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tv   Boko Haram  Al Jazeera  May 6, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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certainty iraq is finally set to hold elections as an unseen global battle rages for results as beneath our oceans we also get the seabed of the territory still to be claimed. commemorating seventy years from nakba al-jazeera examines what has changed in the past seven decades on both sides of this conflict made on al-jazeera of all my friends and coworkers who were detained i am the only one who survived they were all waiting for news of the menfolk and was only one word a limit almost one of those saw a boy killed in his father's i. saw my films but. i have only once in my life see men who are scared to death a bit to civil war was darkest secret bosnia the camp on al-jazeera.
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hello and has. the top stories on al jazeera riot police in russia have detained opposition leader alexei navarro me as well as more than a thousand of his supporters in anti-government demonstrations the protests come just two days before putin's inauguration for a fourth term worry challenge reports from moscow. that two days before putin's fourth presidential inauguration these russians wanted him to hear their demonstration slogan you are not ours are not we have a fascist state a totalitarian regime we should do something about it there is no election and russia. i'm here because i disagree with the politics the government and our so-called presidents are leading i want to tell him that he is not and that his place in the hague and imprisoned yet again on the. several thousands joins the
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unapproved protest in moscow thousands more demonstrated in other cities across russia. by almost goes pushkin square they were met by a small group with very different values. and describing themselves as patriots they want to prevent a ukraine stop arising in russia just mad we have currently being officially ruled by a constitution that was written for us by american specialists well under foreign rule not everyone here is not all my supporters people came here because they see that things are bad in the country but they don't understand why so and they were told by some people that it is putin to be blamed in everything people can't figure out such things for themselves their tempers started to rise how did that point to the police moved in. so they were arrested began in other parts of russia i do want to say now that here in moscow was the business of just grabbed
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a young guy out of the crowd it looked like she was crying so dragging her off to the police why him. the numbers of detentions ticked upwards protestor after protestor was dragged away so too was the man who calls this demonstration alexina valmy he's an anti corruption opposition leader who was banned from presidential elections because of a fraud conviction he insists was fabricated his online videos exposing the corruption of russia's ruling elites have made him a critic of the kremlin and a popular resistance figure among many russians who want something different i. hold on power for another six year term he's tightened control of the media and the internet and made protesting much harder his assertive foreign policy is popular with many russians moscow's riot police followed detentions with a neck stacked in their rough clearing the square the rally supporters have been
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through this before and i'll probably go through it all again they feel is their only remaining way to be heard rory chalons al-jazeera moscow the united arab emirates could be removed from the saudi led coalition in yemen after deployed forces to a yemeni arlin without consulting its exile government that's according to a senior yemeni official speaking to the associated press that been further protests on the territory in the arabian sea against the u.s. military presence there thousands of people have been forced to evacuate after a magnitude six point nine earthquake shook her wise big island the biggest to hit the area in decades the killer was a volcano began spewing lava on thursday several tremors of struck since then. an explosion in the gaza strip has killed six members of her masses military wing because sam brigades three others have been injured in the village of zewe day near the coast of gaza where the blast occurred assam brigades say those involved were
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trying to deal with an unexploded israeli bomb dating from the twenty fourth. the un is warning of disease outbreaks following severe flooding in kenya at least one hundred twelve people have been killed and more than two hundred sixty thousand displaced over the past two months aid workers say they've reached only a quarter of the families in need of shelter those are the headlines of boko haram is next and we're back in half an hour.
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for. all. northeastern nigeria a nearby refugee camp poses nearly twenty five thousand men women and children including this little girl named by one. nigerian soldiers found her in the some piece of forest she was walking aimlessly in shock unable to speak. the soldiers took her to the refugee camp and entrusted her to a family. she was thinking of to pass you know it just seems flat out girls was that she would stand to get anybody who she still to want she was theme the other was that if somebody would kill one or two if you can shoot just run away what. good is the improvement is not
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till the last few clearly what. is gradually learning to live again she has lost her home and her entire family. since twenty ten people living in northeastern nigeria live in constant fear of being a tell. me where you know. my. name and i was like all right. in this recorded message boko haram swore allegiance to the islamic state in the spring of twenty fifteen the nigerian group led by abu bakr chicago then took the name of the islamic state of west africa. boko haram provoked global outrage in april twenty fourth team when the group kidnapped two hundred seventy six. girls in chibok in northeastern nigeria the kidnapping received global condemnation.
