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tv   Syria Jobar P2  Al Jazeera  December 21, 2017 1:32am-2:00am +03

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draft united nations resolution against his decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital in palestine people have been protesting against the u.s. marines by calling for another day of rage in the occupied west bank between demonstrators and dissuading security forces also in bethlehem protesters marched in defiance of the u.s. decision some new president emerson man and god was delivered his first state of the nation address in the capital harare his speech focused on the economy which you promised to revitalize by opening it up to foreign investors after years of isolation uganda's parliament has voted to amend the constitution in a controversial move which was alive president yoweri museveni to stand for election again the bill removes the age gap of seventy five years on the president allowing seventy three year old new seventy further extend his three decades in charge earlier to opposition politicians were detained as they tried to ends of ottoman for the second day of debate on the issue myanmar has got an independent un
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investigator from entering the country and he says she's disappointed by the decisions of the me and maher government vir something terrible is happening in a state europe say those are your current headlines to stay with our people on power is next for me in the team here in london thanks for watching. kenyan elections intractable war in syria refugee crisis troubles in venezuela and tensions on the korean peninsula and elegies it. looks back on the biggest stories of twenty seventeen to the eyes of families who lived through them. amid the bomb ravaged remains of joba a suburb just a few kilometers from the central damascus
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a few thousand really good residents who've managed to fight to guess at the regime over five years ago syria. in the second of two exclusive reports we've been behind the scenes to make fights on the front line under constant pressure.
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damascus two thousand and seventeen. an upbeat that this one shattered suburb of the cast of syria's capital. by the forces of president bashar assad for over five years. is a long since same for. most of the districts residents have long since fled the few thousand who remained amid the ruins have stayed to protect their homes and the weapons. mainly luck on time and on. call with on are all shia. know how dumb. the one is on the side. of the hallway.
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with the load. loading. he. says. of a. loser who we back before the revolution a man run a pastry shop in job. and he's always been famous for his singing too. but like others here he's chosen to defend his neighborhood against the might of the regime. and throw that in my clothes or. you know. what on and while i was playing for zinc i was and our family and kilometers. michelle who. live show who have
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been on it a lot of fun and i. feel like they're so obvious in the illusion is that they'll have a was that are. a lot of alaska vehicles was the. most sought the saudi facility thought. and how that. for a saudi is a lie don't pull the. bible half says chairman of the council of free job a. leader of a proud community that refuses to give in. but not that he'd be as the me would be assaulted you know what the law says he is a moment. he.
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could be that if you had lost count i had lead as you know that it's all of the mcdonough that hey look about. but five long years of war have taken their toll on those who remain. one of them is a member. a widow who lives on her own. she's had to get used to the constant attacks a little get up we got him back but i don't suppose he doesn't want to so many of them like you have not begun to tiny hope. and we don't go out far i mean not to plan we don't do that as you listen to mine is a little below the can i developed at a what if model i don't know my how do you now have a hood oh i'm up on. nish the top climate ahead and not just me
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you know what i had to do what on a well i don't love to have it you will look like. that defiance has been carved deep into the soil. amid the tunnels dug between the positions guarding the district's perimeter. job us fighters have learned to operate in small highly mobile squads. moving rapidly from one place to another to counter whatever threats appear. by necessity much of their lives are spent on the ground. there at the most in your meeting with us if it has a lot of diversity gyal. and you said dipshit. mother look at. the.
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i don't know if you know. how the. when the history of jawbone is war is written these tunnels will be central to the story. they stretch for kilometers in every direction and new ones are being dug all the time. for all of the law. that's. called death and. when they log out of others he was maybe that in this he wanted offical one. or. some another job or local is a security official. he takes us right to the edge of the front line.
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assad's troops are in the building just a few meters away. everyone has to do a spell on the front line which is manned day and night tonight it's time he's twenty six and was a jewelry seller enjoy a bar when the war broke out as his squad takes over from the outgoing unit there's just time for a snack. and on down there's camaraderie among these young men some have known each of us families for years even though they want stuff but are they. and that none of us know but then the face nothing to pull. off they will get all over them just a bit of. muscle bust up my wife that's
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a good show best. you know. it's early in the morning on a squad of joy most five times something called to the frontline. another offensive is imminent it's not a. problem all. along the way there's an ever present threat of enemy snipers and no one lingers on open ground.
