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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 7, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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it wasn't until daybreak when a buddy of mine fishing called me say hey did you hear what happened. and. the rest is history. the n.t.s.b. began the task of interpret ing the data from the kinds recorder and write outranks of its flight path to learn wanted might at some submarine dive into the ocean. but meanwhile the egyptian public was seized by speculation that the plane had been hit by a missile in order to assassinate 33 returning egyptian army officers who had been training in the us. earlier that night. i had noticed because it was so clear i had noticed air national guard jets running maneuvers and i thought it odd and yet i i had seen that before but i could see them firing their flares and their chief and running circles way high up
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in the sky and when that impact rumbled across the sea. i had a clear. sense line of sight above the haze bang into a beautifully clear with sky there was no. explosion in the sky there was no rocket streaking there was no plane coming down in flames and if there had been i would have seen it. because i was looking right out i mean i'm. a student me aware of my surroundings when i'm at sea. it didn't happen. until randell is a pilot with more than 52 years experience and then a rose by sea engineer we asked him where the flight 990 might have been hit by an aside. i believe he lets the missile did not hit the sack rofft if we look at all
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the elements of the evidence that we received. evidence from witnesses did not see any missiles in the air that night which was a very clear night before right all stations that have the aircraft on their screen saw no missiles being fired at that aircraft as we discussed earlier the debris field was fairly isolated and only found $400.00 metres apart which would not have been the case of course if i'm a solid hit the aircraft at 33000 feet. because of the 10 hour flight time 2 crews were required. co-pilot jamail alba treaty was one of the members of the relief crew he would feature heavily in the n.t.s.b. investigation 20 minutes after takeoff he took over from audio on one copilot
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of the active crew. only 2 days after finding the cockpit voice recorder leaks from the n.t.s.b. they'd made out leads to accuse each time a loud batouti of crashing the plane. i deeply regret. that some advantage benefit sources have led some in the news media to speculate on undocumented information protect way from one of the most sensitive investigative tools at our disposal oh my goodness. there were leaks on every investigation i had any responsibility for oversee team usa or for 27 others i had people sign confidentiality agreements and if there was
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a not leak then the media would take someone's information and make it appear there was a lick this is a. back a pilot egyptian committed suicide and mass murder and end of discussion just open and shut case and that troubled me had to make a whole lot of sense so as far as we could tell comes a very well established heavily back in egypt had military officer and an unblemished record one of her senior pilots about ready to retire all sorts of reasons to stay alive why would he commit suicide and kill over 200 people on april 19th 2118 months after the crash the n.t.s.b. issued its draft report finding that the probable cause of the accident was a result of the relief 1st offices flight control inputs i thought the n.t.s.b.
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report was flawed in a number of areas. they kind of jumped on the conclusion that the handling pilot was mishandling the aircraft. with a finger pointed at suicide however i think they neglected to look at the other relevant evidence that was found not only from the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder but also. parts of the elevator control system. in sausalito nori was one of 2 translators hired by the n.t.s.b. to translate the cockpit voice recordings. in a photo of the uta had in motion with a better chance to california the heat gets you know a sheet that seal and can often i'm smiling. when i did. so back to the atlanta hog in motion that they can one have had them kill mackie enough that i
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think you have to be fucking fia. achievement a cockpit voice recorder with this unit south of here but she is one of the out that i'm up and get are you going back to get them fight that i had forgotten. above all else what really seems to have condemned the 1st officer was his use of a common arabic phrase to a cult to which the n.t. is to be translated as i rely on god more properly it is i put my trust in god this phrase was interpreted as the final prayer of a man intent on suicide and mass murder his motivation. at 149361 the night of the crash the flight data recorder shows a rapid movement of the right elevator the autopilot disengaged is followed by the copilot 2nd use of the i rely on god fries the throttle leave is
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a move from the cruise power setting to idle fighters move between 3 and 4 degrees nose down the plane begins to die in 12 seconds altitude he repeats the same phrase 9 times the captain returning from the toilet asks what's happening. now but to the repeats the i rely on god fries and a mosque a corner or should sound. a little heed. the name of the music of today. well how many kids. then of him could see the little you know and then as it is the love of the heart of it he took us as it did then eileen went out of course. but jim hall remembers the initial response by egyptian personnel was somewhat different it was a general from egypt that came in the 1st general to take over and was the investigative team and this was the last time i was to see him. reported to me that
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it appeared that. there was a problem with their policy that had caused the invest problem at the accident. that person was a vice marshal mom do as he has not spoken publicly on this issue since the crash we were eventually able to contact him on a very bad phone line from a tip. or 3 our march well what. was called by getting the whole he said that when you listen to the cockpit voice recording you had said it looks like we've got a problem with it. is that correct. you don't remember her work or her 3rd. or your girl once he reported back to cairo which he said he had. and. his
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that individual and the team. the majority of them returned to cairo and were replaced by another investigative team. that a rod and at that point in time. we had the official line from egypt that it had to be the problem with the aircraft where you recalled because of those comments. oh you're photographing the ark you have a. very high. very very here very hard work well for you here right right you were in the line you were a military pilot. here on. careful in your minded do you think but to be deliberately crashed the plane. crew of course no. let me put another scenario to you got a very busy n.t.s.b. you know t.w.i.
