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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 7, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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there is a certain amount of tension between people here and the police but the many demonstrators are still accusing the police of using excessive amounts of force to do with previous protests the police deny that they say they have been quite restrained do what they've done but you are hearing chants of shame on the police etc one of the key demands is still that there is an independent investigation into police tactics that have been used against these protesters show all right cried live for us in hong kong rob thank you at least 12 people have been killed in the latest violence in afghanistan a car bomb went off in the central province of gosney 8 of those who died were afghan security personnel at least $179.00 civilians were also injured including children the taliban taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack as meetings on the country's future are taking place and qatar. the gathering in joe ha it is separate from the talks with the united states have been
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a part of those talks have been on hold for 2 days to try to accommodate this and traffic and talk around 60 afghan officials including politicians and women are sitting down with the taliban it's hoped the meeting will pave the way for peace across afghanistan charlie bell as it's following the talks. talks underway here in door of the doors behind me here delegation about 15 taliban members and more than 60 f.k.n. so flow women 1st intially borders and ice breaker between the groups as they try to find a roadmap of how to integrate the taliban and yes getting government into one that's part of the story of the thing going on nearly in between the americans and the taleban over the next 2 days they'll discuss what they part is they were fooled in and how to get these peace talks moving you will send the taleban have had the sivin thrones of talks this weekend or they have focused on a truce with fools and so that the telephone give to your wits assurances that they
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will essentially police afghans who will not allow. who attacks will against the lists in the global community so they are actually still working through those negotiations they've taken a 2 day break to allow the taliban to meet with the afghan government as they move forward hoping that within a matter of weeks this this who. wouldn't be more formal negotiations between the afghan government and the tunnel. so ahead on al jazeera afghan leaders gathering to share with the goal of creating the world's largest trading bloc. also how climate change nepal is forcing people to come up with new ways to cope.
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the web's sponsored by. and each of them need different levels of in breach ments right now we do have fuel of 20 percent but but all our concentration our focus is mainly on their fuel on the nuclear fuel for a war. polar plans. to weather sponsored by the time and ways for. the unrest in mali be stopped the situation is not easy you know no good or is not a magical and has the united nations failed to protect the people and help end the violence special representative of the un security general from ali mohamed salah hina deef talks to al-jazeera.
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watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories this hour iran says it will increase and reaching a trainee in levels in the next few hours as its deadline to the e.u. to save the 2015 deal ends on sunday tehran says it will begin scaling doubt commitments to the deal every 60 days but is still open for talks. the taliban is meeting with a delegation of afghans here and they're being mediated by germany and are separate to talks with the united states which have been put on hold for 2 days around 60 afghan officials are sitting down with the group including politicians and women.
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protesters are returning to the streets of hong kong and their fight to have a controversial forceful extradition bill bill that is scrapped this time around it's being held on a loan that has a mainly tourist area organizers say they want to educate visitors from china about the bill which could see people from hong kong sent to the mainland for trial. voting is underway in greece's general election the 1st since the end of the financial bailouts opinion polls are predicting a defeat for a far left prime minister likes to separatists is called an early election after a series of parties stinging loss in the european parliament elections in may a democracy leader at the top as has tipped to beat him. joins us live from app and so john the whole say that the new democracy the right wing party is likely to win but that party is the party that is mainly seen as being responsible for the financial crisis in the 1st place so why is that. it is largely
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responsible because it held in the years before the financial collapse in 2008 of well street banks which reverberations around the world and in 2009 it spent 36000000000 euros more than it raised in taxes and it took the government that that followed the socialist government that followed for years to actually eliminate that deficit and balance the budget but greeks have punished the socialists more than the conservatives for 2 reasons firstly because the socialists have held power far far longer than the conservatives have done in the last 40 years and people remember that they too ran very high deficits even though they didn't run the highest ones that came just before the financial collapse and secondly because the conservatives didn't have an effective rival that was actively pursuing the voters the way the socialists did and that's effective rival for the socialists was of
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course cities which went from controlling 4 and a half percent of the popular vote to 36 percent it did that largely by filching socialist poses by simply taking their voter base over and has largely held on to that base to very good as it stands now the one and only in any case so. that is why that is why the conservatives are in a position to come back they fell from the mid forty's in terms of popular votes to the high twenty's but then they were in a position to rebound the socialist went from the mid forty's to 6 or 7 percent today they are not to cvs as a party capable of winning power again. live on the elections their nap and thank you that is advanced military says he will protect an employment a power sharing deal with the opposition general abdel fatah says it's time to rebuild the nation after months of violence and upheaval we go to. the 5th
