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china's government condemns the actions of protesters in hong kong a day off the hundreds of demonstrators stormed the city's legislature. and i'm down in jordan this is down to 0 in life and also coming up. nothing is more important than the rule of law in hong kong. chief executive carried condemns the violence and defends the police response. the un's nuclear watchdog confirms that iran is in reaching mon to rein in the agreed to u.s. president donald trump says it's playing. and we'll tell you about
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a foreign invader that's choking. a motorway. china's government has condemned the actions of protesters in hong kong a day off to hundreds of demonstrators stormed the city's legislative council monday's violence left baby scattered all over the building used tear gas to clear the area after windows were smashed and graffiti sprayed on its walls all this on the day the government held ceremonies 22 years since the end of british rule and hundreds of thousands joined a peaceful march for hong kong's lead that carried down condemned the actions of protesters stormed the council building on monday evening. the extreme use. and vandalism by protesters who stormed into the legislative council building over a period of time so this is something that we should seriously come down because
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nothing is more important than the rule of law in hong kong so i hope community. will agree with us that with these violent acts that we have seen it is right for us to condemn it on hong kong's police chief justified the temporary retreat which some say creates a gap for protesters to storm the council building. we found that there were some protests tampering with the electricity box and we find that some of the lights have gone out. and in fear of. that the protest while charging someone turned off the like i'm afraid that there will be people stepping people there were already a toxic powder. attack on my office in the afternoon so without knowing whether this is toxic. tech we have no other choice
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but to temporarily retreat from that cold well sarah clarke is standing by for us in hong kong will also be live in beijing with our correspondent katrina you for the latest reaction from china but 1st when hate takes a look back at how monday's events unfolded. after another day of protests in hong kong police ran out of patience with tear gas and battens they moved in to clear the area around the legislative council hong kong's parliament it's become the focal point of anti-government rallies over the past 3 weeks because protesters believe it's now largely controlled by mainland china this time they had little choice but to flee and quickly disappeared into the nights. the catalyst for the police action was a decision by the protesters to seize control of the legislative council after hours of smashing windows and doors they went inside vandalizing the building as
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they went after several protests over the past 3 weeks some of them turning violent clashes between protesters and police this group was able to force its way into the debating chamber in the legislative council facing very little resistance along the way they say they had no choice but to escalate the situation after becoming frustrated that the government wasn't listening to them at the. for many years and many young people. they didn't expect that it took so long for the government. to respond there are rallies every year on july the 1st which is the day 22 years ago that hong kong was handed back to china by great britain but there were a bunch of large numbers this year because of a proposed extradition law it would allow suspects in criminal cases to be sent to mainland china to face trial in the justice system that critics say is deeply flawed. the bill has been suspended but opponents want it scrapped altogether and
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the resignation of hong kong's chief executive who spoke earlier on monday at a ceremony to mark the anniversary of long gun your 1st incident that happened in recent months has led to control of the free and disputes between the public and the government this has made me fully realize that i as a politician i have to remind myself all the time the need to cross a public event missing accurately the system agreed between great britain and china 22 years ago was one country 2 systems for 50 years but protesters believe that deal is being pushed aside by kerry lamb and 2 governments who they say are increasingly being dictated to by beijing. soon after police moved into the latest rally it was over the streets in the legislative council empty their defiance dispersed but they left their mark on what's supposed to be the center of power in hong kong they will no doubt be repercussions but they're vowing to continue
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a fight that they say has become about much more than a proposed law it's about the future of the city wayne hay al jazeera hong kong well let's talk to katrina you now who's in the chinese capital beijing katrina's all who have officials been saying about events in hong kong and is the chinese government like has said any action at all. well so far we haven't heard any official response from the foreign ministry waiting for that at this afternoon's press conference they're likely to give some sort of official response but we are starting to see more state media reports come come out and be broadcast about the events last night and specifically we had one report on c.c.t.v. which is the state broadcaster here say that yesterday was and undisguised challenge to the one country 2 systems policies are basically the turning the blame around and saying look it's the people in hong kong who want living up to their promise of of protecting hong kong's autonomy now their report that they subsequently showed