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800 lots of other investigations it kind of feels like by they heard this friday's and they thought all that's easy pilot suicide that's totally wrong. and insult to bind us together as. we choose to wait we were asked to take this investigation to begin with we did it and a good job was done by the investigators the n.t.s.b. has a worldwide reputation. for factual investigations and where we have problems with staff. in terms of workload we just extend the time for the investigation. we tried to tying the cop but voice recordings from the n.t.s.b.
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but they are legally able to release to the f.b.i. also refused to release recordings referring asked back to the n.t.s.b. but finally after 3 years of searching and long after all interviews for this film or completed we have time to copy of the cockpit voice recorders. flight $990.00 took off from j.f.k. at $121.00 and climbed to the normal. way of. approaching 3 you start on the flight it 3 you know. about 20 minutes after takeoff the relief 1st officer. comes forward and says he doesn't want to slate and suggest that he relieves the active 1st officer i doubt. i doubt you. and i know. that any.
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event there. was. a lot of 27 minutes after takeoff the captain goes to the toilet 12 seconds later we hear an unintelligible frights followed by what was translated as i rely on a. pet dog and as an aviation safety expert with 42 years experience he teaches a crash investigation. we also asked him to look at the n.t.s.b. report. what about the use of that oft repeated frights. yeah it's important is it very important not really i mean if you are in danger your life's in danger and you're threatened you're going to say whatever you want to say and you're going to
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say rapidly in this case she rapidly less than a 2nd between each one of them statements of making that statement i mean this guy's scared or something going on that he doesn't know he doesn't understand he's not trained you're not capable of handling this got him scared i mean i'd be saying something to. none of the egyptians involved in the $990.00 investigation would agreed to be interviewed without the permission of the government this wasn't given. at the time however the egyptian civil aviation authority or e.c. i who by now were doing their own investigation issued a furious or a bottle of the n.t.s.b. report on. the n.t.s.b. you selected facts and speculative conclusions to support a pre-determined theory and particularly the n.t.s.b. has conclusion that the proper book codes of the accident is that deliberate action
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of the 1st officer is not supported by any evidence of intent or motive it is inconceivable that the n.t.s.b. can credibly proffer a probable cause based on pilot action when it admits the existence of unexplained damage to the critical of the theater component offered to president mubarak through ambassador the ambassador here. listen to the cockpit voice recorder yourself. as an aviator so you can set and listen to it in your own environment. and so. you know we want i wanted. to in edge every investigation. to be sure that we were doing the very best job we could to cut but voice recording last for
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a total of 31 minutes 45 seconds. per head up but never never had my old one but now i'm having 11. 11 what the if you have a surprise a man wants to crash a plane so every was trying to clear the cockpit he was pretty lucky that the captain wanted to go to the toilet in exactly the right time if he wanted to play the cup why didn't they lock the door why didn't he push the elevators all the way forward why did he retired the throttle zz when you would push the thought it was all the way forward ignoring take nickels and none of that makes common sense you know again the report speaks for itself i'm glad to participate in the interview. because i have great respect for al-jazeera and your viewing audience. in regard to the report. it is there and available.