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of july agreement with freedom and change and other powers is considered a win win situation and we are now late inning the way of the revolution because we will be seeing different practices in our country against corruption and against racism and against the dignity of the citizen and the honorable people of sudan we are now starting a phase of building a new sudan where everyone will face a transparent procedure and the law will be above everyone afghan leaders are in is shared to put the finishing touches on what's planned to be the world's largest free trade zone and it's up and running it'll bring all $55.00 members of the african union into a single market while over a 1000000000 people i've met interest reports from the capital. stepped up security in the heart of the capital underlining the growing concerns not only here in the sahara region of africa but in many other parts of the continent. from north to south east to west and in the hurt of africa to government struggling to contain
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communal clashes and violent extremism. african leaders hope the new free trade deal is the answer to help reduce the poverty that helps fuel the fighting. experts say an african common market will come with additional risks that as national organized crime criminals could take advantage of this free movement you know to floor from one country to another and that is to just is or to perpetrate the nefarious activities so definitely do looking for the for the chink in the armor you looking for the weak link in the countries do not have you know security architecture that at some countries risk becoming safe heaven for you know terrorist or criminal or organized criminals governments say they're working to stop that from happening. we have decided to escalate our security approach in dealing with these attacks and violence so that's africa union will come in and
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take charge. this way the cell region will be safer and all the flashpoints can be contained in the solved by africans themselves. leaders from a police $53.00 of the continent's $55.00 countries do here to rectify the deal that could be implemented as early as next year. the african continental free trade agreement is expected to create the world's largest single market the continent is home to one and a quarter 1000000000 africans leaders hope that the free trade agreement will help create jobs and striking a growth but it's not clear whether investors will look at internal strife in many african countries and bring in the much needed capital to boost production of goods and services. african entrepreneurs say the agreement could be the answer to the continent's many problems but the truth is we do have change. with educated kind of returns on investment to get in so you are confident the investors will come and
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come to visit we need to. call them what's going to develop all this new government create jobs i live in poverty there are also fears that corruption and weak in force might get some countries could model success of what's being billed as a historic free trade agreement but you crease al-jazeera. does share. in the sri lankan city a can they are closing their shops in fear of violence by buddhists this comes as thousands of buddhist monks are gathering to decide who to back in the presidential election in december a gathering is called by the head of the buddhist national group a do so law center who's been accused of inciting violence against muslims the city has seen a spate of anti muslim riots in recent weeks following the easter sunday bombings which killed $258.00 people and all fernandez joins us now from candy so what is the mood there in l. . in the sort of
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broader part of the city a people are sort of watching to see how the dea actually pans out you know there had been indications that this big conference basically this buddhist conference called by the head of the poor the brother of the venerable god to gadhafi in a sort of hero that he might cause tensions you had was intruders for example in the city that have quite a big presence talking of closing shops to just avoid any unnecessary confronting a sions of course the b.b.s. had said that it was unnecessary it was just scare mongering that they were just coming together for this big conference or show but people are just waiting to see how things go the i think you would be atmosphere on the streets pretty much normal there is a slight increase in the level of policing that we saw as we did a number of circuits around the city and around the town but no major tensions at
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this stage as you can see behind me lots of people of good as priests as well as other this coming in for this conference which will start in a short while from now and basically aiming to see what happens at this conference or show so how's the government responded up. so far they've been keeping an eye on the situation as i said there has been a slight step up in the level of policing on the streets on street corners indeed on our way here to the stadium in candy where this conference is taking place we did see. sort of groups of police personnel but it's not a sort of a huge or a cloying presence we didn't see for example riot squads we did we didn't see special task force it's very much a sort of a police operation they are keeping an eye on the situation but in terms of
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a sort of a heavy handed approach for security at this stage obviously feel that a sort of a heavy hand is not needed obviously where the bosom traders association is concerned of the muslims around this sort of city there is some concern having seen the kind of violent outbreaks in the past but so far we're seeing things pretty much come and being kept under control which are the financials and candy there thank you. a migrant rescue boat defied italian authorities and docked an island of lampedusa has been impounded alex was carrying more than 40 people who'd been saved near libya the coast of libya on friday malta offered to accept the migrants went into labor fuz but the crew said it was too far to travel a spokesperson for the mediterranean charity says it has a responsibility to help the migrants and refugees and. the more you know if
