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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 4, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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at least 6 people have died and over 190 others have been injured after a strong tornado hit northeast china's the our neighboring province the tornado struck the city of rampaging through an industrial park before moving further south dozens of factories were destroyed and some residential areas were also heavily damaged the city government said about $120.00 people have been rescued from the area. and now hong kong police have arrested 12 people over violence which broke out during protests on monday prohibiting politicians there say it could cost around $1300000.00 to repair the legislature building which was ransacked a special task force has been set up to look into the mass protests most of which were peaceful they were triggered by a controversial bill which would allow extradition to mainland china. now still ahead on al-jazeera the 4th of july usually unites america but we'll tell you why this year's celebration is dividing opinion. and a fragile ecosystem and
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a way of life under threat why the future of one of the world's biggest mangrove forests is more uncertain than ever. hello again it's good to have you back well across all of our we are looking at fairly dry conditions across much of the area really not much in terms of clouds here on our satellite you really have to go out here towards the east into india to really see any clouds that will be affecting anyone but for crouchie we do expect to see a partly cloudy day for you at $34.00 degrees in parts of quite city though you are coming down even though there's a very warm temperature of 46 earlier in the week you are seeing about 48 to 49 degrees there so a little bit of a break for you to the north though across the caspian we could see some coastal rain and from that means about $32.00 degrees there here across the gulf
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unfortunately over the next few days humanity will be an issue we were so dry over the last few days but that is now ending for doha it's going to feel quite uncomfortable with a temperature of 42 degrees at about 39 and we do expect to see some clouds in your forecast maybe a little drizzle too with a temperature of 30 degrees and then very quickly as we make our way down here across parts of southern africa we do have one funnel boundary that is making its way towards cape town so by thursday evening into friday maybe that here front will be pushing through causing some winds as well as rain there but durban is going to be a nice day at about 22 degrees johannesburg at 18 and harare at about 23 for you. we want to go to 3. homes with. one of those 6000000000.
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there's no any more because there's always a. good will. be. privatized the old public don't trust your shadow on al-jazeera. hello again i'm. reminded about top stories the un security council has failed to agree on how to respond to the bombing of a migrant detention center in libya that killed at least 44 people who are cliff i have to has denied allegations by the tripoli government that his forces are responsible. north korea has accused the united states of being hell bent on
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hostility and obsessed with sanctions that comes just days after a landmark meeting between donald trump and kim jong un in north korea. and south korea is threatening to hit back against japan's new trade restrictions on materials used to make smartphones and other high tech gear it's now feared that a dispute which began over compensation korean labor is forced to work in imperial japan could evolve into a trade fight. for more now on our top story libya which has been in chaos since a long time ridden woman gadhafi was overthrown in 2011 it's divided between warring miller. which mostly back to rival governments the un recognized administration led by a prime minister of iraq is based in tripoli it's supported by techie and most western nations in tooting itany which is worried that the fighting in tripoli will force more people to cross the mediterranean and the east that is the to book based
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government the center of power for war khalifa haftar he's backed by egypt saudi arabia russia and the united arab emirates province is also accused of providing military support to his forces now rob reynolds takes us through the un security council's emergency meeting on the attack in tripoli that killed $44.00 people the security council met for more than 3 hours on wednesday discussing the airstrike on the detention center on the outskirts of tripoli but they were unable to reach any conclusion on whether to take action and in fact unable even to issue a joint statement here is the president of the of the security council the proview and ambassador gustava mates quadro. i think that these guys from sweating in what seemed really good terms in the combinational well. he knows. that
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the key now and the. compound were there were few d's and many migrants and we all condemn that we haven't agree or now and then are meant for their brains maybe we'll have to stay made by 2 we are still discussing it earlier secretary general young tonio good generous decried the events in tripoli in strong terms saying it was a horrific act and saying that he himself was outraged by it he called for an independent investigation good terrorist also noted that the un had some time ago advised all of the belligerents in libya of the exact coordinates of the detention center housing those refugees and migrants in an effort to make sure that this type of event did not take place by accident he wants to have an
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independent investigation now that will be in the hands of the government in libya that is recognized by the united nations it's worth noting that embassador maser quadro so there could be some statement coming out later at an unspecified time also the u.n. is a security council is expected to take up the issue of libya again but not until july 29th now another mass grave has been uncovered near the syrian city of rocket the former headquarters of i sell our correspondents anahata has more from beirut and i bring that up. mass graves continue to be a nurse in the syrian city used to be the defacto capital of ice still the armed group was defeated almost 2 years ago but the bodies continue to be it is a painstaking and challenging process but these mass graves hold answers
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thousands of people went missing during isis rule families still looking for their loved ones many of these people were either imprisoned or executed so far nearly 5000 bodies have been exuma in recent months a few 100 of them have been identified in the latest mass graves discovered what we understand is that there are a number of bodies belonging to men who were wearing orange jumpsuits it is not clear if these were people who were beheaded in those infamous videos that i sold release be heading their prisoners among them were foreigners many of the foreigners being held by eisel their bodies were never recovered and there are still foreigners whose fate is still unknown so these mass graves really hold the answers but it is a painstaking task and local officials are not receiving much help from outside.
