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tv   Your World This Morning  Al Jazeera  March 4, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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♪ the last person that hillary clinton wants to face is donald trump that i can tell you. >> move on and with all respect we have questions. >> reporter: personal attacks, a verbal slug fest at last night's presidential debate and will the revolt of the frontrunner slow donald trump's momentum. guns in the hands of children and a proposed law in iowa to allow kids to use firearms at any age. a man donated houses to the homeless and why the properties are now being seized. ♪
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trying to con people to give them the vote like coning these people to give them money. >> the real con artist is senator marco rubio who was elected in florida and has the worst voting record. >> reporter: less than two weeks to go before the contest to make donald trump the presidential nominee bad blood flowed between the frontrunner and candidates trying to stop them and welcome to your world this morning i'm stephanie sy. >> and i'm del walters and despite the insults at the end donald trump rivals saying they will support him in he is the nominee and one moment of unity in an angry and ugly night >> we are live in detroit and diane it was another republican spectacle can insults going below the belt you could say. >> you bet stephanie. it was a verbal blood bath last night especially for donald
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trump because marco rubio and ted cruz were in full attack mode. blasting trump on everything from his character to the way he has run his businesses and at some points it became out and out personal. >> he referred to my hands, if they are small something else must be small. i guaranty you there is no problem. i guaranty. >> reporter: frontrunner donald trump was on defense thursday night standing up for his man hood, his policies and his business decisions. >> he has spent a career of convincing americans he is something he is not in exchange for their money, now he is trying to do the same in exchange for their country, this is a fact and talks about the great businesses he has built and inherited over 100 million dollars. >> wrong, wrong. >> reporter: donald trump faced a waive of attacks as senator marco rubio and senator ted cruz tried to stop him, cruz challenged the businessman on his conservative yeah
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credentials. >> he has written checks ten times. >> reporter: fox news modera moderators did some digging into donald trump's economic plan. >> the deficit this year is $544 billion, that is more than a half trillion dollars, your numbers don't add up sir on medicare. >> sifting through negotiations throughout the economy you will save $300 billion a year. >> the deficit. >> reporter: pressed him on immigration policies and in an off the record interview the business man said he might be more flexible on immigration. >> you have to be able to have some flexibility, some negotiation, now sometimes you ask for more than you want and you negotiate down to the point. >> reporter: then they called him out for flip-flopping. >> you change your tune on so many things and that has some people saying what is his core? >> megan i have a very strong core, i have a very strong core but i've never seen a successful
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person who wasn't flexible, who didn't have a certain degree of flexibility, you have to have a certain degree of flexibility. >> reporter: governor john kasich in his limited speaking time said he wanted to be the adult on stage and touted his record. >> i was with ronald regan and i was there when he rebuilt the economy and i was there and i worked with him. i knew ronald regan. >> reporter: after the trash talk in center stage. >> breathe, you can do it, breathe, i know it's hard, i know it's hard but just. >> when they are done with the yoga can i answer a question? >> you cannot. >> i really hope we don't see yoga on this stage. >> he is very flexible so you never know. >> reporter: everyone agrees they would support donald trump if he was the nominee. >> if he is the republican nominee. >> yes because i gave my word i would so if he ends up as the nominee sometimes it makes it a
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little bit hard but you know i will support whoever is the republican nominee for president. >> reporter: but donald trump is not the nominee yet, the next two weeks of the campaign will be vital with several win or take all contests starting march 15th. now both marco rubio and kasich have to win home states of florida and ohio respectfully to remain viable candidates. >> that is right and diane tell us what was going on outside of the debate and there were demonstrations against the flint water crisis, what were the protesters saying? >> yeah, there were about 300 protesters out here last night and they were protesting on a number of issues including the flint water crisis, those protesters were directing most anger not at the presidential candidates but at governor rick snyder here in michigan. >> and going back to the candidates getting ready for the weekend contest what are they doing today? >> well we know today that
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donald trump, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are going to be here in michigan campaigning. the other candidates are going to be fanning out to other states. there is some speculation that ben carson may be making an announcement today about suspending his campaign. >> he was not present at the debate last night and diane esther brook in detroit and thanks diane. war of words beginning long before the start of last night's debate and the formal presidential nominee mitt romney denouncing donald trump office run and calling him unfit for office and danger to the party and nation and al jazeera david shoe sterhas the latest. >> donald trump is a phony and fraud and the promises like trump university. >> reporter: mitt romney was unrelenting and 2012gop presidential nominee attacked trump as immoral and cruel and said a trumel election would be
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horrific and lead america in abyss. >> it would lead to reis -- recession and unsafe and not the temperament or judgment to be president and his personal qualities would mean that america would cease to be a shining city on a hill. >> reporter: romney listed those personal qualities one by one. >> the bullying, the greed, the showing off, the masogny, the absurd third grade theatrics. >> mitt is a failed candidate, he failed horribly. >> reporter: trump noted it was romney's loss four years ago that gave barack obama a second term. trump said romney had everything going for him during the 2012 election. >> governor romney go out and get them you can do it. >> reporter: including his endorsement. >> i backed mitt romney, i backed him, you can see how
