expensive to truck in the water it's a disaster. he's not wrong farmers all over are being forced to sell their livestock and their land. to drought which is now in its 10th year is a phenomena that's here to stay quoting to experts in a new report issued by the university of chile it blames the growing demand for increasingly scarce water resources on large fruit exporters but above all on climate change there's a drought is just as visible above ground than on the surface and. underneath at
4:51 pm
this time of year the andes mountains should have been covered with snow which in turn in the spring melts and fills the rivers and the lagoons but with the deficit of rain now and 80 percent these mountains now look as though than just had a little bit of salt sprinkled on the top. chile's populated capital santiago as well as the bug but i use the region could be left without drinking water by 2030 according to the report but there are ways to avoid disaster one of them is to stop losing water that flows from these rivers straight into the pacific ocean that would require dams just as a gent is the need to build more reservoirs before having to resort to large scale dispelling nies ation of chile's long pacific ocean coastline water expert philip in my 15 says there's a severe infrastructure deficit. there women but unfortunately a reservoir takes 17 to 20 years to build while the hospital takes maybe for yes
4:52 pm
a new hospital benefits those who are sick today but we aren't seeing the illness that the country as a whole could suffer from the lack of investment in infrastructure. the government has in fact announced it will build at least 20 new reservoirs. it won't be soon enough though. who instead of growing and selling vegetables is now cycling off to clean houses to make a living to see a new and i just see that a chilly. time for sports news peter thank you so much simona halep is the 1st player to booker spots in the wimbledon semifinals the number 7 seed beating shang shway in straight sat serina williams is also on court and as level one set all with a fellow american alice and risk or home hopes will be resting on joanna consul later who made the porters by beating patrick have it over the british number 19 seed is
4:53 pm
next on center court and is up against barbara strike over the czech republic. they haven't paid a little thing the last time i played or maybe the only time i don't know it was in tokyo a few years ago. she knows how to play on the surface and i mean like me she's won 4 matches to to get here as well so. yeah so looking forward to playing another great player nice to be in the quarterfinals of a slam again and yeah. bad weather has delayed the 1st semifinal of the cricket world cup and they are playing new zealand in manchester new zealand had reached 211 for 5 when the rain came down the winners that this match will play there in the end or australia in the final at lord's on sunday. 4 time champions gotta have been knocked out of the africa cup of nations by the last 16 a result follows a troubled start to their campaign and has left their fans unimpressed so hell malik reports. anguish for guy named football fans they stayed up late enough to
4:54 pm
follow the action in egypt as ghana face to music in the round of 16. what they got was the elimination in the cruelest possible way the 4 time champions crashing out on penalties. i'm so disappointed are you about what's respect lost because you don't want robin dunbar. would have wanted us it looked like the black stars might pull through trailing one nil a late goal by 2 new sent the game into extra time but when it went to penalties forward caleb couldn't hold his nerve his missed saltiness to take the shootout 5 for it concluded a campaign that began to. the black star's all time leading scorer. had threatened to pull out of the squad as he was replaced as captain with andre are you. jan eventually agreed to go and was given
4:55 pm
a largely ceremonial title of general captain to work alongside moreover their preparations are taken place on a backdrop of chaos than ghanian football last year the country's f.a. was disbanded following a bribery scandal the bodies former president. was banned from football for life and a committee installed by fee for has been running gun in football since september the corruption allegations and just opened up the problems you know where germany was a couple of years ago before the i went to make a whole spanish football was before the no went to systemic overhaul and so on and . so this is as big. a few corruption allegations and system and i'm talking about starting from the grassroots football is problematic such an early exit from the tournament would be difficult for many fans to accept they'll be hoping that things can get back on track soon of qualification for the
4:56 pm
2022 world cup in qatar starting later this year so while malik al-jazeera. ivory coast for a while now winners against mali have missed several good chances in the match while for the south ha got the only goal of the game 14 minutes from time they'll play algeria in the last 8. this into just 2 states it's sad to lose the game we didn't play a bad game we were unlucky because of the model to have so much or we dominated the whole match but we still couldn't win it's really sad perry's son is your man sporting director leonardo says neymar can leave the club if they receive an acceptable offer but he added that no deal was imminent and only superficial talks with namers former club barcelona had taken place the brazilian forward joined from bar so for world record of 250000000 dollars 2 years ago neymar failed to report for a pre season training with florence club on monday. and finally it was
4:57 pm
a 1000000 dollar night for new york mets rookie peter alonso trying to blue jays of light in your garage or near his 91 homers smashing a record at the all star home run derby taking place in cleveland ohio but the 20 year old rookie rather had a steam in the final round at left alonso to play into the $1000000.00 where prize money which is nearly double his salary for 2090. 3 matches survivor. yes that was it with me we had sweet spot we got the group in a little for a while and just grew so i mean this is really special. ok and that is all you sport for now peter back to you thank you so much i'm back on the other side of the break with 32 minutes about your world use.
4:58 pm
traditional wrestling in senegal have. now it's a national male and female. 14 log you're in big money. there while the focus unifying cultural folds. and don't play. the song. senegal wrestling with reality on al-jazeera. and her husband gavin worsley when 14 i just broke down the back the teenagers described as being of african appearance still on the run before all of this happened i wasn't scared out of black people or people of color. whatever to focus on african gang crime began in march 26th jane when violence broke out at the moon the festival at federation square in the center of melbourne to gird shoot of african young people
4:59 pm
coming together in the open there was a fort bragg out of the car in my rolling bowling feel a lot some of it was because the place because i'm involved in the start of choice and they just play ball and that crowd already did in the media at the top of a lot of political pressure. these people commit crime can do single race whole human gets blamed for the actions of a few. people have to base sites i have to feel saif side there's a lot of perception issues i think that we need to deal with as well from cutting edge medical technology toxic behnam could be a foster untapped resource the development of lifesaving drugs to advances in the most difficult regions of the world. something to say no to you. every. innovative solution to global health care problems to make a difference and maybe all of those were good sure the soul of the cure on
5:00 pm
al-jazeera. china asks the u.s. to cancel a possible to build almost. with taiwan saying it would undermine beijing security interests. come on peter you're watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up reports that the united arab emirates is reducing the number of forces in yemen raise questions over the saudi arabia can fight the war on its own.


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