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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 28, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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white house has taken place for a hundred years and those there have won the lottery to be there. paramilitary crack down after the lahor bombing. 73 killed. this as thousands rally again against pakistan's blasphemy laws. hello i'm barbara serra, you're watching al jazeera, live from london. belgian police release cctv films from the attacks.
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palmyra since i.s.i.l. was driven out of the ancient syrian city. and red alert for aircraft at the most active volcanoes from alaska's aleutian islands, eresultsresults erupts. erupts. hello thank you for joining us. suicide bomber target ed christians, killing 70 people in pakistan, most were women of children, also most were muslim. giving paramilitary extraordinary rights, where thousands have rammie rallied fa second day. punjab governor criticized blasphemy laws.
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first, jerald tan reports. >> in the wake of sunday's suicide attack, traveled to the city and visited the victims in hospital. from a determined leader came this warning: >> translator: i have a very good idea of the message at a these terrorists are sending. my brothers and sisters, i promise that every ounce of blood will be accounted for. >> reporter: pakistan is in mourning, funerals being held for the dead. hundreds more injured, some critically. some witnesses are recounting the moavment of thcountingthe m. >> i was standing there when the blast went off, people lying everywhere, no proper security arrangement here. >> reporter: the park was
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packed with families celebrating easter sunday. the bomber had used a crude explosive, full of ball bearings for maximum impact. a splinter group of the taliban carried out the aarticulate ands focusing on christians. >> the softest of the soft targets of course the minorities because they have very little to protect them. >> reporter: the military has said it's launched a series of raids, and raids like this are not new in pakistan. the government has been battling armed groups for more than a decade but lahor and the wade area of punjab has mostly escaped. the fight however is far from over. jerljerald tan, al jazeera.
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be kamakamal hyder sends us this report. >> a prerecorded message, in that he said at a the terrorists wherever they may be will be sought and that the cancer of terrorism will be removed from pakistan. he also spoke about the military successes, along the border area, in north and south waziristan. however, there was some pockets of problems across the country, and that had to be tackled. the prime minister also speaking about the attacks in ankara and brussels, saying that this was a problem which was now happening in other countries, as well. but he said that no one would be able to stop the part of
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progress that pakistan had taken, and that he was confident that he would overcome and the nation would overcome the difficulties, also in a message to the protesters who were staging the sit-in outside parliament, he said there would be no compromise and that they would not be allowed to play with the emotions of innocent people, saying at that time government answer restraint should be not seen as a sign of weakness. >> well, pope francis spoke about the attack as he addressed large crowds in st. peter's square. he demanded more protection for religious minorities in pakistan. >> translator: easter was bloodied by a hideous attack that massacred so many innocent people, mostly christian minority, women and children. i wish to express my closeness to all those affected by this
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vile and senseless crime and invite you to pray to the lord for their safety, restore security and serenity, and in particular to the most vulnerable religious minorities. for second day the pakistani army has been trying to gain control of thousands of protesters who flooded the streets of islamabad. staging a sit in near parliament in islamabad a day after police fired tear gas on protesters. imran khan reports. >> this protest seemingly came out of nowhere. thousands came out to celebrate the life a police officer who killed a man he was sent to protect. tasir taking up the cause of a christian woman accused of
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blasphemy. his support of her case angered some in pakistan. kazre was executed for that crime on february 29th of this year. since then, pakistan's hard line religious parties have rallied in his support and they have spoken out against the government and those they say that are against islam. >> translator: people from within your ranks will kill you. your body guards will kill you. your servants will kill you. muntas kadri is in our hearts and minds. god has put hope in their hearts. >> reporter: the protestors brought the center of islamabad to a standstill. the searm in the streets trying to kahne the crowds. groups have shown open sympathy to the pakistani taliban. >> behind me are containers. they were put there by the government to try and stop people from coming in and it just goes to show you how angry
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that they were. take a look at the damage around you. the demands of the protestors are clear. they want the christian woman to be rearrested and executed. they also want all those in jail on blasphemy charges to face the same fate. it is unlikely the government will accept their demand but their voice are heard around the nation nonetheless. imran khan, al jazeera, islamabad. >> let's go to iraq now where the parliament has extended a deadline for the prime minister to deliver a cabinet reshuffle spurred by mast protests around the country. the prominent cleric, muqtada al-sadr is staging a sit in in the heavily fort fied gree fortn
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zone. jane arraf has more from baghdad. >> some had waited a lifetime for this moment. shia cleric muqtada al-sadr normally seen only on video, promising a new era. >> translator: my beloved followers, who live in luxury, forget about the poor and insist there is no sign of corruption. but i insist otherwise. >> reporter: across the city, sadr followers have been waiting for his word to storm the green zone. the bea barricaded neighborhood where iraqi officials and foreign diplomats live and work. instead sadr defused the threat but still seized the spotlight. >> translator: i am the representative of the people by the grace of god. i will sit in, inside the green zone, and use it outside the green zone. everyone remain in their tents and stay in their places.