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loyal he is. he was begging for my endorsement. i could have said mitt drop to your knees, he would have dropped to his knees. he was begging. >> reporter: after that imagery trump delivered this. >> mitt is indeed a choke artist, he choked and he choked like i've never seen anyone choke. >> reporter: the insults and taunts come as a critical juncture and panic among party leaders who fear he has no chance in the general election, cost could the gop control of congress and yet may soon be unstoppable. trump's rivals of course agree. >> if we choose donald trump as nominee he will have carried out the most elaborate con job in the history of politics. >> reporter: to block donald trump they are urging gop supporters to support marco rubio and john kasich and ted cruz in whatever state he has
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the best chance of beating donald trump and denying victories in states that are winner take all could conceivably reach the delegates needed for the delegation and spark in turn a brokered convention. >> if the can't diplomats can find some common ground i believe we can nominate a person to win the general election and represent the values and policies of conservism. >> reporter: the biggest problem is that romney represents the very establishment that donald trump has built his campaign against and some political strategies say it's just as likely saying the attack may help donald trump >> when you watch a light weight, think about it. >> reporter: chris christie who endorsed donald trump says he doesn't always agree with his policies or rhetoric but says the g o p should think about the bigger picture. >> as a republican i feel strongly about making sure that hillary clinton does not become president of the united states and i believe donald trump is the best person of those
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remaining to do that. >> reporter: david shuster, al jazeera. stay with us in our next hour we are going to be talking about all of this with lincoln mitchell for the new york observer with the fireworks and whether romney's strategy is going to work. democrats and hillary clinton heads to detroit today and will layout plans for creating jobs and her husband will be in nebraska today urging people to vote, on thursday bill clinton campaigned for his wife in mississippi and jackson said she will continue the work of reducing poverty and creating economic opportunities and mississippi holds its democratic primary on tuesday and this weekend in maine, kentucky, louisiana, kansas and nebraska that is where senator bernie sanders was campaigning at the university of nebraska in lincoln. >> when millions of people stand up and fight back and demand that washington starts representing working families
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rather than billionaires we will have real change. >> reporter: sticking to his message saying voters need to think outside the box to create real change. >> president obama says he and the rest of his family are not going to be leaving dc at the end of the first term and will stay in the capitol until the youngest daughter finished high school and she will graduate in 2018 and his oldest daughter heading out to college later this year and the white house saying the affordable care act reached 20 million americans up from september and about 17 1/2 million americans were registered for healthcare under the act. president obama making that announcement in milwaukee on thursday, that city enrolling more uninsured residents than any other place in the country. >> we got more work to do but you have shown us when ordinary citizens come together as a community and family and roll up our sleeves and look out for one another is when change happens
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and when we very at our best and keep building a country that lives up to highest ideas and i could not be prouder. >> reporter: republicans trying to repeal the affordable care act since it was passed in 2010, the republican controlled house has voted more than 50 times trying to end obamacare. vice president joe biden calling on senate republicans to back down and consider the president's supreme court nominee and he delivered points in a "new york times" published today and new cnn-orc poll finds 58% of americans would like to see president obama fill the vacancilet by the death of scalia and 41% say that should be left for the winner of the 2016 election. snowstorm is moving through the north east this morning and let's bring in metrologist nicole mitchell and good morning. >> and mid-atlantic getting more of the snow so if you are in the central united states and places like maryland with a live shot out of there this morning and depends where you are, if you are on the northern fridge it
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may be 1-2" and in the core of in this has been 2-3, isolated spots especially if there is rain involved, you know, up to 4-5. but he did not clean off the roof. nor did this one. and you hate being the person behind when the snow comes flying back and it's nice for the person behind you. looking at the system as we kind of zoom in and mid atlantic getting more and by the time we get up to new england it starts to taper off and depends where you are and have advisories and this is clearing off the coastline so a lot of these go through midday or a little in the afternoon but still winter storm concerns. it's getting late in the season for it especially this far south so there are some slick roads this morning and back behind this it doesn't look as impressive and it will not stay as impressive but this area in the midwest will move through so this clears today and the next one moving there the great lakes
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and start to see this a little in the day tomorrow and moves through the great lakes and then some hit and miss activity moving into the northeast behind that and a their wise they will have a much more quiet weekend once wae we get rid of the rain and we will see temperatures slowly nudging warmer and minneapolis in the 30s and down even into the south atlanta 57 there was some snow with the system that made it into georgia and by the time we get into tomorrow some of the temperatures go up about ten degrees and it will feel comfortable for saturday. >> for the snow that is it? >> never say never it's march. >> nicole thank you. japan's prime minister suspending work on the controversial military base in okinawa, relocation of the marine corps base is a point of contention between japanese government official and moving it to a remote area but people in japan say they want it