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on t.v. had very different pictures to what we've been showing for the past few hours on al-jazeera rather than focusing on the graffiti the vandalism the young people these pictures instead focused on carry lamb in her condemnation of this of this protest or condemnation of the violence and also they focused on a representative from hong kong police who actually said that these protesters many of them are in fact probably guilty of crimes and that they will be punished for these crimes he also emphasizes how many palm kong police have been put in hospital about a dozen or so because of the protests last night so very much what they're trying to do is is dismiss the acts of these protesters of as a violent mobs as a as young people who are really taking out their rage and not really following any sort of clear direction and really just causing reading havoc and causing damage so that's the image they're very much want to portray and we saw more of that on some
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chinese something glitched language chinese state media newspapers which i have with me now around the world possibly in hong kong for sure we would have seen no doubt pictures of the protest pictures of ledge her being broken into on the front page but not here in china here in china we've got the global time something else we'll have to china daily if i start with china daily their front page is indeed. of some locals participating in a celebration parade with some. offices in here and also we've got a picture here of a celebration of all these the local hong kong residents gathering to make an aerial symbol that says i love hong kong and basically celebrating the anniversary of the return of hong kong to mainland china that's definitely the image here that the chinese government looking to portray and certainly this afternoon when we do hear an official response we expect that line will be very much the same that this
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was nothing but the work of of radicals and really mainstream hong kong mainstream hong kong are still on our side at least that's what beijing would like to have the world believe or i took a train or you there in beijing katrina thanks for that let's cross over now to hong kong and speak to serve a plug service of the clean up operation is now well underway just tell us what's been happening there now. with the clean up operation began before daylight and i must say it's been extraordinarily efficient a behind me in the whole way along this side of the lips of council building there were piles and piles of rubbish we do have some barricades here this is where the protesters put those if the entrances the car insurance or the vehicle insurance i should say to hong kong's parliament are they still dismantling knows but the whole way up here and around the block it's a very large block those powers have been picked up and removed by chalk's now what was in the is that though barricades all the various devices that were used by these protesters to storm their way in to ledge co and that includes smashing
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through this very thick glass and behind that glass there was massive big metal padding which is of the security measures they managed to get through that as well so at this stage to kill up is going well we've had the hong kong secretary general has said that he thinks that alleged lots of council meetings why not be able to happen for a couple of wait until this damage is restored i should also say that this is. it's also been cordoned off now we were able to access inside where the damage is done earlier today but the police have now cordoned that off simply because they've made it a crime zine to carry lamis trist she wants to pursue the prosecution of those people who are involved and sara how has the media in hong kong been framing last night's events. well of course it's on the front pages of all the newspapers and it's quite straightforward the pictures are showing that the various protests as you might say why right into the council chambers the disks the
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walls everything's been good feted graffiti i should say one area they even accessed the drinks at one of the the offices of one of the uprising beijing nor makers but they actually left money for those drinks so it's it was quite an unusual extraordinary turn of events i should say here now and what's going to happen today which is choose day to carry lamb has this morning held executive council meeting which is hong kong's cabinet meeting that's been held at government house that's where she lives on but as i mentioned before because of the damage and because of what we can see here and and the problems associated with the the damage of the riots last with the protests last night there will be no let's have council meetings for at least a couple of weights all right sara clark in hong kong sara thank you were drawn to a woman leading figure in hong kong's pro-democracy movement called the public not to blame the protesters who stormed the council building on monday evening. at the same time if the lawmaker of hong kong.
