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tv   Fairy Tales  Al Jazeera  September 13, 2017 7:32pm-7:59pm AST

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a government spokesman says she will not travel to new york so she can tackle the crisis at home. the president of the european commission says the block is back on track after britain's vote to leave the e.u. in his annual state of the union address shaun called younker said economic recovery and unity between the members means europe is now ready to move forward a suicide bomber has blown himself up near a critic stadium in the afghan capital kabul killing at least three people blast happened outside the international cricket stadium during a t twenty match in afghanistan's cricket league two police officers and one civilian were killed. the caribbean islands took the brunt of hurricane irma's fury leaving a trail of devastation in its wake bob huge of the government estimates that ninety five percent of its buildings have been damaged or destroyed the storm also claimed six more lives in the u.s. state of florida where patients in a nursing home died after the facility lost power an investigation is underway
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there and those are the latest headlines here on al-jazeera witnessed fairy tales is coming next day stay with us by.
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oh you're. just whatever he was you know a long while hitting. the love might have there is. a little. going around and around here it. was. on a very funny show you see who may have just seen her little boy. seen. just. this is where the fairies. a website called china's largest social media. one day last year i was checking the training. and i saw this very fashion designer.
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it was actually. a fairy tale my girl calls herself the next. except a girl is a farmer living a rural area that had never heard of in all the materials for her fashion designs are falling objects that farm tools umbrellas boy stuff girl stuff with one hundred thousand followers she was an internet celebrity and i was very interested in her like many chinese my age i don't wake up to an long clock. or banning china. with one hundred forty character limit is the best platform for people in china to share information her so she has gradually become a manufacturer of various internet celebrities one day i messaged her and she replied. do you want to feel my first fashion show in my hometown in be one of my
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models well why not. yeah when the bullets are shot. i saw you could say that someone really for you there you go i have to accept.
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that you are male we don't want it without your. own comments it's. time to. show. that you.
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should consult. the ones on the show. wasn't it yes. i think it was she would put you on your. belly button would follow the bottle on to deal with it later. i mean to me with the new edition to. own you say you didn't hold her hand in the book you know. you were doing the charging. you'll just that it has to do you feel when you lose. on this when. they start to shield on
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the show and exactly. what. you know ha ha ha. that's a routine you post the picture every day. her pictures went viral overnight. the outlet. that would do rice now we're out of. the would be the whole. we could hear from. you again on the one exactly. rising to open my eyes and you didn't actually you didn't know you didn't do the hour.
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wow. so if they don't. send their little shit down but it's become our sins are behind all this up with you i got this from the family. which would put even the lady gaga. to share. for me coming. back. in the yeah can hide then put on and how to deal with how do you that when you know what you know. how you want to down the.
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sun not through a good day you need to know how to go. on from you what made you come from. down time when. you go out to dinner your dad. has a. son who should have. a duty to come. to you he's up. to you. come. here.
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it would still go to george bush are some thoughts happy. through water actually sent to. you bill which assure you that you and your shit. you know was out what you were trees to come in the form with go to go try and come so you can meet the with a dance and you the highs of who. would do it in your intuition and then i knew that then no one has additional water back to them in the sun the sound your phone do you get your payment have on you don't have them on time and you will hold someone to do you when you are trying to deal with them and the yo nash of the new now sat each a whole fight you know repressed one hundred come out now do you with how good a. troll you really do what a laugh. the sound will sound. and they all you'll see is a movie see a way to hide that lives assume with you you some where did you cry loads will hold
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that it can be the sounders that deal was such a hard time see the. damage they do with holly sacks and montana sosa now how some way i didn't come about sally merely to yell at them outside the banning of poor that see a reaction she does that will allow you to pull you all. she . writes oh my love when she told. you you all march you don't know you're down the road you'll get around to some kind of a shot at n.p.r. which we. could all meet her when she got out
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a huge chunk of. the you want to someone yearly and from way on the floor to i go to the cloud so. you told would like to have it in that condition for your company down one jot isn't about what john. go to when the. budget goes down in. jolly knowledge about. that time in the yearly crowd to drop into. the moon is we're not going to. now do a do did you change out i was about to turn into a different hundred. project use a patch of value you had now do you. feel you sound i have for you is how. i hold all drama.
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home and samantha's phone. how did santos is xiang really let. me. tell you go quote go will look on. diane soft. tissue which is a. new. pin when i. told . the ocean i. don't try my hand i use for not. actual find in the mill shorts.
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though you'll look back oh sure how you going on a year. ago what. about . that you not want to let. me just show. you. luke. going to.
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the buddha. you going to the book you own . the being. the book would. be the only. clue ok. the book the king.
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the be. the book. the you know the jones family the barrier so now you see the use you. go where you do actually know the out. surely aren't going to hurt you cry you lose a man or you you. marry you or you. so
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you should be with us we should be doing. she actually told her you should i even was. going i said just wishing we just saw the results on the front of us during this whole it may seem even come out how does someone see old time talent to go to a job or shown to the edge of the sofa to turn to you good so do i see that man right right. right right right doesn't. sound like you are a person really. good. this was not. that. she told me one.
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was good let's. see how much was. told it was minus one to the numbers which if you only gave you an example camel meat of. this example you know it's not my thing it's probably. come on humbug. what you did you didn't see the. week our. coming out. oh.
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good times should we got. some. cushion now. ok sir that person will come up and was you know the. charges that the judge in a trial like this was something to look at and also that natural to push on should now be giving to my viewers who was actually i myself. did you easy to locate. was feeling a little. bit it was a bad. situation she says you.
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know she says it was and it is a really low budget with no that would suck. you . can see. you getting was was it. was. i now see that she has. her with her. hand over to each.
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hand jane who has and you know how do she. do. you. know. what i collaborated with vice china on the shorter version of this bill in publishing the largest video site in china it got over one hundred thousand hits on the first day. to very surprise the commons in response to the video were nothing like the cyber bullying she was used to.
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and chinese clothing brand reach out to ferry and wanted to collaborate with crayon is new collection. imitations to appear on more t.v. shows follow soon after very jarring. this time or wanted to talk about her persistence in pursuing her dreams. there are four of us in hanna how. woman reality on the show as you. heard the guy who as you know of a hunk found a show. that i shall fire. because it was a little higher usually when you could have a car made how those it's always easier to go for the off without wall made how are you to. your mr allison it's hard to say that it's so easy to tell you fall for
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treasure so you leave the books of the stay. with us have done. so. that you always see yourself as a job which shall you be anyone else i will treasure was still there oh my god. thank you. thank you thank you. victim. being his past as an instrument of pinochet's brutal dictatorship
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a father tries to forget. but his son's quest for answers reveals there are often two sides to even the darkest of stories witness the color of the communion at this time amount is there. let's talk about now. right now. right now it's happening so fast. you can barely keep up with it. right now we've
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got clowns protecting. on mobile technology finding clean water not tomorrow not five years in the future. now. in a disaster the internet can be restored by a truck. in a minute but this truck can drive itself and right now this child is being treated by a doctor from six thousand miles away this is science not fiction and cisco networks are making it happen now. because when everything is securely connected anything is possible and there's never been a better time to change the way. i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as i would that's what this job.
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the u.n. secretary general and its military action against the range of people and says the situation for the refugees is catastrophic this is the country's leader council's plans to attend next week's un general assembly.


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