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>> reporter: and his followers obeyed. iraqi military officials led sadr through the concrete barriers to a tent. an iraqi general in charge of green zone security kissed his hand. sadr says he will leave only when there's a new cabinet. prime minister haider al-abadi says he's trying but needs a few days to get agreement to new cabinet ministers. his position is dramatically different than when sadr fought american soldiers and iraqi government forces in the streets. the militia played a leading war in iraq'sen war. but sadr disbanded the movement to create a new movement. now he says he speaks for all be
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iraqis. they are mostly sadr followers but carry only the iraqi flag. people here want what they think people in the green zone has, a share of iraq's oil wealth. they believe they're kept poor and powerless. ali came from basra, despite its oil wealth it's one of the poorest places in iraq. >> translator: we have a lot of widows orphans, poor and unemployment. people have university degrees but working as laborers. >> reporter: sadr has tapped into a dean vein o deep vein of. they say for 19 years they have had nothing but promises and now are demanding that the government deliver. javierjane arraf, al jazeera, b.
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refugees refusing to move to government shelters. asking for european countries to reopen their borders and let them in. many are refusing to go to the government shelters, for fear of being deported. the italian coast guard meanwhile says it rescued 730 people from rubber dinghies from the mediterranean on sunday as those people tried to cross from north earchg t africa to europe. in a statement the coast guard said the people were crammed into six rubber dinghies. they have been taken to sicily that is part of the eu border patrol. still ahead in this half hour.
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anger in israel at a new law which could see parliamentarians vote to end the careers of their colleagues. plus how moves to tackle the armed group boko haram is causing a meat shortage in parts of nigeria. >> i was just trying to make music that transferred what was in my heart to other people. >> i lived that character. >> we will be able to see change.
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>> welcome back, here's a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. special powers have been enacted in pakistan to help authorities track down those responsible for sunday's suicide blast which killed at least 70 and injured hundreds more.
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a sit-in near pakistan's center of government has entered a second day as thousands rally in support of the country's blasphemy laws. iraq's parliament has extended a deadline for prime minister to deliver a cabinet reshuffle prompted by mass protests across the country. belgian police has released one of the men arrested after last tuesday's bombings in brussels. have released a security video from brussels airport. the man in the hat was seen with two attackers who blew themselves up in a departure hall. police believe he dumped his suicide vest and is still at large. total victims from last tuesday's bombings were 35 not including the attackers. jacky rowland is following events in brussels. >> reporter: the latest development in this
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investigation is that a suspect who had been named only as faycal c has now been released. he had previously on saturday been charged with participation in activities of a terrorist group, terrorist mersdz and murd attempted terrorist murders. but now clues that led to his arrest have now been confirmed, so he has now been released. which leaves again the big question of who is that third man in the cc tv image from the airport. there were two men who blew themselves up, bombers, the third man wearing a light jacket and a dark hat, belgian media speculating he was faycal c. there is a big question who that third man is in the image. clearly a third suspect in the image that the police are keen
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the talk to. we have learned that three other people were arrestduring a number of raids on sunday. we aren't given any details though about whether they've particularly been dharnlgd aboun relation to the attacks in brussels or charged in relation to other unspecified activities. 9 saudi prisoners have been swapped for 109 yemeni officials. be an exchange for what it called its faux riyadh. peace talks are set to begin on the 18th. experts are assessing the damage i.s.i.l. did ton world heritage site on palmyra now that it's been recaptured with the help of russian bombing
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strikes. first view of the ancient ruins which i.s.i.l. has been in control of for a year. the site lies in a hugely strategic location between damascus and the contested deir ez zor. meanwhile, the u.n. is pushing for more aid to be delivered while cessation of hostilities remains in place. desperately need food and other supplies. omar al saleh reports near border with syria. >> the town ever raids and barrel bombs, the town is mostly devastated area, its population of 250,000 have mostly moved away. just before the truce was instituted last month, people
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who stayed behind have lived under this. and this. leaving behind a town in ruins and largely destroyed. >> civilians took a break, bombardment has stopped. the regime used everything on us, bombs, be everything. >> reporter: no easter mass, the worshipers have gone. but around 8500 people remain in this rebel-hemmed town. they have been stuck here since 2012. and now they are hungry and desperate. the word food program says the people were forced to eat grass. ahmad is taking care of his plans. he may be forced to eat them