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mexico's national guard has been deployed to the southern border with guatemala for the 1st time as part of a deal with the u.s. to curb the flow of migrants about 120 central american and bangladeshi migrants have already been detained according to local media mexico agreed to deploy its security forces to the border after the u.s. threatened to impose tariffs president donald trump has since praised mexico's efforts to stop undocumented migrants from reaching the u.s. meanwhile hundreds of federal police officers in mexico have protested against plans for them to join the national guard they say their bosses have threatened to fire them if they reject the transfer even though it means losing seniority benefits and getting a pay cut but president under its manual workers obrador says no officers have been dismissed and that the 10000 who have joined so far did so voluntarily well donald trump's key campaign promise of building a wall along its border with mexico has now here's
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a major setback an appeals court has upheld a ruling that blocks the white house from using $2500000000.00 from the defense budget for the project trump a declared a national emergency to justify the move after congress denied him the funds. well it's usually a day for picnics and the pocket of fire wax but for residents of the u.s. capitol of this 4th of july independence celebration will be a different president on triumph is putting himself front and center along with a display of minute train light critics say he's hijacking the day for political gain has he called hand has more from washington. this is not normal this is not something people usually pass in the nation's capital now the sight of tanks and assorted military equipment here for a celebration created by u.s. president donald trump. on thursday there will be fly overs of some of the country's most sophisticated planes and the president will break with what has been
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routine and he will speak in washington as the country celebrates its independence taking part in an annual celebration that almost all modern presidents have avoided afraid it would appear they were putting the spotlight not on the country but its leader. but ever since he witnessed this in france and 2017 trampas wanted his own parade he tried before but when it came out that it would cost $90000000.00 he changed his mind but the desire didn't go away so now this on the 4th of july and this time no one will say how much it will cost taxpayers it is starting without precedent professor allan lichtman says it's not just breaking precedent that concerns him it's the broader message he sees the president sending trump has learned a big lesson that there are no consequences for anything that he does no matter how outrageous we have a democratic party with absolutely no spine that has done virtually nothing to
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check the excesses of donald trump it's also controversial because for the 1st time the republican party is handing out tickets to the event this is a public event it's open to the public the public is welcome to calm and celebrate our great cause. the greatest democracy the constitution all the members not just the 1st amendment seems to only interest you only it is true it is open to the public they can attend back there but this is the v.i.p. section the republican party is giving out many of the tickets to their top donors and fundraisers. and the president is promising a speech that will promote what he's done as president if that happens it will be seen as politicizing what has always been a nonpolitical holiday. that will be as controversial as rolling military equipment onto the streets of d.c. but this is a president who doesn't mind upset in the norms especially if it is unlikely to cost him support with his base. al-jazeera washington. now israel has
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returned several boats had confiscated from palestinian fishermen in gaza the government was ordered to do so after a long legal battle with rights groups he said the boats were seized illegally about us and reports from gaza. this is one of dozens of boats which the israelis confiscated from gaza fishermen it's here because back in may an israeli court said that the boat should be returned this one had to come back by land because it's so badly damaged it can float the owner says he's going to need about $70000.00 to repair it. 13 families worked on this boat everyone ended up without a job if we can rebuild the boat we can fish again and we can repair loans to get the boat repaired and ready for fishing needs thousands of dollars confirmation that the boats were going to be returned came in as part of an agreement was reached at the end of june in the agreement hamas said it was going to stop people in gaza flying balloons carrying incendiary devices over the border into israel and
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it said it would also control the protests that it really happening at the border every friday as part of what's called a march of return for its part israel said that it would continue to allow fuel into gaza for gaza's only power station and it would extend the fishing limits for gaza fishermen and it would return the boats since that agreement in june the protest on the gaza border how things quiet. truces and cease fires and agreements like this can be very fragile particularly in this region people on the israeli side of the border as well as the gaza side of the border are waiting to see if this if it holds they may have gotten their boats back but now the final of the palestine football cup has been postponed after israel denied gaza based players permits to travel to the occupied west bank the competition has faced problems problems with permits for years palestinian activists are acute. in feet for the
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world football body of failing to follow its own rules by not taking action. with the group preparations for the final. rejection as it didn't by the occupation. the race of deforestation and brazil's portion of the amazon rain forest soared by more than 88 percent in june compared to the same month last year about 920 square kilometers of the world's biggest rain forest have been destroyed brazil's new president diable scenario has adopted policies that make it easier for companies to convert the amazon into profitable farmland the move has been denounced by environmentalists world wide who see the rainforest as vital in the fight against climate change and now the future of world heritage sites is being discussed in azerbaijan at the annual meeting of the un's cultural and scientific agency unesco a 3rd of the $166.00 sites are considered to be under threat they include the