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on the n.t.s.b. website freddie wandering. through the work of other federal agencies casts doubt on the report's conclusions. every reclaim news cycle brings a series of breaking stories this maximum jail term has jumped from 5 years to 175 years during their listening post as we turned the cameras on the media donald trump shouldn't be the one deciding who is a journalist and who isn't to focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most they move closer and closer to a new tire shut down both international and domestic news coverage on al-jazeera. an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to
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a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than 12000 structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't enough housing stock available. in the ghetto 7183 on the telly and merchant set out on an extraordinary journey marco polo followed the silk road designer to the heart of the cards empire. retracing his steps our modern day explorer discovers the descent of the statistic echoes of last week and a reminder of what and who survives history. marco pantani on
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al-jazeera. on counting the cost $3.00 decades after the collapse of the soviet union russia is engaging with africa to raise its political clout and we look at the economics behind said his decision to buy the s $400.00 an f. $35.00 stealth bomber counting the cost on a just near. here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera iran will begin enriching uranium to higher levels in the next few hours and pass limits set on the 2050 nuclear deal the increased level still falls short of the amount required to create nuclear weapons and says there will be a further scaling down of commitments to the deal every 60 days but it's still open
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to talks with european countries also has more from tehran we heard from the deputy foreign minister who said that diplomacy is not being abandoned the iranians are only enacting certain clause within this nuclear deal because they feel that the remaining signatories are not abiding by their and the bargain they are saying they are giving them another 60 days in the meantime they have said that as of tomorrow morning we i.a.e.a. inspectors that are in the country on a regular basis will find that iran will have exceeded the 3.67 percent of enriched uranium that they have agreed to the protesters have returned to the streets of hong kong in their fight to have a controversial extradition bill scrapped tens of thousands marched towards the new train station which links the territory to the chinese mainland organizers say they want to educate visitors from china about the. broader more. it doesn't actually will get much that as soon as we count the taliban fighters in
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afghanistan say they killed at least 8 security personnel in a car bomb explosion close to 200 injuries are reported in the central province of gaz any taliban says they were targeting an intelligence gathering place. cats are hosting 2 days of talks between representatives from the taliban and afghan society groups that separate to negotiations also in doha but in the taliban and the us america's envoy says substantial progress is being made to end the afghan war voting is underway in the greek general election the 1st since the end of austerity triggered by international bailouts the prime minister alexis tsipras called the election early after his party's loss in european elections in may the conservative new democracy party is expected to make gains nigeria and bernina are the latest african countries to ratify a deal to create the world's largest free trade zone is being finalized at a summit of african union leaders in new jet eritrea does remain the only member not to sign up to the deal which could create a single market of well over 1000000000 people back to al-jazeera world i'm back
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after that with the news hour i'll see that of. on the 31st of up tight about 9099 egypt air flight 990 disappeared from ride and crashed into the atlantic about 111 kilometers of the east coast of the u.s. with over 200 casualties. the investigation into the crash was conducted by the national transportation safety board or n.t.s.b. in washington d.c. but we will consent that it hadn't and covered the true cause of the accident when the federal aviation administration required a change in the design of boeing's him 67 in 2014 we decided to revisit the case. because american citizens died in the crash and there
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was the possibility of a criminal act if beyond stopped were among the fairest on the same in fact once the n.t.s.b. had heard the cockpit voice recordings it wanted the f.b.i. to take over the investigation the f.b.i. refused i repeated request for an interview referring us to their website and the history of the boston office it can be found a very brief mention of the f.b.i. 990 investigation. the f.b.i. concluded that the tragedy was neither a criminal know what terrorist incident. this funding was not published until 2010 about 10 years after the crash yet the n.t.s.b. did not attract its report or reconsider its conclusions. but it was clear. in whatever language there was a struggle going on in the cockpit of the $76.00 but how was there