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there's no one in that sea they die such a small dinghy johnson even gets spotted by the right they were lucky to phone hotline shortly before. and so the remains of the ship broke if there is no one in the sea no one can tell the story the idea is to eliminate even the witnesses so it should be able to say that in libya there is no rule that everything is fine and that we don't have any. we can't give up and think about not being here we will try with any means always with deep respect for our constitutional values and international treaties so the brazilian brazilian musician known as the father of the bossa nova has died at his home in rio de janeiro. belcher was 88 years old. was a global hit in 1964
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a truck from his multi-million selling grammy award winning album and helped popularize the fusion of samba and jazz which became known as the bossa nova sound a largest say that he's left a huge musical legacy farming near the highest mountains in the world has never been easy and climate change is making it even more difficult as mistrusts the reports from nepal villagers are having to come up with innovative ways to grow their crops because of a lack of water. there is a drought here in garbage district but culture basically doesn't seem to be suffering this canopy of green has been made possible because people here have changed the way they've harmed. the village tap runs only for a few hours a day coming at the mills and i says the farmers don't waste any water every drop is trained to do this pool for their crops. as the temperatures have risen so to have the number of pairs i mean have any. earlier we want over there and
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we would literally spray the village with chemicals these are much better. she is referring to the eco friendly compost she uses now gone are the chemicals that once made her body ache and gave her headaches i did a few years ago these streams were a constant source of water now it's just a trickle the springs that feed into these streams have all but dried up people here say the monsoon rain patterns have changed the rain still come but they're now followed by long periods of drought at the international center for integrated mental development easy mode climate change scientists on back the stretch to says people across the region should prepare for disasters caused by a changing climate this includes prolonged period of drought intercepted by floods from intense monsoons for others it could bring floods from the accelerator di smells of the himalayan glaciers listen this is also to go through this the picture
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. later in 2016 nearly 200 nations signed the paris accord that seeks to limit any average global temperature rise to one and a half degrees celsius. but even if that goal is met scientists predict that by the year 2100 at least one 3rd of the glaciers in the region will have melted managing those extremes so that's going to be the most important factor. in the future decision for now the farmers of this village are coping but they don't know for how long swedish russia topic district and. got the headlines for anyone else 0 iran plans to raise its level of iranian enrichment in the next few hours that would be
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a breach to the limits set in the 2015 nuclear deal tehran says it will begin scaling back on its commitments to the deal every 60 days that insists it is still open to talks and bruised on me tell us what we are going to announce that we are not committed to the level of the in breach meant. a letter was sent to. me in which we have. mentioned that they ought to cause deadlines of the deal that you're not going to be committed to any longer and again we are going to give another 60 days time and i would like to also explain that the process for decreasing the commitment of iran is actually in order to protect the nuclear did the taliban is meeting with a delegation of afghans here and doha they are being mediated by germany and are separate to talks with the united states which has been put on hold for 2 days
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around 60 afghan officials are sitting down with the group including politicians and women. protesters have returned to the streets of hong kong in their fight to have a controversial extradition bill scraps organizers say they want to educate visitors about the bill which would see people from hong kong sent to china for trial. voting is underway in greece's general election the 1st since the end of the financial bailouts opinion polls are predicting a defeat for a left wing prime minister alexis tsipras he called an early election after a series of parties stinging loss in the european parliament elections in may democracy leaders to beat him. in the sri lankan city of candy are closing their shops and fear of violence by brutus this comes as thousands of buddhist monks are gathering to decide who to back in the presidential election in december the city has seen a spate of anti muslim riots in recent weeks following the easter sunday bombings which killed 258 people are the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera we have
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another bolt on the top of the hour in the meantime talk to al-jazeera is next. on counting the costs 3 decades after the collapse of the soviet union russia is gauging with africa to raise its political clout and we look at the economics behind senecas decision to buy the s 435 stealth bomber counting the cost on a just. see. this is the headquarters of the u.n. mission in mali also known as. the un security council has called on the mission to change its priority focusing on the peace agreement and helping the states reestablish its control over the center of the country it's a mission facing unprecedented challenges caught in the middle of an unfolding spiral of violence edging closer to the capital it's
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a sequence of violence that took off shortly after the fall of the regime in libya in 2011 since then armed groups and weapons have entered the country from the north intersecting with already existing tensions between groups of different ethnic and religious belongings. today the head of the mission mohammad ali we talked to al jazeera. i. thank you for talking to al-jazeera now you are the special representative of the secretary general the chief of mission of the u.n. stabilizing force and peacekeeping mission here known as. its mandate is expected to run out at the end of this month and it's a mission like no other costing a $1000000000.00 i'm not even talking about the numbers of soldiers that are here but also because of the number of deaths the number of peacekeepers that have died
