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tv   Syria Jobar P1  Al Jazeera  December 16, 2017 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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it's been term memory chips we. were going to our other top stories to mass graves containing the remains of dozens of iraq's yazidi a minority of been found near the north western town of singe are ninety bodies have reportedly been discovered including women and children i still took over this town in two thousand and fourteen killing and enslaving fallon's of members of the richest minority group more and more refugees are choosing to take a new dangerous route to get into europe few are taking the old route across the sea to the greek islands of less boston kiosks now thousands are crossing the land border from turkey to northeastern greece which means crossing the ever oss river a journey that's proof fatal for hundreds of refugees austria's president says his country won't the right despite the announcement of a new government featuring the far right freedom party sebastian kurtz who leads the more moderate people's party is set to be the new chancellor but the freedom party will control several important ministries and high winds are threatening to
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fuel a massive wildfire burning in southern california hundreds of homes have been destroyed and over one hundred thousand hectares burned since a series of fires broke out on december fourth latest fire assented about one hundred sixty kilometers northwest of essentially he's with more on that story and everything else coming up at the top of the next hour as soon about twenty five minutes time after people in power which starts now. the bomb shattered buildings in the damascus suburb of joba sits just a few kilometers from the center of the city the truth and long brutal years of
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syria's will its beleaguered residents have somehow held act against the forces of the asset regime in the first of two exclusive reports of people in power goes behind the scenes to find out how they've survived so long with the rebel and why they've been so determined to cling on despite repeated attempts to drive you mad. still moon on the moon the gun it's full.
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moon the and. winning are you giving it with a shill moon a lot being the. been the. one he has over the whole. novel from the who are sitting. out of them on. how dialing it on. a besieged on klav in the east of syria's capital in the sixth year of a coup. over two hundred fifty thousand people means to move and job of. filling the streets with life and noyce. now only two hundred families remain
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somehow holding out to meet the ruins of stones on the side of president bush as. well. it's the festival of by an old who can make it so i've come to the moken mosque on the ground but but it's not a time for celebration. and. known low for our. show. over here in the us lou and then the bin laden bit. however you how do you know did they know you were out what you had to move out and how much of that you believe it will be done ultimately lead up.
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to the dead or also remember to here in jobar spain sion bomb shelter a cemetery. in a. fad has been an undertaker a job of more than fifty years. the work of the women. many of his own family now law i met these broken tombs. and some thoughts out there that they miss my eyes a few of that well i think. of them find it. but it's the it that is to put the fear of me with. them out of the gut civvies to you.
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by whether or not i have cited what they may have done it with god i was among others so what i've got is a month ahead. because. they are no solace and i would i would it ignore the mad side of the flint but that will mean what the will. i mean. by this with i love i did eyes and. saw how the job outcome to. such tests and dreadful destruction. began the very earliest arab spring days of the uprising when the people here join . the first optimistic antigovernment protests.
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but peaceful protests only invited a brutal response. soon the number of the regime's victims started to grow. can know what she knew. this morning when i. saw him. and then is a widow and lives on her own her only son was killed three years ago he was just eighteen so what the most of those saw him she was appalled. i mean we had the. thought well but i don't you know i knew we thought well wouldn't the body. i mean. what. would be written if any i mean go to such children to medical you know modify. the why you want to get
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her hand i want to see what's out. there. as the protests grew louder and opinions hardened there is became more aggressive sending in the army and using heavier more destructive weapons to punish its opponents. bit by bit this once prosperous damascus suburb just a few kilometers from the heart of the city was to be reduced to rubble. i don't have music you have to tell you one that i think you know and you know that's not as yet i want to know about the how in the hole in the note that the love of your mother could not tell you who and how much i mean or i don't know sumit jaimie come up with a noble. man and how to be formally
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a local real estate tycoon still lives in job out with his family. silver the still a gun it's a dead lucky on the out of. your book a slight even if your book got some sort of idea for the role of ai it was that megan that made chicken in no other than that but all gone when i read mother us in full time job at a biscuit about what i was i got it was my. the devastation left no building in job out on touch to be a toll on you. in the shocking sad it was my. husband the honeymoon gun of little washer the many you know caution manual the gun sort of london suit and i need a lot. now the district is in theory shuttered drek.
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streets off the streets of ruined homes shops and public buildings shredded by high explosives. and even that means that the site has several excellent samey him and admit to pay us not one cent comes out of. our. safety in his own. generation of taking. a boat. office as chairman of the council of free job. park mayor and part two a community of the true fuses to give in to the regime. them in the house to have. both of them.