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>> translator: the bleeding has stopped. we didn't get any aid. each minute passes we lose time in the besieged areas and my children lose their childhood. >> conditions in zarea are disastrous. >> translator: it's catastrophic, there is a shortage of everything. food, medicine, milk. the regime wants to end the revolution in areas surrounding damascus by forcing them into submission by using tse tactics. >> accusing the government of using starvation as a well of submission. the u.n. is calling the syrian government to allow aid into half million syrians. so far the government has refused to give that permission. the u.n. says preventing aid is a violation of international law. back in darea, life under siege is hard but it goes on even without food, medicine and milk
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pfn oma.omar al saleh, al jazee. president ergtd tells the ee state run news agency, that 5300 armed kurds were killed. also 335 turkish soldiers police officers and village guards have been killed. most of the casualties have taken place in turkey's largely kurdish southeastern region. israel's parliament is debating a bill which israel-palestinian mps are directed against them. expel other politicians with a majority vote. imtiaz tyab has more. >> this is the scene inside israel's constitution law and justice committee.
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it had just announced a bill allowing for expulsion of sitting parliament airns vote pt list a coation of israel-palestinian joint list representing israel's arab minority in the past. earlier this year he was suspended by an ethics committee for fewer months, after allegedly carrying out attacks. says if the so-called suspension bill is passed and used against arab members of parliament they will resign in protest. >> i'm angry that they do it, in
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the knesset, this serious punishment or sanction used were used only for arab ick members. >> staunch supporter of the law he has called on all parts o his far right government coalition to vote for it. if approved, the law would see certain members suspended if at least 90 members voted in favor suspending them. described as the final nail in the coffin of israel's democracy. in recent years, israeli parliament has passed laws that be are said to be discriminatory against palestinians. >> members of the parliament are being suspended by their peers, not even by a court of law but
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by their peers. >> israel's attorney general says there is no constitutional obstacle to prevent the passage of the bill but warns that it's dangerous. whatever the case given widespread support from israel's far right government coalition and predominantly jewish opposition parties the bill will likely become law. imtiaz tyab al jazeera, west jerusalem. the palestinian government has asked the u.n. to investigate alleged extra judicial killings by israel. this comes after an israeli soldier is alleged to have shot dead a palestineian attacker who was already lying wounded on the ground. be the soldier is being detained while it carries out an investigation. petition in bangladesh was filed 28 years ago to challenge the religiousness rights.
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the case has attracted criticism from lawyers for the group who filed the case. they say their clients weren't allowed into the court for a hearing. a 15-year-old girl has escaped from an apartment in japan after being held captive for two years. she managed to get away with when her alleged kidnapper failed to lock the door of the tokyo flat. she then called her mother who contacted police. a 23-year-old man has been arrested. would be suicide bomber's claim that she is one of the 276 chibok school girls abducted by boko haram two years ago. the young woman was arrested along with another potential bomber in northern cameroon on friday. both were wearing belts containing 12 kilos of explosives.
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the authorities are treating the woman's statement with caution. the movement of cattle in northeast nigeria is restrictto cut off boko haram's income stream. the armed group has been stealing livestock. mohammad adow reports. >> workers are preparing these animals for slaughter. the last few weeks have been particularly tough for business at maiduguri's main arbaturp significantly dropped. >> we used to slaughter 250 cows a day. now we only do less than 100. most of them we breed at home. >> reporter: that's because the government here in nigeria's borno state has ribted the movement and sale of cattle. it is an effort to cut off boko
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haram's income. it has resulted in price hikes of meat especially beef. the butcher tables reflect this the be presence of flies are less these days. butchers who try oremain in business are improvising. like this popular grill in mied gri nomaid grimaimaidmiedgree. miemaiduguri.
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>> we have to closely monitor and situate that they do not use stolen livestock from the country to regenerate. >> reporter: so the government has set aside $500,000 to truck in from other states, which means the dealers and consumers will have to endire the hardship longer. mohammaowner mohammad adow, al , are maiduguri. >> speaking of volcanoes,
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mexico's volcano has come to life, officials are encouraging locals to breathe through towels to prevent respiratory problems. more on those stories and everything else we've been covering on the website. >> roits anrights and raids. riots and raids. >> our campaign has the momentum, you are the momentum, look around you tonight. >> bernie sanders hopes this weekend caucus week is the sign this campaign can go the distance. opponents of a north carolina bill sue the state.