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michelle obama joined the solidarity campaign to demand the release. of promised to sell them into slavery and what to do not to declare war to how to how to live and. learn a little or not elaborate. on and on since the start of the insurgency the violence has resulted in more than twenty three thousand dead and over two million people displaced. to understand how the armed group has become so dangerous it is necessary to return to northeastern nigeria to the capital of the state of borno might a goody the birthplace of boko haram. ah.
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the top. floor of the world. here islamic law has been practiced by the muslim community since the eleventh century but the degree of its implementation has fluctuated throughout the course of history with the return of democracy in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine the people hoped for an end to widespread corruption within the elite and for fairer distribution of wealth. to bring an end to corruption in politics the muslim majority in the north of the country wanted to see islamic sharia law applied more strictly. book on her arm to take advantage of this popular demand. in two thousand and two a thirty two year old man started to gain hockey laboratory in the town of my dignity in some mosques his sermons were deemed to be too extreme but his
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personality and charisma increasingly made an impression of what at about one third believe when michael and i guess i would imagine that were to turn up and that the irony. then is that. a less hour that unlike any criminal hamdi muhammad use of the founder of boko haram quickly attracted new followers. from with you should several times before instead this man claims to have direct contact with boko haram he has closely followed the evolution of the group and its leaders fallenness ruler is not his real name it would be a very. lovely person to be around who was a nurse for the course of this month he was. emotional what a gift. in public speaking he had this. in this ability to
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call in the minds of people ordinary people who are in support of him they were in support him not so much on the basis of know the adage you can't point of them but they were put to him because they felt that use of is a sphere is an idea that an ordinary person cannot express he did no less than the politically gushy dinos that i do knows they want. to see didn't losed him and the army police in the design of the people to get into power i'll do you screen the people hope. after going after you to get out he knows that apt to those units of the system used to shows he's do no smith will be put to sea or to show your truck to people well now you. really believe me and later you don't know can last a good up lying in the dark when i was in my car go out to my mother who kills you but i'm going to give a shit i want to hear what i've got to sit down. i think we. might
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get a few it just have to impress to pretty much. official that ballot. bowl know if i'm a good muslims or. a patch. on the amount of the roof. and establishment questioning the existing rules of society is present updated by the political class get it but given the chance into petitions. improvement as soon leave and as for that though i just befriended interested muslims in the us that has been one of their central themes that the status corrupt and therefore we need our own state where it's going to be just and govern in
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a different way and they will be social justice for all this happened around the time where. maybe socialism communism collapsed if you remember across college campuses there were lots of socialist young people looking for an alternative system i think the collapse of that people became much more religious the poor of course we don't know. section should receive we seem to be able to believe that people who are poor be. show free ones the people who wish disadvantaged into society. use of message quickly resonated with people in the borno region but the level of poverty was as high as sixty nine percent in twenty eleven. the british colonise ation left the leaders of an independent nigeria with a deeply divided country the south rich in oil has
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a concentration of christian communities who benefited from education programs put in place by the former colonial power. in the poor and rural north the communities were majority muslim. in some traditional areas western education is still perceived as an extension of colonialism. today nigeria is the leading economic power in africa however more than half of its population lives below the poverty line. plagued by corruption which is endemic among nigeria's elite politicians have gradually lost the trust of the people who live. inside this group or school or up on animals ability to supplement
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or almost all clear about the mental plus and entice the new lash out again from this is so sad when this all merely snook who the tornadoes will be big ones so hoop. kooky the bell made for them in your later the good you jennifer. in particular really was the rest of the must also important attacking group of us was the roof because when he speaks these distance and the few that he is the present to them and that was the starting point there was adequate it's interesting a lot of wasn't educated youth who have joined the book i don't want the movement of the just much as an adult want to once had on the basis of the fund that uses and miss walking. listen and they're satisfied and so the didn't and yeah that's the good and what it boko haram book or is western civilization. or those and if you will is this act religion or is something taught for b did this
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some say the western education is taboo is not there are not talking of western education they are talking of western civilization all the. system this is forbidden how can a woman rule of a man and how. rule of him was in you so this work to see the children of view politicians with children of only a few sources can bring on the policemen to two groups of people to screw the services who wanted to push some of the want to school. from those in the in the worse. i mean what muhammad you for city. and food. but yusuf the most disciplined was the those that got people to do it it could lead