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but now. is just a puppet of beijing it's hard to agree and it is good to anchorage people pay their. life and i hope people can have understand understand because when hong kong only 7000000 population. then they deferred. peacefully parents hold the baby costs bring their children join the rallies sure to watch the show to watch the people beijing do you keep silence if the totally peaceful demonstration. how come youngster high school student younger than me they pay to live at recess and might face 10 years general terms even people might disagree i think that blame on them is not the way it's terminated withdraw to be is the way out i strongly curious and run one there and when
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people serve a announce that my universe is. safe and the personal people are not. asking to withdraw it people have no choice on beijing and hong kong government so why not withdraw to be able to solve the political crisis generated by caroline. us president donald trump says iran is playing with fire of the un's nuclear watchdog confirmed that tehran is stockpiling more image radium than allowed out of the 2050 nuclear deal washington warned it will never allow iran to develop nuclear weapons and that it will continue its not some pressure campaign until 10 iran changes course. well earlier iran's foreign minister said terran does have the right to exceed the limit because the 25th a nuclear deal has not been upheld. as i've been informed iran has exceeded the 300 kilogram limit to enrich uranium we had previously announced they simply were transparent in saying that what we are going to do we consider our right reserved
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in the nuclear deal. per your coffee and. actions by the europeans have not been enough so we will move ahead with our plan we are in the process of doing our 1st phase of action increasing our stockpile of enriched uranium as well as our heavy water reserves we have already announced a 2nd phase which would be surpassing the u. rhenium enrichment limit of 3.6 percent this will be our next step john hendren has more now from washington d.c. . president donald trump says iran is playing with fire that is after iran announced that it is violating the 2015 nuclear agreement the multi-national agreement in which it set levels at which it could store stockpiles of uranium before that happened the white house put out a statement saying in part maximum pressure on the iranian regime will continue until its leaders alter their course of action the regime must end its nuclear
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ambitions and its malign behavior but responses have also been pouring in through the 280 character format of twitter from the administration we have secretary mike pompei oh the u.s. secretary of state saying the world's top sponsor of terrorism can never be allowed to enrich uranium at any level john bolton the national security adviser for the u.s. says there is no reason for iran to increase its enrichment unless it is part of an effort to reduce the breakout time to produce nuclear weapons there have also been responses from the democratic presidential candidates bernie sanders says he's pushed us to the brink of war with iran and kept us in the horrific saudi led war in yemen we need real diplomacy any club which are a centrist candidate says now iran is closer to a nuclear weapon than before trump took office this did not need to happen and we should negotiate back into the agreement that's the 2015 nuclear agreement the us has bailed out of and joe biden the former vice president and leading candidate in
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the democratic presidential race says trump's iran policy has alienated us from our allies and taken us to the brink of another war in the middle east everything this president does is backwards this could end in a number of different ways with an agreement possibly between the u.s. and iran with a military conflict like the one that only days ago president trump said he was within 10 minutes of ordering or we could have the kind of prolonged standoff that we have right now time for a short break here now to 0 when we come back we meet the stolid. it's as flocking to a small chilean town to watch a red sun or eclipse. and iraq moves to limit the influence of the country's powerful iran but paramilitary groups more and that stay with us.
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there are still some storms rattling around in places like ted she could stand in a bit further east just off the edge of your chart there and what was forming around baku because the inference of the caspian as disappearing too so we should see now a dry picture all the way from the caucasus right across the western himalayan plateau and to the south it's as you expect you follow the breeze as are the dusty or not and it's always hot there's nothing much in the scarred it goes right way back to the eastern side of the mediterranean so it's hot inland reliably so middle or high forty's for iraq down to kuwait and same is true on the arabian peninsula at some time soon we'll probably see celibacy pick up the southwesterly be increasing the human in cloudy but it's pretty jittery and unreliable a moment as for showers for many of the mountains doesn't very likely more of an increase in the breeze maybe coming off the go towards darker and back rain which could be an increase in humidity it's about right time the year for it has pretty unpleasant weather. and we jumped out of southern africa where at this time the it
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should be reliably sunny by day for the most part i'm told by night we've seen rain coming from the western cape is just going through cape town on tuesday lost its offshore super quiet a day was 16 degrees for wednesday. on counting the cost trump's deal of the century $58000000000.00 to kickstart a more about this rainy palestinian peace process but not a single dollar pledged plus the chinese electric car maker about to take on the lights of the job but also industry counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick amount of our top stories here this hour china's government has condemned the actions of protest as long kong a day off to hundreds of demonstrators stormed the city's legislative council police used tear gas to clear the area the violence followed a peaceful protest earlier on the day the tariff humala 22 years since the 100 of the china hong kong's beijing backed chief executive carried them condemned protest as for being quote extremely violent she said it's heartbreaking to see so many young demonstrators by the north and once again rejected calls for her to resign. president donald trump says iran is playing with fire and warn that washington will never allow it to develop nuclear weapons the u.n. watchdog confirmed that iran has stockpiled more enriched uranium and allowed under the 2015 nuclear deal. iraq's prime minister. has ordered the country's powerful