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a struggle what all we had was a cat come back inside. what's happening what's happening and if you read the. rest of this struck script that has been the text recording. it well you'll see it. in flight 990 s last moments the captain returned to the flight deck and gave frantic instructions to his copilot. that night. that. he did. there's no evidence according to the that the the data that was issued by the n.t.s.b. to indicate that it was a struggle in the cockpit so if i'm going to if i'm going to kill everybody and
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myself included i would have locked the cockpit kept anybody from forcibly prevent me from doing what i want to do been he's not something's going on that scared this guy and in the end he's still he's got to go react and he freezes he doesn't know what to do and then the captain comes back and try to help even you see him function as a team to try to recover the fly the airplane. disconnecting the old i pod was another reason that suspicion kind to rest on gemma but today. a year after the crash the egyptian government asked the n.t.s.b. to interview captain jamal out and he had flown on the side bearing 767 from newark airport to los angeles the day before the crash. captain aaron told investigators that the autopilot was hunting for the glide slide during the approach to ally hicks and that because he was uncomfortable with the
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autopilots performance he had disconnected it and landed the plane and. i think happened what my team saw happen and what we put forth. is that albert to me. who is monitoring this on autopilot felt something or heard something that wasn't quite right. a powder many many hours experience he's trained and the 1st thing you do and suddenly you're going on you're not quite sure what it is you the shutters up if you disconnect at all you want to you know it's you want to get if you know what's going on what's what's probably here and we think that instead he just you know that out of the leverage on the back was more than he hold down straight up now we also know that this same problem has occurred on a number of other operators of that same type american airlines antic and to charles de gaulle they had a similar problem with pitching of the and stabilizer problems and elevator
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problems. and 2 or twice with their own mexico in the same airplane. one of the main concerns the egyptians had with the n.t.s.b. investigation was with what became known as the i'm intelligent bill fries 27 minutes after takeoff the captain says he's going to the toilet there's a conversation between him and al but before the flight big door closes. 12 seconds later another voice is heard saying words which the investigation describes as and i'm intelligible frys remark in that that amount of hama can sabotage your family and you had for the emotional family not the sleep messam at the hydraulic one s. and early one of them back to me that the malignants outfit will sweep me in some hour we missed them off or been hey a cup of new hope they need the ability then scrape one half of some at the
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hydraulic well as hossam really have that consult will be 2nd in the back to the bar and head that is a consult good will say i go oh i shocks the. but in a quote had. the n.t.s.b. report says the 5 arabic speaking members of the analysis group concur that they do not recognize this as an arabic word words or phrase the entire group agrees that 3 syllables are heard and the accent is on the 2nd syllable for arabic speaking group members believe that they heard words similar to control that one english speaking member believes that he heard a word similar to hydraulic before other members believe that the words were an intelligible. like the n.t.s.b. we also found the so-called unintelligible fries difficult because
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a lot of quality of the recording. we went to sounded to news we used techniques to clean the sound on ad copy that may not have been a viable during the original investigation. that would be indicating something is happening with the across those unexpected and he's trying to assist the copilot in. noticing what was happening at the time. that would be dynamite i think from my point you know i mean extraordinary important piece of. why wouldn't why would anybody say either control or hydraulic if there wasn't something wrong with the system they realize now they're going to big problem. but they never of the never been in town. the planes paid shore up and down movement is controlled by its elevators in a 767 the elevators are operated by a system which terminates in a hydraulic jack now and it's a pallet control act o.p.c.