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is. >> this is be al jazeera america live from new york city, i'm richelle carey. say faycal c was blocked with lack of evidence. while there was wide speculation that the man in the hat caught on airport security footage was faycalc. meanwhile, the death toll rose to 35 after four people died of their injuries. >> translator: this is a provisional figure, we still have a lot of body parts that we have to analyze. we may unfortunately find
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victims who have not yet been identified. >> far right demonstrators in brussels, hundreds of protesters stormed center of the city. aal jazeera's jacky rowland is n brussels with the latest. >> reporter: we have been getting information now about the follow-up on raids happened on sunday and 13 addresses both in brussels and in cities north of the country. police are now saying that three people arrested during those raids are now being charged, have been charged in connection with terrorist activities. the police had said that they had arrested and charged a man that they made faycal c. as participation in terrorist activities, terrorist murders and attemptterrorist murders. the police did not at any stage specifically say that faycal c was the third man in that cctv
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message. a lot of the speculation in recent days over the past days has proven correct that so far the police have not specifically said that faycal c is the man in the image. there has been a lot of reporting in the belgian media, was that faycal c is faycal cheffou, a man man posing as ben media. they believe he is the third plan in that image. >> jacky rowland from be brussels. few hundred miles away from those demonstrations in the city of lahor, pakistani christians and muslims are bureauying their
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dead. at least 70 people were killed most of them women and children. more than 300 people were also injured most of them critically. a short time ago the prime minister announced he is cancelling his trip to washington for nuclear security summit. back here in the u.s., brush off three caucus wins. bernie sanders wants another debate with hillary clinton. despite wins in alaska, hawaii and washington, sanders still lags behind hillary clinton in the delegate counts. the number widens when you add in the superdelegate number. >> bernie sanders won in alaska, washington and hawaii. >> our campaign is the campaign of energy, momentum, which will lead to large voter turnout in november and victory.
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>> reporter: the largely white, liberal democratic elect rats in those pacific states are the kind of voters sanders had done well among throughout his campaign. while hillary clinton had this a strong following in more diverse states including ohio, florida and north carolina. >> the only guy standing up for us the average person or even everybody is bernie sanders. so i'm going with sanders. >> the system is broken and there's really only one candidate that will not try to go through incremental change, he'll try to make a lot of change at once. >> reporter: but even after the trio of wins, sanders still lags far behind clinton in the all important delegate count. it takes 2383 delegates to win the nomination. clinton has 1234 pledged delegates. sanders hap has 956.
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sanders would have to win 56% of all the remaining activity in >> i think we'll end up with more pledged delegates than secretary clinton. >> i know the stakes get high are by the day. >> reporter: because the delegates are awarded proportionally, clinton will pick up diligence in proirms shs she loses. new york, hillary clinton represented for eight years in the u.s. senate and in pennsylvania where she achieved a significant victory back in 2008 in her nomination battle with barack obama. rob reynolds, al jazeera, washington. >> lincoln mitchell joins us from san francisco.