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paramilitary groups to be integrated into the armed forces they've been told to comply by the end of the month the prime minister says offices and checkpoints operated by militia groups must be shut down or currently most of iraq's paramilitary groups are believed to be backed by iran funeral processions have been taking place throughout sedan after 11 people were killed during mass protests on sunday hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets demanding an immediate hundreds of power to a civilian led government the military jointer says security forces responded after being attacked by protesters the main opposition coalition is calling for an independent inquiry. will be made it clear to the ethiopian african mediation that there should be a time limit for the mediation process and it should not go on forever the struggle of the sudanese people will continue with its commitment to its peaceful methods until the objectives of the revolution are achieving our peaceful tools including
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negotiation will continue until the objectives of the revolution are cheap. fishermen in nigeria are worried about the impact that a foreign plant is having on their trade the water hyacinth native to the amazon basin of south america started appearing in nigeria in the ninety's and it's in spread to many rivers preventing aquatic life from getting much needed sunlight and causing problems for those who rely on water transport and interest reports. on land hundreds of thousands of cars and trucks clog the streets of lagos and for those people who have increasingly turned to the water for transport and the invasive weed is making life difficult there. because of how enormous it is is the governments the us will kill more machines to show that we're able to. properly the spread of water hyacinth is heading inland covering small streams and rivers. at
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least $26.00 out of nigeria's $36.00 states affected it is accelerating the buildup of silt at the bottom of rivers and choking other aquatic plants by blocking sunlight and oxygen water herself or 1st noticed in nigeria in the early 1990 s. since then the invasive plant has disrupted not only transportation but also hydroelectric generation and fishing in several regions efforts to control it have so far field. you mean more to who's been a fisherman all his life so as the job is now getting harder through mind is stopped by law taliban presence of the plants makes it difficult to part of it and cast our net the catch is decreasing in fact the water is becoming shallow. but what he sees as a nuisance others see an opportunity they have is the plan to create an artwork out of it for sale. but importantly scientists say there is
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a lot of potential of water hyacinth including electricity generation. scientists at. the world and then the process of my research using the educational metal of. plants what i sing it in water and is. dislodged from meats and we now use it for they or their research work. and using it for production about is something that might prove beneficial to nigeria as it struggles to generate electricity to power its factories and homes. back on the river which is the weed will just disappear so the fish can return in numbers how much greece al-jazeera lagos. the german foreign minister hiker mars warned that the arrest of the german captain of the sea which 3 in italy could lead to a considerable aggravation and is calling for her immediate release. he is due to
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appear again before a sicilian court on tuesday she was detained on saturday after docking on the island of lampedusa sea which 3 was carrying dozens of migrants rescued from the mediterranean a court in moscow has jailed the russian opposition leader alexina valley for 10 days for taking part in a street demonstration it was among hundreds of protesters detained in moscow last month after calling for police involved in the alleged framing of a journalist to be punished yvonne is russia's most prominent opposition figure and has been jailed several times in the past. 6 months ago brazil's president. to office in a wave of bold promises he said he would tackle brazil's soaring crime and overhaul the economy his campaign was also peppered with attacks on women and minorities. are reports now from rio de janeiro and sao paolo to see has kept his promises. a year ago it was just another candidate with an outside chance of becoming the
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next president of brazil but his firebrand rhetoric his simple solutions struck a chord with the electorate and with his main opponent former president luis in. jail for corruption he was the runaway winner some are delighted with the results so far while others already having 2nd thoughts. about this i think the country's economy's better now i know a few people better who are in employed and managed to find jobs recently the crisis was pretty bad so i mean i'm going to be regretting voting for him to be honest i shouldn't have done it but i didn't like the opposition candidate for others balsa nardo in office is as bad as they feared he might be so. i'm not surprised in my opinion he governs for the rich and not something i was expecting from the beginning. or a promise to tackle the drug gangs a rise in crime by allowing more people to carry weapons he would revitalize a sluggish economy with radical pension reform he said it promotes what he called