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at. each elevator has 3 p.c.'s so that if one of them james the elevator can still be controlled by the other to an important part of the mechanical linkage that transmits the pilot's control signals to the p.c.i. is known as the bellcrank assembly at the time of the crash these were constructed with rivets that were designed to bright boy shia in the event of a p.c.i. jam this would disconnect the control inputs from the jammed p.c.i. and allow the other 2 p.c.'s to continue working on the 6 bellcrank assemblies 5 were recovered from the wreckage of 90 the rivets on no 5 was shown the n.t.s.b. noted that this might have been caused by the impact of egypt did 990 with the c. i'm not going to. attempt to. get into detail engineering discussions with you. because number one i don't have the time nor do i have the
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professional experience to get into those discussions. at 150 i am the captain returns and asks what is happening the elevators begin moving slowly downwards away from their original positions pushing the plane down. engine start late as i move from engine running to cut off the speed brake is deployed the captain says pull pull with me pull with me. and suddenly the recording and. everything. we know from right dot dot after its initial dive the pine actually climbed again reaching at least 24000 feet before it finally dived into the sea at some point the plane will start broke up we know this because the
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wreckage was found in 2 distinct debris fields 366 meters apart was that something else broke they they were over they couldn't keep that leverage to keep thing going they couldn't level it off some writer play in the back there time and they never got there and if you never got there and the aircraft descended and accelerated to a speed just below the speed of sound which was way beyond the design limits of the aircraft and some point in that descent both pilots managed to recover the aircraft into a climb but both engines have indicated indicated by the flight data recorder to be shut down. the speed alone would have caused. aerodynamic forces only at craft weigh about the design limits of the aircraft and resulting in
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. being detached from the. 7 months into the investigation the if i received a detailed safety recommendation from the egyptian civil aviation authority urging an examination of the procedure checking elevate a bell cracks and they were the newest directive was issued by the f.a.a. to check the shared rivets or possibility of shared rivets in the bellcrank system in the elevator control system of the back of the airplane. so a directive was put out to look at the operators around the world and out of $152.00 that were found defective $52.00 of those were replaced and consequently boeing actually bought out a completely new system to replace the the bellcrank system at that time. these airworthiness directives were released in november 2000 and ordered that all 767 operators to perform
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a one time functional check of one shear rivet in all 6 elevator pca bellcrank assemblies within 30 days reworking or replacing the bellcrank assembly if needed. failure of 2 of the 3 bellcrank assemblies on one side can result in that single elevator surface but not both surfaces moving to a hard over position independent of the pilot command resulting in a significant pitch upset recoverable by the crew. failure of all 3 bellcrank assemblies on one side can cause an elevator hard over that may result in loss of control ability of the airplane most people remember this case now to see what had happened since we agree with us it was about. the n.t.s.b. report shows that it relied heavily on dot who supplied by boeing well it you know you're going to look to the manufacturer who knows more about the vehicle. than the
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manufacturer of the vehicle and. so we have in. whether it's air bus whether it's embry or whether it's a russian not a faction aircraft you know we under the party process include the individuals that have information that factual information that would help the investigators in terms of putting together the facts it's worth noting that the n.t.s.b. had previously stating that boeing had withheld an important report that could have explained the cause of the crash of t.w.a. flight 800 in 9096 that statement was issued just 2 days before the crash should be debated now and. that is
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a case. of seen situations where manufacturers for their own economic interests are not forthcoming with the factual information when that happens it's extremely disappointing but it does happen and it is happened. on numerous occasions but good investigative work usually if there is a situation will will determine. where someone is acting out of their self interest rather than trying to act out of the incentives interest of worldwide aviation safety. we asked buying twice to participate in this documentary they refused saying their comments are included in the final accident report they said none of the mechanical failure modes examined during the
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investigation were consistent with the f.d.r. data because the f.d.r. elevated positions did not displace to the positions predicted by the failure mode and effects analysis during the initial pitch over and the elevator motions after the initial pitch over indicate that both surfaces were functioning normally. a member did the same but 2000 by the chairman of egypt air mohammad fire mariah on explains how egypt there managed to reduce insurance premiums on the slate because of evidence absolving the company of responsibility for the accident it effectively how bowing responsible although the government to egypt there arrived at this conclusion it did not knowledge and lawsuit against boeing instead the egyptian government lodged a case in the name of the agent insurance company accusing boeing of being responsible for the crash because of
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a malfunction in the tail elevator assembly however the case was lost because the original contract for the purchase of the plane registered as soup gap stated that boeing could not be held responsible for any injury or death of any person or loss or damage to any property including the aircraft is that we miss. an. what that that if. i began to be meek. meek it's an empty net and well let's try to get that mean. or should it get added it didn't mean. i now have to and now i'm a school i'm thought we'd have a thought before. i said that in hades following the boy and kind of pioneered this on these complex cases where you've got