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lincoln, thank you as always for your time. >> my pleasure. >> bernie sanders says he has the momentum. is that true? >> well clearly he has the momentum. whether he's going to have the delegates, is a separate question. momentum is what candidates say when in sports, they don't have anything else to say. momentum can be easily overstate. >> would more debates help him or would it help secretary clinton? who would it help? >> it's not clear. hillary clinton is a very good debater, we've seen that over and over again. calling for more debates is a symbolic challenge of the narrative hey i'm being pushed off the stage. unless he's more prepared to talk about things like foreign policy which i think are potential strengths for him, but he hasn't been able to exploit, doesn't know how to talk about
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them. it's more likely to freeze the debate more than anything else. >> you are right a lot of people don't see it that way. how do you see it? >> as i see it, the core message of bernie sanders on foreign policy that the u.s. and u.s. military is not answer to every problem that faces the world. and a hawkish approach to foreign policy is not what our country needs. hillary clinton is much closer to being a foreign policy hawk. ideologically or potentially that could be an advantage for bernie sanders. he's not able to talk about it and when it is, he gives surface answers, goes back to criticizing hillary clinton for a mistake she made in 2002 when she voted for the iraq war. her deep deep knowledge of every aspect of fortune policy some thus for sanders turning a
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strength into a weakness. >> secretary of staten john kerry said the presidential race lincoln has caused awkward questions for him overseas. in fact he told face the nation on cbs worldwide that people are shocked by the presidential campaign. listen to this. >> it upsets people's sense of continuuequilibrium, to some dei must say to you some of the questions the way they're posed to me it's clear to me that what's happening is an embarrassment to our country. >> lincoln are you shocked by the comments from the secretary or is that something you would expect to be happening? >> i've actually experience they'd myself. i think secretary is largely right in that this is kind of an embarrassment to the country. however i think he's wrong how steadily people view the united states but he's the secretary of state. i've recently been in a country with a history of not great elections, will it be fraudulent
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will it be fair. and for the first time in that country i had more questions about what the heck was going on in the united states rather than what to expect in the next election there. i think in john kerry's comments the ones you quoted there are very delicate. the real issue is the rise of donald trump. the candidate who says we should get out of nato without knowing what maybe nato is, and keeping all muslims out of the united states. this is an embarrassment, our allies should be concerned about a trump presidency as should all americans. >> released a transcript and olot of people have dissected it and just objectivively speaking not even the politics of it there are a lot of things in there he just factually just gok wrong. got wrong. do his supporters care about that? >> i was on the faculty of columbia university for eight
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years. hillary clinton knows so much. i'm not going to say what donald trump would have received in my class but i have a son who is ajunior in high school and if somebody came to his international relations class that ill-prepared he wouldn't have passed. it's embarrassing how little donald trump knows about foreign policy, but that ignorance is a core appeal and a core principle of the trump campaign. so not only do his voters not care that he really probably doesn't know the difference between i don't know, nato and the osce or something like that, but it is a matter of pride and they think that actually knowing that is a sense of weakness or internationalism or something. so his ignorant isn't hurting him at least in the primary. >> lincoln, good to see you. we like seeing you in the studio but we know we can't have you all the time. thank you. my pleasure. the politician rob bla
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blagojevich is serving 14 year sentence, blagojevich was convictof attempting to sell president barack obama's vacant senate seat. next police superintendent of chicago is expected to be flounced this afternoon. but hermela aregawi reports not everyone is on the post with his choice. last summer the chicago police board was tasked with finding a replacement for gary mccarthy. >> please vote by raising your hands. >> reporter: about two weeks ago the board announced it had selected three candidates from 39 applicants. >> the applicants came from in and outside the city of chicago
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and were be diverse in ethnic background. >> ann alex, cedric, and yo euge williams. black and latinoa alderman had hopes of make the announcement from within the department. a spokesma spokesman confirmed it's unclear whether the mayor's looking to ultimately give the job to johnson or if the move was to force the police board to come one a second round of candidates. under city code the mayor's required to select the candidate
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selected by the board but rejecting the three candidates resets that process. hermela aregawi, al jazeera. every two hours, someone walk is struck and killed by a car in the u.s. and often the driver is not punished for the crime. >> running people over is not an accident. it is a homicide and should be treated as a homicide. >> up next some stricter punishment for drunk drivers. and lawsuit over a controversial north carolina law.
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>> the state of north carolina is now being sued over a controversial law that bans local communities from passing lgbt protections. the federal suit filed this morning is being brought by two transgender residents and a lesbian. the law overturned an ordinance allowing people to use thei bats based on gender identity. no response from the governor's office. meanwhile, georgia's governor has followed through on plans on a bill, that allows faith based services to lgbt residents. passed overwhelmingly in the state senate, many big companies including time-warner, disney and the nfl be prompted to pull business if it became law. al jazeera april patricia sabg's patricia sabgasays.