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to tell them i do believe there's also it's good gays will kill you and i'm in the race you diminished will the moment that is the be the judge you for the person can judge me no spot on me doing the pinch i mean all. the yusuf. on the meaning of don't don't seem somehow cause and sure such evil is only a good good news it is still a jihadi got to get done that can exist and usually up there will mock and live with your case when god made of one of the. but it's usually with jordan choose only the message there's a cut cut which you know or they can leave you to a female can certainly officiate and all. these all do and evoke against the content of a castle go in front of the budget is that there was it that they cited sometimes that the sickest discuss the possible didn't sit on opera yousuf going to bloom would set a feast the more we see and emotional sociology don't give a new label is off and on is all for now we need to get off it was cliff it told us
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a mock us get through skin something good news out me at dean in the bathroom with the koran him back up on the floor and then why didn't you. tell him to come i didn't say we're going to in the tell me a sandwich i meet in the in the let me assume a good citizen deep thinker on the pot and think me your mom and the evidence is then commit a prostitute or do shit go home sit passive up with your boss could you quit in the region move off and went to the bathroom alone and he did it it does them all. over that's a puppet that maybe when he did. nor for profit so what's a dozen law provides execs in a not for when he joined. the global government is just what they do but even if it don't want to do mendip you just want to shut up it do the evil question i had of innocence you can do to our skin it up or similar damage our vision constitution
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and. community. then mohammad yousuf received the unexpected support of the governor of borno. this man from a wealthy family was an important figure in local politics. the governor of borno presented an unnatural in the lines to mohammad yousuf also shockingly books you will yet look for discord to give up to bono keep what you did was a fair idea don't you want middle class from china who present on the. song like them want to show you. the. deciples it goodies all women use of people don't have any thought there this is the democratic party on this if you don't have a deal for building with a new movie should be for. the of needed one hundred usually two to. go to uk more par. one would you should. immediately move the
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sheriff to run interference for him would be government money of course. the big group in. the family would you sheriff. to go to home with you so there's good people to show you the prime of his on the. loose or with a particular show you are the name of it yusuf it up when you consume it yes but was it your. own to be can or someone with. what ability feel i say almost commit on the middle east on pay to play are radical i look at the killers among the monarchy i know about already like i was about a lot of ones and i'm not but i don't want you know how i live in the social fabric i don't. know you know who can but out here are you i think you're in that i'm going to think i want to quote according. to some. of your
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longer name or a place you. remember. when it up and made pastika ninety's corkey folks who like to dump authority and effect is what conspiracy is making. sense of and the nothing fits most of it and that's going to make one is i think i would have got that you know that i'm going to take a look at what i'm going to. get on top of. me me should go but it's one of these i mean you know about any country in the you go but i don't like. you know the government. going to let you go buddy when i don't do i deny they were the most radical that. there was that induced that way so to see extremists good about egypt and then when he went he just became. the government of the day he became bitter and then he has been that it sticks with you for so i still don't think your problems are with. you see. if you were to.
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look you know to work or to be too hard because they're here for. the rest seem so you mixing not no. or in barry just in the us is now a political figure the federal government actively. to go to strategy to prove what you see his office gets in june two thousand and nine a federal government task force called operation flush stopped a group of boko haram members then known as yunnan your sophia they were riding motorcycles as part of a funeral procession the task force sought to enforce a law that required the wearing of helmets the motorcyclists refused to comply the task force opened fire on to continue still start a crash history in excuse me that's what the traditional politician i oh can i
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speak for i don't know what i'm living on a tremendous. levels and such as i trail must. for something you can. ask about you know in omaha nebraska this office. to canuck a five a cup at that point because she had to be had to be in the kids are now wondering how to be we we were used to get a really big wilson you had to be in it in kind of a really big and i knew by those in which you were a lad he didn't know. what to tell you now he's saying you need those akashi in raw allowed because you're so lucky. and then it could be because it's like. ok covered in the you had to be a clear deal while singlish you know it's a rock i will kid them. mimic punish i would you can do him finish the sentence you're so good back that take it you're
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a decade or so i don't know if you are the bulk of a class i would like to see. it's but i'm now a minimum of trimming. and i'm going to cut one and then. the outpouring of emotion triggered by the shooting provoked a real tension among the followers of the group. the sermons of muhammad use of were fierce but behind the scenes the leaders of boko haram urged caution. because his position however became untenable to the hardliners of the movement led by abu bakar chicago called for immediate revenge when she wanted to make jihadi just wish more true that you folks the time was too early but. the statements of people double book or chicago or people forced. home edition aren't. because she told field v.