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a product issue or you've got a aviation issue. and boy really would take the lead they would go reach out to the other syndicates or defend terror they might be in say here let's make a deal. right now before we get started on this. we have some exposure you have some exposure we don't know how's are going to play out but we do know that it's in our common interest to you these cases resolved sooner not later and with less money and they put together a working package in agreement with arbitrary percentages to be adjusted later by arbitration out of the light of day and someone has picked as stalking horse that's generally the airline because in a direct relationship with the families they're given a bag of money as already have enough of these various participants very secret so you're saying that even though it looks like boeing never applied the would have been a contribution from boeing i would say that there was contact we know there was much . this contention seems to be supported by the records of a case heard by
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a new york court on the 18th of october 2001. the records show that at the hearing egypt is lawyer conceded the airlines right to sue bowing he told the judge that egypt it would pay full compensation and that boeing should not be asked for any financial commitments in the aftermath of that settlement even of power and well like a proven to have been responsible for the accident. well i'm. the best me i know i can then but then as. often as it is to me if you're game and serious he has a. lot of unless he began again and maybe he. didn't invest. in january
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2040 more than 14 years after the crash the federal aviation administration issued a. you airworthiness directive that shows that the problem did exist with 767 elevators. all of the replacement of all bellcrank that still had share rivets with newly designed belt cranks that did not the if i only said we are showing this 80 to prevent continued operation with the yielded or failed shear rivets in the elevator p.c.l. cranks assemblies and to prevent certain failure or jams in the elevator system from causing a hard over of the elevator surface resulting in a significant pitch upset and possible loss of control of the airplane. that's after the fact fix and you're going to you're going to discourage people from correcting mistakes if you hit them with that or the fact you had to prove what was wrong and. as we were finishing this film there were 2 crashes involving boeing 737
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max aircraft the 1st was on the 29th of october 28th in 12 minutes after takeoff from jakarta indonesia the 2nd was an ethiopian airlines flight which came down on the 10th of march 29th killing or $157.00 passengers on board the similarities between the 2 crashes caused several countries to ground or ban them excite aircraft from their yes buys. boeing is an incredible company they are. working very very hard right down. and totally though very quickly come up with the answer but until they do the planes are grounded. these incidents prompted the u.s. department of justice to investigate the licensing and marketing certification of buying 737 max aircraft issued by the federal aviation administration meanwhile
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boeing has said it does not respond to a comment on questions concerning legal matters with or internal litigation or governmental inquiries visit right to say that i didn't see like the federal aviation administration and the n.t.s.b. are frightened of companies like boeing. most definitely they have to be the. the manufacturer or the larger it is ready the larger the arms and the reaches are to it i mean he just if you look at boy look at how far reaching their capabilities are to they have more government. solicitors in washington d.c. that's what get their products approved or what jordi of their company sells to united states government. the inquiries into the 273 max i crashes
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will no doubt continue for months even years to come barring has already conceded that it might some mistakes when releasing this new model airplane but there have been no concessions from anyone involved in the investigation of flight 90. 8 it's a very sad situation in that the or far it is have pointed the finger at a man who is trying to save himself and consequently all the passengers behind him . after almost 20 years this might come as cold comfort for the families that lost loved ones in the crash of egypt and 990 especially for the family of 1st officer john mayall out but 2.
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because a good parts of south america at the moment not much class showing up on the satellite page i was saying some wintry flurries just making their way over the andes but for the most part it is settled and sunny has been on the cold side and what a seris and it stays on the cold side and that in celsius is something of a recovery for sunday afternoon there is still below the seasonal after a 315 in the sense yet again it's on the chilly side have a lot of dry weather lots of crisp sunshine in the sunshine just forming up a touch as the winds tend to fade in from the northeast direction as we go through monday no the possible still will see some showers showers there up towards pushing up towards venezuela colombia ecuador and the showers a coastal run into the western side of the caribbean little cloud over here he wanted to show us just about hispaniola for the way in which in the way was just looking fine and dry lots of sunshine and play over the next couple of days kubica to see one of those winds drift in from an
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a sleigh direction in the showers that we do have just around the western side of the caribbean will intensify will become a little more widespread as we go on through a monday still some showers in place there for the good parts of cuba jamaica risk looking fine and dry with a top temperate 32 but right to the east. the weather sponsored by the way. i really felt liberated as a journalist was all about getting to the truth doesn't lie with us that's what this job. is built up the minute you need those then you. they were around and i could. see it in your face and. same. but those on you don't. remember you know you're going to be.