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mangrove forest in bangladesh it's facing several dangers both natural and manmade . reports. a complex network of waterways mudflats and islands makes the sunderbans unique one of the world's largest mangrove forests forms a natural wall protecting both bangladesh and neighboring india as well as nearly 4000000 people to live near the coast. the defects of climate change and industrialisation to becoming increasingly visible but millions of fisherman and women seem howlett relies on the sunderbans for his livelihood but fears that could end soon much of bangladesh is less than 5 metres above sea level and global warming is causing sea levels to rise further the mangroves face various threats such as pollution and changing levels of salinity cyclons in the building of a new power plant or additional dangers. we're dependent on the sunderbans so we'll
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be the ones most impacted by the harmful effects of a coal fired power plant they'll stop us from entering the mangroves to catch fish or collect honey. fatema back and also relies on fish in the mangroves to feed her family as well the older the latter the last one how will the sun the past people live if the fish are gone we're already struggling to survive there are few afficionado last year. run power power plant is a joint venture between india and bangladesh the bangladeshi government says the one and a half $1000000000.00 project poses no threat to the sunderbans environmentalist's disagree. sources for energy rather than. we have to really explore all the options. for some villages a power station nearby could transform their lives with a bag of his life is
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a daily struggle that says it could be easier if i had electricity what the numbers as a limit would be about and the 1st problem is my children can't. in the dark the 2nd is the hassle of cooking on firewood especially during the unbearable hot summer we need electricity you know this is the sunderbans home to endangered tigers and hundreds of other animals and rare plants is of universal importance with its own unique ecosystem scientists and many others say it's vital that it isn't destroyed victoria gayton be al-jazeera. hello imus. and these are the top stories the un security council has failed to agree on how to respond to an attack on a migrant detention center in libya that killed at least 44 people there are reports that u.s. diplomats refuse to approve a joint statement proposed by the u.k.
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without having further consultations with the white house earlier the un's libyan national said the attack could constitute a war crime the government in tripoli is blaming war after. the ministry of interior for the government of national accord denounces the horrible crime that's been committed against a detention center for illegal migrants into giora that took place last night carried out by criminal aircraft this is a definite crime in every respect which has led to a humanitarian tragedy the interior ministry affirms that it will take legal measures to pursue and catch the war criminals both domestically and internationally now. we were surprised to see the false claims that the migrant camp was targeted the syria houses no migrants and no libyan civilians lot. of the weapons supply coming from misrata came through this point therefore we destroyed a legitimate target of our enemy. if the claims are true they brought those illegal
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migrants to that area on purpose therefore we are innocent it was a legitimate target and 17 minutes later the micro. that was destroyed 17 minutes later. north korea is accusing the united states of being hell bent on hostility towards it and of being obsessed with sanctions it's a big change from just days ago when donald trump became the 1st sitting u.s. president to visit north korea and south korea is threatening to hit back against japan's new trade restrictions on the tiriel used to make smartphones and other high tech gear it's now feared that a dispute which began over compensation korean labor is forced to work in imperial japan could evolve into a trade fight and talks have resumed between sudan's opposition and the ruling military junta on transferring power to a civilian led government the opposition had said it would only restart negotiations once certain conditions were met including an investigation into the
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killing of protesters all those are the headlines the news continues here after witness stay with us. they wanted 43000000000 pounds worth of weaponry that was 6000000000 pounds in commission. there is no hope of ending war because there's always a small cobbles people for really really good misfits. in essence we in the united states have privatized the old too much public function more shadow while on al-jazeera.
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it's so. true that we must. be a false gospel based on the shah rukh's yeah may be a sunday sunroofs body think there's a problem in the massive debt you. should . face one day some funding comes from a strong. reason. so based on a shrewd as the name one of which i record and play regularly going into the regular news it is really going to shape my life from a very young age and you know it it may come from jamaica but i feel that. it talks about justice equality and talks about colonialism are great in music has
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a message that's that's deeply relevant in today's world and especially for india i think and there's. this kind of all out right wing assault on our freedom to oss questions and generally all freedom of expression and people you know are being targets in their students teachers activists filmmaker that's right since. i've been targeted most all of them have been intimidated it's on the arrested and people on the streets. protesting this reached our doorstep sort of in whichever way you know i'd like i'd like to attempts to contribute something to this. he let me. say i. think it's an endearing play needed to speak.