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time to act is now if you will distract while. we are only sports you don't. want to if you can sing peace us unless you know how to go and you have legs you have hans when you start the jihad is it's more awesome when i said there's a now. in the film a ballad put he said. don't worry my. leg album i do believe it in me as a shop it. don't don't off on the levee secretary but you know could lead to some kind of suzy glee's this time it was so attentive. the book or her whole cd at stake for almost a week now is the genesis when we don't know what had happened anyway but on the whole can now turn upside down there was no look there was no museum what
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was. at that church is. all of the civil civil suit you see the civil society has been going to want to go around beach recently. and the army was ordered to do wish to kill destruction you could do to. make you. love me or tell your children of the dark owner of the grill moldable nor can i summited your view if you do good milk that certainly did. in the desert muzzle sic and also into sunder to put the can but also couldn't see. what you wanted out. that was. wrong i'm not done with them like we have that's not what is your plan. it was the mess on your circuit board. it was all good but then i want.
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to come back but. i don't. think i don't think i don't tend to get it. the troubles that is in the sky lit it was military opposition was taken in by stanley knew that was between the two from monday to thursday when if it would this dismissal in d.c. so by ten after the military engagement some of them have that sum up it's cute use was passed it. ended up with no. you know what only nanda the better to skew your books don't put on two hundred on the what you. bought down but i don't care if i break. one on your you know in two she listened. to
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a new young and a man at the dawn industrial. complex not usually on the text mr ne as you me on that close to twenty minutes he said i mean i. only do one commented on by the are a selected year ago. this is the first time that kosher cone the man who would become the successor to mohammad yousuf was designated as second. to decide the what are your ideals or dreamy or removal of a container in the year. that parable back in a point destroyed a pretty city demand kittle mother why you think for a muslim what are you sitting on the west west pass me to tell you to prepare for ever useful. truth even if one of the.
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rewind returns with a new series of harebrained your people back to life i'm sorry and brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries in live i was the both of us and like and the others through the rewind continues with children of conflict gaza we'd love some peace in this world especially angus children jeanette's have any rights here rewind on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. on the old man city and the story builds to be forced to leave the room just. when
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people need to behead women and girls are being bombed and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring me the award winning documentary is and live news and out of iraq i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism on air and on line. sixty seven words that spelled promise for one people. but disaster or another. the pledge to the establishment of a jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians. the story of the british declaration that changed the middle east for seeds of discord on al-jazeera.
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a lot hasn't in doha the headlines on al-jazeera riot police in russia have detained the opposition leader alexina vonnie and more than a thousand of his supporters in anti government demonstrations he called for nationwide rallies against president vladimir putin will be inaugurated for a fourth term on monday the united arab emirates could be removed from the saudi led coalition in yemen after it deployed forces to a yemeni island without consulting its government that's according to a senior yemeni official speaking to the associated press they've been further protests on the territory in the arabian sea against the u.s. military presence there. thousands of people have been forced to evacuate after a magnitude six point nine earthquake shook why the biggest hit the area in decades because the way a volcano began spewing lava on thursday an explosion in the garza strip has killed
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six members of her masses will military wing the cause sam brigades three others have been injured in the village of the way there near the coast of gaza where the blast occurred the united nations is warning of disease outbreaks following severe flooding in kenya at least one hundred twelve people have been killed and more than two hundred sixty thousand displaced over the past two months. at least four people have been killed in violence in indian administered kashmir men died in srinagar after being run over by indian security forces and early at least three separatist fighters were killed during a raid by soldiers. under their so believed to be trapped inside the operation is going on things are under control everything is an under control the want to go up . so that the there is not much there is no damage of a civilian property and other things so are things under control such as your
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brothers who left in the path of a law they left for us they took up arms after seeing the tyranny in kashmir now we have come out to rescue our brothers who are trapped in the gun battle and in the u.s. space agency nasa is sending a robotic geologist to mars to explore deeper inside the planet than ever before. to. a mars inside lander launch from california the first interplanetary mission to take off from the west coast of the u.s. it will take six months for it to reach its destination. when you suppose he would have you also tickled got past that and that would that
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is this feeling of democracy it would have been taken to court then the court would know we were divided and then refused to be cuties get it it is to be done in physics and then it was meant to get it but unfortunately we learned from the ins and to government the government of the day to just shoot him. in folky trimmers of the tree the courtroom there was a victory also more live on the go to. this i think a little departed city due to newman it can this you know. political choices you dish out of them enough to put someone at the other side the moment you saw i think there's a negotiator to who said look you can hope to always that it was humid or because yusuf read of iniquity then forget it it's really the most live idea of this beautiful it can only be a. good you know moment in a juggling gala so messy it's all fine it doesn't gel. and that. after the death of muhammad use of the survivors of the battle of my
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do girlie gathered in there to prepare their revenge in july twenty ten launched their first attacks in the state of borno. now a clandestine group boko haram communicated by posting video messages of its new leader abu bakr all chicago wow that. should go on you study or out there me out color or out me out to. sea voyage only pleased with what or as an eyewitness account when. they begin in the call creases in c.d.'s. those who she may need that so they should.
