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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 8, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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yes. it's for the specific you're doing stuff like this with his own you're just. i mean because everything you do. what you do do do do for fun you can't you and i don't you don't all right i mean you saw a little. bit down there were on. the on. the minimum he said just for the. thickness and blow like that i shall feel of christmas if a little. disease isn't it to my will. but. feces. to give away in a sea bass another well i said yes. and i said likely you are going to face the
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same thing that i knew i wanted but the office the anybody. i'm going to complain to you your privacy every doctor that's pretty good to say i could trust like an emergency. if you had to let. the big fear that the bit is. irrelevant you. did with. the canteen about him and knew some arabic. and i will put it like that your first like on the other movie for me said if you need to book with the show seal it for me don't let me tell first it never did you sit in bed like what you've done for me see and if i could but of course i'm supposed to live for the budget you'd be near a complete idiot. now going to be your daily medicine even if i make it a comfortable or illogical. but devoted life like so if you have to call it bother you. i don't know about this but. it is but it looks
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a lot over the years with like lip of food to the bone. you know the book you feel so much if you. don't feel funny why it's just a year. it's an awesome one i was. just using it to just under control if you want your shoes you should try that but i'll be. home been to. something else and that's one that i don't should waste don't. go on at all see us in a jewel and moan could you get all but if you could did you lazy and all the books
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. on the fiddle about as well order of toy it was easy for you told us one piece of . me. said to me any kneecap. she busted for saw posters are. going to also see you're almost what you did your job to figure. out about issues about the show last year did it through to be it would be did not want to be one boss it deals with and this is. due to. many some of it's got to be meaty politically what. that could be well i think. caught on to. get all the time as soon as you.
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but better than anybody else a tandem could toss on a twenty conversion it. did a mole do for players i could do what i thought as he. said. dca all twenty maybe d.d. should wesley but we need to solve for the dread you know. or come public. to do. a problem so i did first on the deficit they yelled at the first. secure i was in some pretty much. just to. stick. it to. us on the outer ring for. more. soon or fifty plus i was addicted to the plus. as he told i mean son.
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but if. fed can. go out to her. own dylan is she going to meet she's only those who don't know. as you are you. do know it just reduced the worst. viewing is up usual teacher to. me. said fifty of us wanted to see all the demonic she was also measured and. i was there to find it funny but it was funny. because i. was going to. speak.
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if you. think. you're going to be sure. you're going to have. her. are good you're good for. her. her you were your one it of lucifer like god i'm sick and about out there when i. lay on defense and security if i can do the work. of liquor. to see if you're just much of a cure. don't we do do do not.
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watch this but i suggest you please don't mean. just. the last look at. what i'll be able to use it on and i think you might use up is a. good look up this or much more. on you for me shit for your to get married to mr fish oil is awesome awesome wonder plus a massage you threw up on top of your people. did you know did you bozos who serious or so. i said that's you know all good you up if it's you ma and i've been impressed. and live comfortably to be usual next to you know muslim you all you can see them is on beyond people all done of you logic says that up if you go west or something and they spot you so you can monkey see because it could be said about of disease on the. head about and up is learned about in the last from google
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. globality sinfully these agencies locals were second class to be. invisible. little in the palace in. syria we set our own on. it is if the mobility is it will be a number of additional politico continuity that on this if you need to. do well for them it. was everything among the valar left is i'm pretty sure you're. going to work potter let me take you to prove. to me. i'll come to the russians they want a lot of power. patricia i'm going to. go from a song called the i was made the comment. box i'm not going to press the buttons you know soon enough or you can get out of the market because you know let's. go
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back to look obama not your mine are. not. bothered by much so what. the scope of this. was. you know. i think. he did to. say you did it all he did to you even it. made i guess on a stale. he's old if he's good that. could. be. said to. be.
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my. all right is there no domicil to show you do to welcome. peter if you want to do background time in the movie that i do is you can watch it weekly i said you didn't . do that. when it does your. very large. loss or mine anybody. to not use up what they thought on having. bios on by rondo and the mrs a present day. use as you can sat stuff they said look.
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cash it day. after work it. said robot will be that coverage on the best. digital but he's. fifty. fifty. at least. the loop a lot better even though he looks at revival. of his dumb but what he did oprah is not good with that i listen to come walking. through she says she's permissiveness. sort out the selfie with the. vocal
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chord is much stuff that you think of a. look at all this you don't do so hold up what you do fifty six hold based. on the please tell the flu bug me or somebody like we'll see you good like a good deed well. sure all. this yeah a bump on the skin to skin is on the wanted a bookie still it's no longer. scars on the office songs i mean it's all my songs you know there's a. a i did the funny. stuff anything like this at the bottom. line or to the right judge did you all sit around and there's undersized see. see you know. let's look at what i.
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did. not get. it read this all that's left fun keep your. if i'm to clear. now. i said much i'm. just i just didn't. watch the. entire city so i see. the moment a communal saw how did the bunny step up if you need to do but go see what mischief at the lot of this little too little closet i look i don't see much of and i guess . i'm not talking like i'm demille be seduced bust done so much oppressed is lost on me is about to bucky did the obama feel optimistic last night that working. i
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said that work if i say it i said. i think that work is that working start to block it they haven't done it. let's not even have wound up and have wa wa and as you were i keep where i can have your pits pretties you know they can. throw body. and . genevieve that's all clear to you can happen i've only much fun doc pretty much. today. sidibe the five you've never met not that you should shut up and i think if you i may be much higher than most here let's not judge too much of what you have all that much besides what i said but each was just not given money or did i don't believe that do you see them all still being the same the c.p. celebrate love back in that it was c.b.s. shuttlers in love yes mr did you agree bought. a bunch of us to
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believe in to punish you some to do good no not do you think it was you so you moved on the if you can see the this and think you can see the flash don't actually know much but i was just a message to. you spend your time on the letter you much wish it but that if you cut it i'll come back and look at pretend as if effective motive i'm not going to diss in move to save the baby so been a month of in the cutting them doctors i thought you would have said you hold it because it's right but he knows that he didn't get it in the market because i got to know about you don't want to miss about it she went back to supper just about the. only file. place now still not done so no some. of it i played last days in the fall still
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a back yard demand i guess got a lot in defunct and. good luck take two c.d.'s use a fed bottle of football send it fast it sink. the summer into a pot to set that up for me are a no doubt fan but it was said there are two primary when you're going up it like the physic. he said good at the wrap it up as i said to set up a few men up there physically i took from your pepe comforted well. he doesn't much ed but what is it that what he never put is a before it when i. look. at what it does it by the so you know. that the double is it listed it would be very sensitive. to so much love. peace well that is it's like second is it to say that if. so is going to define the human be disarmed didn't say so but it does limit but only on his own the bother
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you g.'s me. of daughter should know. this if aborted dr manasseh but i guess your daughter she. would be i took you taught me you need it cos it cost me a version. of the stick was a beautiful bullet of result. i'm victor do ross are some remarks. since paul came. q just some lawyer to let you what i did notice syria did what i am mights does iliffe founder. miss demonstrative to walk us on an adequate forward that it was a relief to south texas. that. was
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the cause of the i think i was . the what is it. that the that you must say was likely simply. because really not that it was subtle and it was. not the movie you didn't like it was it was it was was it was but it was most east mercian offbeat secure a political affair but after each object of reports. of
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a. one job is a big divide as a day of a cup draw full full all. day i will sort of be run off equal fifth use force was easy.


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