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in when when. i don't i don't i don't. want. one of. those britney that's. going to.
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sit on your clothes or. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter dhabi you're watching the news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes stepping up its uranium enrichment iran will past the limits of the 2050 nuclear deal by monday morning.
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tens of thousands of protesters back on the streets of hong kong this time aiming their message that visitors arriving from mainland china. greeks vote in their 1st general election since the end of the financial bailout. and in sport the usa face the lens for the women's world cup title the defending champions are aiming to win their 4th a title will be live energy off for all the buildup. in a move likely to increase tensions between the u.s. and iran tehran is starting to enrich uranium to higher levels which will exceed the limits set under the 2050 nuclear deal the newly increased level still falls short of the amount required to create nuclear weapons to iran has also warned it will continue to scale down its commitments to the deal every 60 days however it
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says it's still open to talks with the european countries to try to save the agreement. that he has right now the sessions are being designed between the 4 plus one countries we're not in a hurry we don't need everything to be done in the next few days but we insist that we assess all solutions that might exist and talk about them joining us live here on the news hour my colleague daughter. is joining us from tehran what do you think happens next now. well it really is up to the europeans in the next 60 days but the iranians have said that they will move on to the 3rd phase of scaling back their commitment and that will most likely include the restarting of the iraq nuclear reactor the arraignments of said this is part of their commitment to the deal they're trying to say that by enacting these clauses within the nuclear agreement which enables them to scale back their
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commitment because they're not satisfied with how the europeans have upheld their end of the deal the deputy foreign minister that said today that diplomacy is not being abandoned they are merely trying to look out for their country's best interests we've also heard from iran's foreign minister zarif who tweeted that this is something the iranians are doing now but they can actually go back to the original agreement of 2015 as soon as the european countries become fully compliance with the agreement the issue here is that iran feels that it's on its own in this agreement since the united states withdrew from this deal last year and that the series of sanctions the u.s. has imposed on iran have actually helped back the european countries because iranians say they're being bullied by the u.s. government now the iranians have said that as of monday morning the i inspect or as inside iran will note that the u.n.
9:52 pm
human rich will go from 3.67 percent up they haven't specified to what level but they said it will increase now we have to wait and see how high they choose to go they haven't said but they said it will be based on the country's needs so for now it appears that a slight increase is possible and also another 60 days for the europeans to contemplate whether or not they want to stay within this deal but doing so why won't you run simply pull out of it of the original 2015 deal if it's so unhappy with the way the situation is evolving. well peer was a very interesting question because the iranians believe specifically this government of some rouhani was elected on this very promise the iranian government from the get go the president himself actually moved the portfolio of the nuclear agreement from the security national supreme security council of the country to the
9:53 pm
foreign ministry so he changed the who would be in charge of these negotiations and put the foreign ministers of odds are if in charge of it and this is what they promise for their 2nd term they've said that they can deliver this and it's really in their country's best interest economically it's a very different tone that is pretty assessor mahmoud ahmadinejad who was quite adamant that they don't need the international community or their investments in iran but since those hard a u.n. sanctions were imposed during the atoms in a job era they were honey government came into power promising that they would get those lifted they would deliver international money into the country to revive the economy in this process of trying to remove iran from the isolation that it experienced for so many years is something this government has said they will deliver and they're doing everything they can and in the end many here believe even though this wasn't a good deal to begin with it is better than absolutely no deal so that is why the
9:54 pm
iranians will do their best to stay in it for as long as possible thank you. well all sides say there is no need to trigger a thing called a dispute resolution mechanism of the iran nuclear deal so now so what is it well it can be triggered if any of the signatories finds another in breach of the original agreement negotiators from the e.u. china russia and iran would then have 15 days to resolve the issue if they can't foreign affairs ministers and get involved then an advisory board if still unresolved at that point the issue would be taken to the u.n. security council which could lead to what's known as a snap back sanctions being reimposed on iran france what nicolo is formally the french ambassador to tehran he says the u.s. president donald trump is desperate to present some success on the international front with a new iran nuclear deal. there is no more the image get dancing.