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do the book will see and also this is how this. go about exposing themselves and people drink beer people small people gumball so this is it is christians that do this. i think there are some of the excuses we hear them see the target of the priestess. it was mostly influenced by a perception should we feen the ranks of the insurgents if that's the christian association of men in judea orchestrated their news blue talk policy of keeping. their u.t.s. off groups associated with the so-called black water movement so basically it was a case of the. old office treated didn't want to offer families a soul no we want your civilians to only put the opposite that benefit of these
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cuts in a telephone that it is adequate about because i suppose. they could tell us all. these dieties with us gov or that it may lessen the do up with about said if all the security illegal that is in the limousine mccoll pistol will i'm on sabbatical now going into this let me know it ticket income all said the victim or the zip and yet it will get us out here. let's. look at what. you have. as well as lot why not at all. the attacks against christians provoked a widespread outpouring of emotion in the country this added to the targeted murders of security forces traditional leaders and politicians considered to be corrupt by the group boko haram carried out a suicide attack on the headquarters of the national police in a butta the federal capital president jonathan was forced to send the army to the
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northeast an army that was ill prepared and poorly educated real to suit us we were sent to be for forces in the street a coup too for mean cristin e.d.'s. not to become in jail your lease ignorant about ordinary joins us in the region which was born in the sword up on the way a combat board don't know about it but they don't look at them on their limited or complained but they don't have body mounts alone dials that have got a fair. shot for today not the complete immediate there it is always on the minute there canopus a there but for some who comprise partnership of obama absolutely x. your dog that isn't it that got here on that he. got these people can which ignore us. on perceived all people disability media would be interested in the luckiest people who are i'll be treated if you believe the symbol decreased is and the muslims if i did to be the one believe that way so there was
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a substantial my little kristensen ballistics the fillets that everybody in one of those did because it will be human even a christian woman with the job to be degraded the most and we would be deceived but everybody was most in many fewer missed in gossip what's in the bottom it will do going to support what i'm forty one of the be done through. treats disobedience the scene must be treated water is suss of those cities across clear knowledge on the book on the digital boards only whooper but don't ask. was it there before the moment yusuf did it it's a swim or maybe ask his old girl the other question they needed a dick if it was an all the evil or not it is more please i want to tell me a book to fit into the it's a no show who could throw the book. for the secret to deceive you. that they could be dust from more ammo or
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a bone should it be fun. sure to salamis who snapped. i don't know what i heard that i don't. know but i'm very. well you would. not. look at it i suggest you are beyond that no prude army surely would please unsourced release where you. are on the boat a successful so you don't look so quiet you should systematical with or go liz that course if he could means. other clues that course it did come east palo me without police on open because i'm see also obstruction this is hoarsely. in may twenty thirty president jonathan declared a state of emergency. is committed by the army and greatly weakened the support of
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the people but our support of the military was still indispensable in the fight against this elusive enemy the army then promoted the establishment of a local militia in the civilian joint task force c j t f civilians recruited to towns and villages in the northeast were used at security checkpoints to identify members of the group. just see. what that number. so yes. yes why. yes why when did we go to. fiji some of the dangerous it was justified by them on the bases got these villages. look at the people believed by even soldiers it
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will be spying for the federal government loans one the official small the start this year that the other way they did to this is your last visit in as you know. this read it this is the warm up leave home without the thought of what i've said this you know must get the bulk of oh you are going to be needed to. bring their. fighting with you and if you know. you're in the hell hunkered down down down. here you know. i do not only a salute you for sometimes even if you are late when did be a salute all you believed was even you and your sheep and if you are big big big big big kid believe could do big trouble afterwards surely bush in. the summer of twenty fourteen marked a book year of territorial expansion the group seized several times in the north
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east of the country the nigerian army was on the verge of defeat in addition to the arsenal the group procured on the black market boko haram regularly recovered weapons and vehicles abandoned by nigerian soldiers. in the south of the state of borno took the town also without any resistance. to collapse that from the front was clever move him on the hook or. anything else want to tell you is hoping he'll be less there are somebody who prefer this to this account for what i mean the pressure was kinda goes at. you so healthy not only question what a fantastic lesson they are right for but it was a pleasure. what he found special not. this in the house three only two why didn't you more of the form paid off. but.