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no. one. assad's forces have launched many offenses against the job or rebels over the last five years but there are attacks on the ground and it's in the. interest rate
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the regime has often resorted to heavy artillery and air strikes and its efforts to crush the fence. largely in discriminant these have devastated job was infrastructure and caused untold suffering. the heart of. a woman who had been. done me.
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and i had too much of. and. in give you. a mind that when the. mother who had. away from the front line. runs a small grocery store in jawbone he has a. wife and three children but felt he had to join the fighting for them a lesson plan of us not all coming conan is all modern. and his own mother. any kids she. any them around the most he said.
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that's true it is everywhere to be seen even in job on cemetery. motherhood motherhood. helaman you can. tell i'm female. and harry. really ready to. have him but the girl who had her. when i was finally there her. with. a. commitment i do. with my view a bit of money already. but. yeah you could be but the lab it lay other than i do when it went to do that but the other blew out of the flow. because. i saw.
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this job on his grave. he's lost more than twenty members of his family to the revolution including his own son. dum any idea what they just thought of minister was sure i could do a. day's we hope in the in the nose. i must. just saddle a load from a stage where he'd mind to. a few other new vom. more with that at the. mall the other the crowd had really got it had. i thought it would be and how you
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know. there was danny then in a moment they came in the swallow was eighteen individual for them i can see any. of the. other. god not to the government of dust other. linda who doesn't. mind that of the pub in the older women and with a us mini. i bought nine of chanukah was once a wealthy real estate broker. he says this is only the remains of shorebirds famous eighth century ileo one obvious synagogue which the regime destroyed back in two thousand and fourteen others. look to now since surviving communal. to learn e.u.
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issued in public media. yes he did then. he. looked in the. hold. but those dropping. seem to care little for its history. now six. just grab. the last kid in the room with. me on the. phone yeah i need. to look at an early that i. want to.
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know the. feel. then it's a good month then in. well i'm out of this. and how that. shift i feel on the belly anybody. and know i got that one how to. get out of another.
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take. nothing she can. do the let me forget it let me show you. the. most. recent songs that the fighting is about three answers. underground baroni rebels are digging the widest tunnels of the song for. everyone knows the casualties are miking and they have to provide unhindered access for occupants so that wounded can be moved quickly away from the battles. above ground former pastry shop owner abu iman has
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a rather different objective. to raise the spirits of his fellow fighters. and nominally only say so the team home on the. one doesn't know the final. half is on the chart of the fundamental male. but that so as of this quote he can aim at. the. mean the only missiles are. all gone. then me.
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only. show. me. any. meanwhile takes us to see the exact place on the frontline where the big battle is set to take place. and i'm in any job. at any besom without. doubt for any you have yet and so i think you can work on them all men i'm an islamic i mean you can all the. while the fighters are moving into their stock positions from all corners of job our headquarters communications
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team scored a ton of their movements. and then at about thirty here. today. will or may. not be he will be back on the show mr shami no matter. i i. i. i. i i.
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a lot but. i. think. with the fighting continuing long into the night hours the plans have to be updated by commanders us tactical circumstances change.
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a. former jewelry seller. holds up a map as his squad get their orders. by the following morning neither side has yet managed to achieve a conclusive victory. but during the battle. was killed he was just twenty six. his close friend subdomain was one of those who carried him back to the graveyard. and mourned for a life that would never be. no longer. want
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to live. and one by the most. of it was a part of the you. know what i didn't know that. was one of thousands of people who have died the job or in the last five years. thousands more have been grievously wounded or driven away from the shattered homes . but despite the catastrophic losses no one here is willing to give up the struggle. that was to him a lot no let's not be an old mother got it. all to you mr hayne of love to hate and and then i did a little bit of a little job than i know is there
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a line in the world on the whole always. and that the solar wind has been. modified. but the ne ne be having the. northern at the mouth of the but ups. and the. last month the assad regime launched its fiercest assault yet. the fighting seems to be coming. on the last amount of whatever happens after five years of war this once pleasant city suburb. so beloved of its people
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and where so much of their blood has been spilled will never be the same again. not enough. for. from toxic milk to fake meat food scanners continue to rock china as the world turns to it for its food that's when he goes undercover to expose the hidden harm in a system geared for profit one east at this time i know this iraq. thing as i want
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to finally with. that. says they're not. in the first episode of a two part series al-jazeera investigates the world of performance enhancing drugs . sports during the endless chase at this time. al jazeera where every.


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