9:55 pm
to produce are born one needs a balk one tone of. lightly and reach your young to be of course further and rich to 90 percent of course and you are still very far very far from this quantity of your radio and there's no other of course another factor which would be really dense or would be that iran if iran expelled international nuclear inspectors. who are precisely controlling the nature of its program the extent of its program this is what north korea did in 2002 and this opened the way to the bomb but up to now are we have no signal in this direction coming from iran trump is not a man of war noise he wants to use fact basically he wants to fight a deal with iran on the on his own terms of all but this is what he wanted to
9:56 pm
specially are the is then trying the. electoral campaign you know for the next presidential election he would like very much to put a feather on his skull you know because he has to know he has no big success you know in the in international affairs know which i now know we're not and perhaps iran could be the 3rd in the solution and no way for him to present at least visible success. taliban fighters in afghanistan say they killed 8 security personnel in a car bomb explosion close to 200 injuries are being reported from the central province of cancelling the taliban say an intelligence gathering pace was the target. well that attack coincides with the beginning of 2 days of talks between taliban representatives and afghan society groups here in qatar the german government is mediating the talks which is separate to negotiations also in doha
9:57 pm
between the taliban and the united states the american envoy says quote substantial progress is being made to end the war in afghanistan al jazeera charlotte bellus is following those talks. well talks are underway here in doha the doors behind me there are 17 members of the taliban and more than 60 people have been flown in from afghanistan members of the government opposition civil society all meeting here in their personal capacity not professional capacity this is very much seen as an ice breaker where they get to know each other what their priorities are what their red lines are then they can move forward hopefully if these go well over the next 2 days into more formal negotiations with the afghan government and the taliban as part of almost a one year kind of peace process that the u.s. has started with the taliban they are primarily focused on a troop withdrawal and also guarantees from the taliban that afghan soil will not be used by groups such as al qaeda to plan or execute attacks of war smalling it's
9:58 pm
been very positive watching the members of the taliban and afghan delegation having coffee together tea sometimes laughing trying to find common ground on how to move forward now that is in stark contrast to what we have seen me this morning to the military factions of the afghan government and the taliban still very much a war you talk to the taliban to break concessions and they say that is the case until we have an agreement we are still at war that they tried to avoid civilian casualties in this and they were targeting an afghan intelligence unit they say you know if the government really does care about civilians that they should stop fighting so they are saying that this will continue until an agreement in this kind of forum in daraa is 6. protesters have returned to the streets of hong kong in their fight to have a controversial extradition bill scrapped this time around he's being held in kowloon where tens of thousands of marching towards the new train station which
9:59 pm
brings the territory to the chinese mainland organizers say they want to educate visitors from china about the struggle bryant has the latest from hong kong. they're truly proud of. people swamping the streets of calhoun district homecoming on this demonstration it several hours after the start of this march and the march is still going on the end of the march is the main terminus that tackle that hong kong to mainland china by high speed rail that is now completely surrounded by thousands of demonstrators thing the whole object of this march according to the organizers was to educate mainland visitors who often come to this part of hong kong to do a lot of market luxury shopping and so on is to tell them all about the extradition route we have seen a number of interactions between these protesters and also made on visitors that have been very good natured as they've been handing out leaflets to many of these
10:00 pm
day long visitors who for the most part of being good news to see such a sight of course hong kong is one of the only cities in china where you can hold demonstrations like this the mood has not been so polite towards the police they have kept a largely low profile but according to these protesters they want not just the complete withdrawal of this controversial extradition bill they also want to see an investigation of police tactics despite police denials that they've been using minimum force many of these protesters believe that police have been using excessive amounts of force against peaceful protesters and they want a full independent investigation. still to come before you here in the news hour including african leaders gathering in egypt to create a new way to trade also ahead we'll look at the dangers people desperate for a better life are facing on the mexico u.s. border. and there was haunt break for mohamed salah as hosts egypt to the africa cup of nations.


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