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has picked out a plan that. i for fronting one ending in any time left. keep in mind when you talk to him. because sometimes when i use the word i don't do i don't know someone turns out there was no you know the last one i want to go to and i'm willing to tell you i'm not going down but you know you're not. going to. go because you're going to make i'm going to be getting did i do what you can do and i was going to do it i mean i'm going to make you going to be going to go back you got to get there and you got to give you know you hear you because you're going but it was fear that was imposed on all of the areas controlled by boko haram in the northeast of the country. the purging of what they called. the hunting of christians got
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worse. and. what is happening because look at it it is this is just like what i do object to what you want to get what you want what you want established in the us is that you is if is this organization a gets in which. this isn't all there is a distinct this unfortunately the media and people took it as is that that's the thing is that that. the civilians who fled the fighting and the massacres crowded into camps in the region. more than two million people forcibly displaced have lost almost everything. they wait with little hope for change they came from
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all over the state or born. most are severely traumatized. and you do country local citizens who simply really. do need to leave you don't listen to salute you don't you know your year she got high she's a consumer you filing. a new. me a fatah make it illegal. for us and our genie in an hour then they can use our i win the album your family but i'm not going them ok well as long as we get on with the sun's out. how to be a she how to be assured of mission there's a good show then i do and i can see this question one of them which. says
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it's sequentially so that today if it does have been done email me and i was at islamic the week in the work of a shot of it you saw it just the closest god. knows all of us is quite i'm a woman shot back. and i was had a wanted to go to a wedding galahad damaeus got white everywhere that. let us look at it you can say i'm from a good q.b. years who could teach in say our county much yard to kenya but in it you can occur saying. by surely the only one. one term be an emitter of one even to three there was a divergence of it in those it may or may not. learn color words or their money for me since i want to be a two who took over the job one minute and. was as well get out i can run
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a one lane epidemic magallanes whatever he does and that's a question that i when you got tackled like a good. guy will you go with your mom that he then had to get out of the arcade lock when she didn't get him back as i'm a get into this guy that i have come. here to. you can lie linda and there put that in your number when it wouldn't go i gather while. as a lot of i was unsure of us at the cornell what are you managing an enemy that you and again if you haven't done it yet and. since the beginning of the insurgency boko haram has eased local resources to finance their activities they steal cattle raid crops and kidnap hostages for run some. the region shares its borders with three countries cameroon
4:49 am
chad and. they can cross borders easily out of the reach of the nigerian military. to be on the side it must stand in but the committed us would not own our breasts our talk all the ways and pete would be insurgents in use in coming toward us peaceful supplies and training to injury and fight us long as the insurgency didn't look our talk. the same understanding which the hardwoods from it all knows was a similar story to do the hard work the mission of u.s. navy has always been. to see people to me she reads on the wrist the keep to formalise and the sheet of business and usually the g four small you know stuff from libya to dismantle she said who knew she but to nigeria as boko haram continued to advance fronts at the request of then nigerian president
4:50 am
goodluck jonathan organized a summit to discuss security in the region nigeria needed the help of paris to convince its francophone neighbors to commit to the fight against boko haram an international military coalition was formed the armies of chad and no had the right to pursue into nigerian territory. i will buckle chicago responded. on. i mean i will was shot well then why. are not i'm not who are not. my family saw your counsel kind of deal on iran.