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family values he promised simple solutions to complex problems and millions of brazilians had faith that he would deliver he's finding out something about the realities of life in office while he's certainly been taken this stick and controversial as his critics are expecting. perhaps his biggest task is implementing that pension reform in the face of strong opposition especially from the trade unions. in order to to approve the control reform or soon there will have to be. much more moderate then most of his voters expect him to be so that's the big challenge how to equate these 2 things he sees he's very conservative agendas on the one here in his need to pass and we can all make reforms on the other he blames the formal left wing president lula da silva for many of brazil's problems that questions about the way lou was imprisoned last year on corruption charges
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continue to haunt bolton our us presidency he wants to keep as as a symbol of everything he promised to fight against so corruption and. left wing ideology communism as he often calls it president has so far done little to placate his opponents while his supporters wait impatiently for him to deliver what he promised to enshrine there are jews here religion is. now on tuesday a dramatic total solar eclipse will darken the skies over south america eclipse will travel across parts of chile and argentina and their journey lasting about 6 minutes latin america edison the sea and human travel to like get in chile the best place to see the river at. the transparent skies of northern chile especially the cold kimball region have turned this into the world's a strong many capital. but scientists aren't the only ones rushing to witness a cosmic event that is drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors here to see
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a total solar eclipse people say well what's question a little better why do you want to travel so far to see you. after you see the eclipse you will know that this would be the american couples 16th have been chasing solar eclipses the world over in a full solar eclipse the position of the moon appears to fully cover the sun turning day into night it occurs somewhere on our planet roughly every 18 months but they're all different depending on the new cation the position of the sun and the clarity of the sky on the this french family just arrived from paris and says they expect this their 5th eclipse to be the best one yet yes it's an expensive hobby but once you see the full eclipse. you get addicted actually it's like you're you want to see the next one. accommodation in the atacama regions have been sold
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out for more than 6 months this is like a get up population $4000.00 where almost everybody is renting a room or their home or even just a little piece of land where people visitors can camp out and the reason is that this remote place has some of the best views of the stars of anywhere in the world and which according to astronomers will also give you some of the best views all the eclipse. but for a strong reason physicists have also camped out here it's an opportunity to see elusive stars gather data or demonstrate the theory of relativity through these telescopes so you will go to the better if you are able to see weak stars during a total eclipse we will be able to determine. to displace them and demonstrate once again on stein's general theory of relativity and they said it's wonderful that's what sharon and byrne are bill called have less ambitious expectations so i'm hoping to see stars in the daytime. if the weather cooperates as meteorologists
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predict she will more than likely get her wish to see in human light get at chilly . part of a quick check of the headlines here this hour china's government has condemned the actions of protesters in hong kong a day after hundreds of demonstrators stormed the city's legislative building police used tear gas to clear the area the violence followed a peaceful protest earlier in the day the tariff 22 years since the humble china or hong kong the that carried on condemn the actions of the protesters. the extreme use. and vandalism by protesters who stormed into the legislative council building. over a period of time so this is something that we should seriously come down because
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nothing is more important than the rule of law in hong kong so i hope community. will agree with us that with these violent acts that we have seen it is right for us to condemn it. as president donald trump says iran is playing with fire the united nations nuclear watchdog confirmed the terror on a stockpiling more enriched uranium than is allowed under the 2015 nuclear deal washington warned it will never allow iran to develop nuclear weapons and that it will continue its maximum pressure campaign until terror on changes course. who the rebels in yemen say they have launched another attack on at court in saudi arabia 9 people were injured when airport in the syrian was targeted not far from saudi arabia's border with yemen humans who the rebels have launched repeated air strikes on saudi arabia which is not a coalition against the group for almost 4 years. iraq's prime minister. has
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ordered the country's powerful paramilitary groups to be integrated into the armed forces they've been told to comply by the end of the month the prime minister says offices and checkpoints operated by militia groups must be shut down most of iraq's parliament your groups are believed to be bought by iran. and funeral processions have been taking place throughout sudan after 11 people were killed during mass protests on sunday hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets demanding an immediate 100 over of power to a civilian led government the military giunta says security forces responded after being attacked by protesters the main opposition coalition is calling for an independent inquiry but those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after counting the cost structure in times of watching. very very. precious pieces of literature rescued from being.
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besieged sorry. it's the women and men who risked everything to save their written heritage. on al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian for they can this is counting the cost on al-jazeera a weekly look at the world of business and economics this week trump's deal of the century a $50000000000.00 plan to kick start a moribund is really palestinian peace process but not a single dollar pledged. i'm going to cain at the german complement where the electric revolution is driving petrol powered people's cars to the end of the line . and we.


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