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it's the deadliest so far in u.n. peacekeeping history not only that there's also a lot of death from the civilian side why is there so many people dying in mali. for the last richard thanks. to deploy. our look at possible due north of the mahdi probably 2. or so you know. to deploy you. to beat. this study just won't do monday particularly monday. a day. or more. or is there truth to deploy it doesn't it will pollute literally just stand on going on the market activities or the book by little buddhist practice it will see
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little peek under the rock critic that is it will see bodily traffic on bitter human block would vision the part of the very little that i was hit by lou might be a lesion livestream ontologies liz i share buddhism in a vettel american voice don't let me show also true very good image on the up at amazon dot delete quantum a little to clean up but and one that didn't want to let the topic under the rope get him on that distributed us feel it of course you just wrote when you would do molly had acted as if you've been there too little beast if he will do you elect to conduct it easy or miss your lap or you meditate yet for the last you lost all contexta do not miss your dyment in the lap it shot of the last i believe it the logical c.s. almighty do you think that this mission has succeeded in bringing stability to molly. no. from the cellar scene if it but
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it were not a. comet it deliberately and damaged it is. is to to learn nor to learn or it difficult to do monday will be good after all i mean his mom knew close to your. amp the loose should demand a lot of the money so don't. be so short about when you vote do not. say nuke you don't. let me just give us your piece that even need a dollar and a lot of money to nuke it on a secular force that defines a 2nd to be said it deployed when you would do is to get us on the buzz of free will is in excess of the rules on the board from just going off on ovals a few lockport total lap. still. in those us you don't list the limeys are no difficulty it's true that you've managed
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to bring back some form of stability in the north of the country and there are many european peacekeeping forces or european soldiers involved in the north notably the french with their bark on operation but also the dutch the germans the dutch that are leaving soon is the security of europe contingent on the stability of mali in the silence as a whole is that why there are so many european soldiers here. or little to lose from their vote and more men are. a little. different here too are the terrorists going to be little restored or d.v.m. . or sort of be. mourned the loss of war sicko on the. data meaning. meek iraq on cd this collision supposedly. cision if you wanted to defend you were
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to do more and more yeah yeah. then i had. key you diffuse the local rep name. in for. us you're not supposed to solve walk. support do you. suppose someone in the audience on the bus on there or on to secure the be. sure to do we could get more lists ahead in the given need and not meet there. since i have. seen his autopia lives altarpiece us. to freak out when he would decide. if you don't mark want.
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to do more. for side you. love and i'm not up. to some. deep said site is condemned by the rest of the. government you mention these groups like the group the islamic state in the greater sahara and. the mean groups that didn't exist when the algiers accord was signed don't you think that these records are a little bit obsolete. in a court of the senate law court of the war visits the bill is eliminated. year
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by year if. politics or video. or song elicit clique support for. community international dance formal samba and uk or. us are not support i'm in. or just going to shush a little duties to. set the record. but. let me start your bus to deploy you only would do sample. of one part of to. secure. to shift the lip of what i wanted to shouted at did it work exist the bar in authorities developed. the enormous alarm. system our.
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mum around placidly said. mom is it in me. or. to be in for lizzie did our. minister us or was it deployed not too late to work. in this area deployed. plus what you set up really iraq. is a dump that i'm different. a year. on my own part of our community and i'm not going to say it's only daddy's if but then also do you see. the one time you need to listen head.
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in. the conflict is changing and we've seen an increase in into communal violence don't go on fighting for lonnie's and phalanges targeting doggoned villages now the villagers that we spoke to say they've called for help. from they called for help for the 1000000 security forces but also to the main newspaper forces they say that only 24 hours after the attack did they see peacekeeping forces on the ground have you failed your mission to protect the civilian population there. and under the law protection doocy or civil or civil way live monday let me just mark. this to newport illinois. if you want i mean any prosecutor passed on or was subject to far in the city yet come to. a palace and after dinner or it don't do you
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could depart and i mean respond of it by munda when you would you sample set apart to do a party if they're. going to solve all in wonder some deploy you when you would you do something. wrong are federal but i buy it would be. food said deploy some event get her by the dessert was a week. before connect a look on tax for corn at the memory lives you'll get a few dollars on back before. this if you deploy elite there are. little recent innocent by design products it was on so you're more sooky you so fully. are wonderful what a fair bit i still. don't want that i'm articulate on d.s.
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in. it for coming d. i'm not greedy or force a difference in my len none at $1.00 price for somalians up your love for the money in your pocket. and. it would be a desert dipper where you. you know lou just put up of a lot of friends in that community and if not you know show sponsors is a proxy for little reply said the context from your local bar on them so you know i mean it's mob for my antibiotics and mine for following you would you solve did you know that there was chances or risk of intercommunal violence before it took place in the village of the with the go in the early month of march or late february were you aware that there could be some violence there if you had a few you'll see in the lose of all lot of you need to drop the lawn keep an kitty .


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