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if you can be a part of the struggles which are happening in the country what the meaning of artistic production meaning is to try to bring people together to be a voice organ off off to people. 7 if you're playing the people's music you have to find a few people and it's always what i dreamt of pride i was frustrated with what i'm doing always i dreamt of it i know what a song to sing when i don't want to dance and i know it can energize people make me feel empowered you know these are things that should not only happen if i can meet music venue and this sort of i would in my views this is something which i want to
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be able to contribute to it you know. the real protest space that i think is a space for this can be all bad and. so when forced or dressed in frustration it was to go back to the heart already know that it just sounds of skin color. and softness sometime not just the stack of speakers sound systems traditionally have been a way to take things in your own hands and to find ways to take music straight to people and literally i've been wanting to build a sound system ever since i started playing records records most of my life. sound systems i expensive and you can buy them ready made you have to build it yourself so with a mix of crowdfunding and i was born money me and my partner some of us started building own systems and it takes a lot of knowledge and experience to build its own system we were lucky to find a sound engineer to help us build all those. and see what it sounds like.
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and i saw a picture of you can you hear me that will talk to all of this is a this is the real deal and i'm getting a big vinyl so i can take it across the country oh ok. well it's having some way to play it that's the biggest that's the biggest thing is finding some way to actually turn it down. because it's loud i. remember coming for you it's probably easier i say this is sound. and then the other one coming out is yeah. one child should get the channels running but why do you feel the need to explain all this stuff like is important to understand because if you string out wrong things will come back. to you for my.
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taste. of course when you can get somebody with this man's record and music doesn't come up nobody riots. and it's so real it's that suddenly you're something that starts as an idea suddenly becomes a reality and it's a damn physical system that you're on top of imagine this a green set up in different places setting it up people coming and go it's this you know i meant going to is from. bending the generals exactly will all the sensitivities not number one in any of them would listen ms phillips and write the same as well as the 4th time and they after the game share knowledge of the people who are the moose and they get to lead the most tricky because there are bugs in the phone and i would simply make it so i'm not even sure i want it to be a success because if it does then back to me more on trumpet student. because
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they've been vicks to it just as a mother and i as a human being. well those are the consumer. confidence that all apologies to everyone trying to sleep in bed cash games and the rest of the final 10 more minutes on you is it right about now because like this. honoring the pollution or a from. revolution the road to work. it's a long shot i mean john isn't all that lies before us is where are we going to land i want people going to react you know how are people going to react if i take the system to a protest space or to
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a street corner and now people are going to let loose and dance with us and get it or people are going to be like yo you know. be dismissive of dr who says privileged guy playing this foreign sounding music i mean of course that's a feeling you want people to connect to a few doing a song probably lucky. one. so we continue to trust that i don't operate the system and he played a gig to launch a. loft i want to call from my old university and. bring the system then to support their comrades were on hunger strike.
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it's. just that one little bit. of this is a good deal it's a mismatch if you listen. and so it doesn't make sense to. you get it you know in order to keep. i thought i. know you're nervous man i mean don't you always nervous because you want to be relevant and you want to be able to communicate and create meaning you know. you never nor you know what i want to or sometimes do want to let you know how can you not think you're making music here and i can't i've been doing this my life i love it but you think i'm a i mean don't you know. this is really going on bit of anything if there's no music and they're going to get it which in effect. and for business supposed to be the new lives of people so it's important that these
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kind of things these kind of mediums these kind of what is this going to music. to them and they do a lot of and they think that. was . that. was. he. saw. this in he was hot i don't want to find that those. are not. finally we have here. this is something we've all done it took us almost one year we finished last month . 3 nights on the paper you revolutionary songs on the
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fall asleep you shall kill me from. this morning's hour on holiday strike against this i'm sorry. continue and in the beginning when i started playing that actually awesome you want to sit down which i didn't want so i'm playing records and i have seen of people like sitting on the ground looking at the expectancy which made me very uncomfortable 9 hours and it wasn't working in quite the way that i want because the one i'm dancing at people don't look at me look at each other and join something not so long.
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yes let me go here this. bridge should not use a real you don't have to watch or they are not here with the pattern i want to read reasons other than his again not really. jumping on this list game. for deal with. such a. good. time of the month at all. i've just been. there is this room for music.


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