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many don't face charges. >> 30-year-old victoria was a art clear living in new york. >> she was at her highest point break through with her career. i felt she was in love. i felt that she was truly happy. is. >> reporter: but everything changed on december 6th. victoria was out christmas shopping with her boyfriend on this brooklyn street when an suv drove into the crosswalk, jumped the curb and struck her. >> take me back to that night. >> i was settling down, in my normal boring sunday evening take my shoes off when my son came running in. frankie, to tell me, we have to go to brooklyn immediately. it's very important something land to victoria. and i walk into the hospital and i said to peter: what are they
1:49 pm
doing for victoria. needle in front of me and said mommy, victoria is dead. i started pounding my chest. i don't know why. i just -- make to hit myself, i don't know why, it was just so painful. >> reporter: victoria's family returned to the scene of the crash. >> this is exactly the scene. >> the man who killed victoria, 39-year-old marlin sewel, was uninsured and driving suspended. >> he claimed he had a carbon monoxide leak in the car. >> what were you expecting would be the minimum punishment? >> i thought he would be charged withen manslaughter and go to jail for at least ten years. >> reporter: instead he was charged with a low level
1:50 pm
misdemeanor. shortly afterwards, the dmv reinstated his license. sewel admitted at the scene he might have felt lightheaded and was unclear whether it was safe for him to drive. why have you not charged the defendant with reckless driving? victor's case is not exceptional. in cases where drugs and alcohol are not a factor, it's not unusual for drivers who kill or injure pedestrians are given little or no punishment. >> i am dumbfounded, it's shock being to see so many die or are injured on a crosswalk and no one gets wra with anything moree than a misdemeanor. >> a spokesperson told al
1:51 pm
jazeera: new york state traffic safety resource prosecutor joe mccormick have been dealing with reckless driving cases for 20 years. >> the criminally negligent homicide statute is worded like many other states but our court interpretations of that statute are dramatically more restrictive. they require a moral blame worthiness of that doesn't appear in the statute. >> game change bill, introduced last year in the new york state legislature it would bring felony charges against unlicensed drivers or those driving on a suspended license who serials injur seriously injl
1:52 pm
someone. >> getting it on the governor's desk this year. >> i work with families across the five boroughs, they want their day in court. >> caroline is with new york state transportation alternatives. >> we watched mothers against drunk driving set a fire around the issue of drunk driving and i think we're starting to see that happen with wreckless driving. >> reporter: a shift flected in vision zero, a program aimed at eliminating are tract fatalities. -- traffic fatalities. >> director of the vision zero network. >> we have got to send a message through the law through media that these actions can kill and
1:53 pm
change lives and ruin lives do have impacts. is. >> i think this is the power of the cultural change that are happening. it is families like victoria's families that are brave enough to speak out and rail against the status quo. >> running over someone is not an accident, not a misdemeanor, it is a ho homicide. >> patricia sabga reporting there. additional charges can be brought at any time pending the results of the investigation but it's been nearly four months since the crash and so far that has not happened. an estimated 23,000 people die as a result of superbug. up next, scientists looking in deep dark places to find cures. with
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al jazeera america. >> the first ecofriendly hotel in chile is being built in the port city of valparaiso. the hotel is being built completely of recycled shipping boxes. hotel's owners hope it will bring more traffic to the area. thousands die every year because of superbugs. daniel lak explains possible cures. >> reporter: a deep cave beneath canada's rocky mountains.
1:57 pm
it's dark and wet. yet even a subterranean stream can't stop these intrepid cave explorers from reaching remote areas where humans haven't been before. there is life here, bacteria in the soil that hasn't been exposed to today's drugs and diseases. expedition leader nick viera is part of the front. >> people are looking at these extreme environments now especially underground. i'm still learning to find out what they're actually using half the samples we are collecting for. >> reporter: the dirt from deep down ends up here at thompson university's department of microbiology. put in petri dishes. having a startling effect. >> about 100 bacteria that my students isolated and show
1:58 pm
promising activity. in a nutshell we have found very good groups of cave back steer ya that produce metabolites that kill especially multidrug resistant bacteria. >> exhaustive approval process in place for medicines today means new bacteria from the cave may not be used on patients for years to come but the growing process still speeds things up about. >> i think we need to widen our tool box. if you think of it as a tool box i mean you know to have aibs as antibiotics, we are running out of tools and we need to fill the tool box. >> for nick, it is part of the reason he ventures into many of the world's deep and fascinating caves.
1:59 pm
>> we don't know. we are continually discovering things, we can even go back to some of the original caves we've been in and discover new specious thaspeciesthat nobody't before. >> reporter: now scientists are beginning to slayer in their fanches -- to share in their fascination. buried underground but slowly coming to light. daniel lak, al jazeera in canada's rocky mountains. >> the white house is celebrating easter today with the annual easter egg roll. weather was a little gray but there were lots of kids and families on the south lawn. the obamas were there as you can tell with with the big bunny. the easter egg hunt dates back over 100 years, the people who were there were part of a
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lottery. thank you for joining us. stay tuned for news live from london, keep it here. >> this is al jazeera. >> hello i'm barbara serra, this is the newshour live from london. coming up np in the next 60 minutes. pakistan to launch a paramilitary crack down after the lahor bombing, 29 children were among the 70 killed. and this as thousands rally again in support of pakistan's blasphemy laws. also coming up belgian police release