4:51 am
you know cars look at outdoor car are not carved out of joe employed outside yes it is surely to be focused on was and enjoy this meal plus it out more than we did even did you but did only get us when we try to take the initiative to chad so they said yes but when our book obama vulcan was out that kid only people was on a seasonal porn is at us or she dungeon in other capital the child made to pick a song as i don't i don't i don't defile you janet it's hard to tell it was a lyric i wonder the only for you it cuz i thought the preschool in the yard. to see the president it be was a. pleasure those see don't do said it on the surface in his own class after several months of fierce fighting the coalition monies to drive boko haram from the large cities in the state to build. in december twenty fifth mohammad behati the new nigerian president strengthened by recent military successes declared that boko
4:52 am
haram was technically defeated took me five defeats. it's. for me for forty four persons to it will. cease if team i mean if you if you if you if you leave me to be for example no you want to weaken mofo. if you ask if you hold. on the night of january the thirtieth twenty sixteen boko once again challenge the claim a victory by the nigerian authorities in the lorry on the outskirts of my do goody they retaliated. the next morning the inhabitants who had fled returned to find their village burnt to the ground. eighty six people died that
4:53 am
night many of them children. very. little on the low. level. in the pressure. when the any delegate in the defense can. get out that is in the logs and in the shop by the day and some mom that it is because
4:54 am
she will get a cut out of the real political noise. political guy let alone look at the factory cell phones are critical of the school and the people they are in i'm not in my company man on the bus but we can reach a deal. and one of the usa in this world or so what are your company. in the uk suitable for. allowed one of our. members of boko haram are hiding out in the sun beasts of forest a national park situated just sixty kilometers southeast of my do good in. the park covers an area roughly one and a half times the size of switzerland they're based in the dense forest with several hundred hostages mostly women.
4:55 am
even though boko haram has suffered a number of military setbacks against the international coalition the group still threatens isolated villages in the region. it may take more than bullets and bombs and nigeria to eliminate book around. because a lot of money that radio really can't potter. about as show said so force it anyway she apologia. let this cocoa butter cup of tea you sort of pop up to confront all of our high costs and. as our. fall west left it. frankly i believe that becoming. the course mission already put end to this whole war on to with the army is held accountable i solicit you sure i'm going to show us
4:56 am
who individually x.p. to be in the use of videos and want you to give these or the us i hope to a coach. on the justice is bored. bored from the ease with inside with me is easiest to have to be called i've been told the government's a bitch or the police to have to be able to account did this really i don't see. two piece of. knowledge is the key. to understanding where the connection and why that narrative resonates so much with young people because a lot of people that do join these groups start when they young. we've got a provide alternative platforms for use it's not enough to say as
4:57 am
a state well i'm going to provide you with an education the state has to be responsible for a lot more you've got to provide a child an opportunity for self actualization on many fronts. on. what should your citizens be they see beyond being educated that they must have a life and a life consists ofa many things if you don't have platforms to shine you look for it and sometimes you look for a varied up basis. well
4:58 am
last twenty four hours earth produced storms in both texas and in new england and actually in toronto to be honest that was the head of the cather went through fairly windy weather in the telling of this cold front where it's warm it's been injected mostly gave the stormy stuff now the cold front itself is going to swing through so much the sunday is dollars off as it has been still seventeen in new york or a fairly wet new york bollock of it twenty one in washington the temperature regimes pretty good further west got some clouds coming into washington state still a little bit of snow on the very top of the highest crime but not much to think it's a cloudy picture to be honest and then it's gone quiet again i mean monday looks like a fine day similar sort of temperature regime nineteen to twenty one eastern seaboard with us a good ten degrees down from a couple of days ago the most active weather actually in probably going to be in
4:59 am
hearts father telling cold front is this massive cloud here look at the sharp back edge to the cloud that suggests active some storms indeed there were five thousand thunderstorms reported yesterday i know it seems a lot is based on lightning flashes but an active massive cloud still circulating through cuba jamaica haiti the bahamas or the smaller islands and back to florida and that's its progress over the next two days. on counting the cost drumming up business why saudi arabia is trying to lure of foreign cash even as oil prices head high up the european union launches a new budget blueprint offsetting some members plus a look at gold smuggling in south sudan. counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. with every. sixty seven words that spelled promise for one people. but disaster for another. the bled to be establishment of the jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians. the story of the british declaration that changed the middle east bound for seeds of discord on al-jazeera.


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