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have. the myth of the. so. there's a lot. in how to feel how the when. and how to be thought of. is the largest remaining rebel busted on the outskirts of damascus. jutting out into government territory joe bought has been on the front lines since the conflict began. as the uprising escalated into open war over two thousand and twelve wrestling control of the un played back from the rebels became a can you receive. whatever the cost in civilian lives inevitably many of the
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casualties were children. out of that. and it will mark on the had and how you call on. and what have you known duck out unable to emphasize the importance of this crucial battleground president bashar even made this painfully choreographed visit to his troops on the job front. that often comes up to say you did really sit. down the media would do it and we've got it now but ultimately it all shifted to cope with nothing you cannot do. not know you know should be good numbers nothing shola people your thoughts of locals are not love letters you know what the author
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does you're going to do finance because it would have wi fi the choice of movie we would. but any blessing us aside may have given his army did not extend to the people job. against whom he was soon using chemical weapons. i dived under but each time. i run. one especially deadly attack in august two thousand and thirteen reportedly involved the use of the bam nerve agent sarin. was you know. you know if you only. according to many international observers including french government scientists the victim symptoms was certainly consistent with exposure to a nerve agent. and. this was denied by the assad regime.
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the precise death toll from the two thousand and thirteen attack has never been fully established the united nations put the figure around six hundred the syrian opposition said fatalities were near of thirteen on. a large number of the dead were children. and then get it up to. about at the moment. a student i mean it's not seeing the knew what was then you know it will know you had chemo my good. six months i don't just think of money and i let you know and i meant to yell at
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the oh if i will flip flop but oh no no no leverage your. at the end of it. has lost more than twenty members of his family. this is just what the event i defended with no doubt about. it different today i just think. that even. what had been out there i knew that even in the safety. stuff he. had been at the city on eleven and the money. that kind of minute me.
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or. defended to that does he. i won't defend to that i mean. most of the job is the residents have long since fled the war here the few thousand who remain especially the civilians determined whatever the cost to cling on to their homes eke out a strange existence under the ruins. of it i would not it's not you know sort of not a sort of free i don't play out on top of somebody's home where you had you know i need little boy lashing out that he loves and i like it if it gets flooded it get out your family don't medicine and that he had added i'm just my mom i'm not young to have enough is enough you have got me from no nothing had an exam and you had no home. yeah that's about it yeah i'm.
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a long look at last week was a little earlier than that in fact. she would be ships and the launch of august i mean when i got most i mean you know as long as you don't have to live you know one life in it is a kind of shape you know i mean yeah i mean i think the next day he come up i'm just i'm not i know a lot of audio a lot of time. was you know i hope that you have me but it will start over the blue sea as he looked leon and i'm told you about you know the thought he. looked at her smart well my history fertile. whatever it may have become and other parts of syria the conflict in job shows few signs of being driven by sectarian fervor. so committed to the revolution most of the fighters who defend these ruined buildings do so because beneath them
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by the homes and the businesses and ordinary lives that one day they hope to rebuild. a lot of the one that was the one of them with the model at the would have. been a. love. she had. a father of three used to run as your grocery store before taking up arms to defend . with. me lots of.
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show. like i'm not uphold the. law i would a international. order. but my thought. was that i want to. god you for. the people of are determined to keep life as no response. setting up the hawk council departments to provide local service. of the love money. for the most majority so what guns he. has
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to. say that he if he and then it'll be. the month of the month that you know put them on the net here in a job. that would be far more than he. said the able to show that the number of them without sorrow. your bonnie's have even managed to keep some schools over. the internet and get out to most of them any day now so often the will minima that is through the model. far more adult to. be a menace out there on the whole militarism of those not a version of this a la. today with our cameras present the children have gathered outside to send a message to the free world. was.
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down home. down. to. the council's efforts to try and restore basic services frequently come up against regime efforts to stop them. such as diverting damascus is so which system another attempt to flush out your but us residents. feel how that hate. the. shuttle. about the.
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desire. to live. i mean look at the only one hundred learn here but i mean. if you. we found others even more determined to cling on to some aspects of their own lives . how long. do you know. how. come nothing.
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yet only three days after we filmed this interview things did change for a show. he and his wife were killed when their house was bombed. you know. although the distance between the two sides of the front line is just a few hundred metres the largest number of job us casualties i've come from regime air strikes. it's rather. difficult.
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she doesn't have one of that. but the. make the you know about. my mother funny.
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that. you love. honestly and as a mother was lugansk a man that. was a man that had. i know most of latin you mustn't let me see what i know which no i don't know layard have an image the symbol is a better as a boat mother said could you live. with roger what an actual granny and mother say
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lovely. mission among the forty much more had a chance to show it to you and ellen who knew enough money to see. you know i don't know would pisani not highly them that you know honey them a lot then. you up over thirty seven if you had not put that object. to. eke whether driven by optimism stubbornness or courage the surviving residents of your bar show no signs of borrowing to the assad regime and leaving their shattered town. i did not be elbow. here to ask that he be that now he has no. oh no not me no you about my jersey and the fact. that home.
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thought you. and i will see. a deal before. but that may depend on the capacity of those who fight to defend your book to hold out against the regimes increasing the ferocious attacks. in the next episode of people in power as the siege intensifies we go on to job as parents front lawn.
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she. still. didn't stop saying she's exult be iran's president cause. it. sounds like. a shopping list failed to. see if you like kids i really still liberated as a journalist loved was going to the truth as i witnessed that's what his job people . move. south africa's ruling party gathers to decide who is.


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