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government altogether, the process of moving the base has long been delayed by disputes and this morning the state agency in north korea reporting that kim jong-un pars natural be put on stand by a day after the u.n. imposed the tough economic actions against kim jong-un and refrain from actions that aggravate tensions. this morning the u.n. admitting a sharp rise in sexual allegations by the support and the report from the secretary-general say 99 cases in 10 countries in 2015 that is up from 80 the year before. most allegations are against peace keepers, international police and u.n. staff have also been accused and for the first time the u.n. is listing the nationalitys of the accused abusers from ten countries and mostly europe and africa and al jazeera catherine has more from
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nirobi. >> with minors and i'm kate peace keepers mainly from several african and european countries and countries like burundi and tanzania and south africa being named, you can catch france as well, canada is also named in that report. and this report is coming out from countries that have people there who desperately need the united nations peace keepers for their safety, countries like haiti, mali, the democratic republic of congo and ivory coast and central african republic where we have 22 reported sexual abuse cases in the democratic republic of congo there are 16 cases so this is a very serious report, very embarrassing for the united nations is under a lot of pressure to act decisively son some on some cases and if you go to the democratic republic of
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congo you hear civilians complaining about the mission that are there saying it's not just the case of being sexually abused and not just the case of human right abuses but the democratic republic of congo or the u.n. mission there has been accused of slow response especially after attacks, some of these attacks happened very close to u.n. bases and some of the issues that have been raised of people saying what are the u.n. missions doing in some countries and they are not helping us. >> we are going to have more on the story coming up, in the next hour and al jazeera catherine is reporting from nairobi. arming children with guns. proposed measure in iowa with guns in the hands of kids of all ages and the state representative said we do not need a militia of toddlers. who donated the houses and why the city of los angeles is now taking them away.
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there has been a lot of attention this week on a new gun law in iowa and limit age restrictions for who could use a firearm. >> now it says 14 years or older to operate a handgun but the new law would allow anyone under the age of 21 can use a gun with adult supervision anyone and passed the house and awaiting the senate and if passed it will be effective immediately and we have a democratic iowa state representative and joining us via skype from cedar rapids and thanks for being with us and we want to use your words we do not need a militia of toddlers do you envision children as hold as
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four or five holding a handgun in your state? >> well, the law that was before us did not put any minimum on it or did not talk about children who were in competition so in the conversation before mine on the house floor was about the second amendment and the right to form a militia and bear arms and my comment came from that commentary that was there, i have a very strong supporter of the second amendment and doesn't follow what we have in iowa and moving us forward. >> right no in 20 states and eight-year-old can both legally buy a shotgun and posses it, you believe as you said in the second amendment and actually worked in a gun store for five years and you think the measure goes too far. >> this measure takes away all
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age so one-year-old and two-year-old and three-year-olds and to my best knowledge there are handgun that fit that of children and it is unfortunate because we are working on an extreme bill when we have other priorities with jobs and adequately funding for or kids and fixing the mess the governor made. >> do you think that parents will let kids handle guns and parents in your state would be that irresponsible? >> iowans are smart people. we -- i did receive some e-mails from people talking about parents' right and decide if their four-year-old or three-year-old is right if they were able to mentally do that but right now the bill that was before us just does not
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represent any of the priorities that i have to bring forward to the iowa legislature at this moment when we have so many other important things to work on moving forward. children that young i mean the bill could have put a minimum age in or talked about children who needed to use handguns for competitions but instead there is no age minimum. >> why not, why didn't they put a minimum wage or age excuse me in there? >> you would have to ask them. it was not my bill obviously and i did not see that allowing handgun training for all ages of all children in eye way as a priority to move forward. >> do you think it will lead to accidental deaths and they say 48 everyday are shot under the age of 18 but a lot of them are small children, 7 of them die, many taking their own lives, are you afraid the legislation will
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cause the numbers to go up as opposed to go down? >> children don't have the mental capacity to make decisions when it comes to handguns, not all -- handguns in general are smaller and easier for children to use or work with or manipulate and you know moving forward the state of iowa is a wonderful state, i'm proud to live there and call it home and we have so many other priorities with education and good jobs here in the state of iowa and working towards that instead of you know extreme bill that says that sets perimeters for training all ages of children with handguns. >> joining us from cedar rapids and thanks for being with us this morning. >> thank you. some of apple's biggest competitors are taking the side on the fight against fbi and google and facebook and microsoft and twitter and linked-in and yahoo signed on a
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legal brief and oppose for apple to develop new software to get in an encrypted iphone used by a san bernardino shooters and there are briefs in support of the fbi. up next, demanding justice. >> a white police officer charged in the death of an unarmed man and both sides are outraged. what the soccer star is saying she is going to do to help study brain injuries.
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>> pushing the boundaries of science. >> we are on the tipping point. >> we can save species. >> it's the biggest question out there. >> it's a revolutionary approach. >> we are pushing the boundaries. >> techknow is going to blow
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your mind. >> our experts go inside the innovations, impacting you. >> this is the first time anybody's done this. >> i really feel my life changing. >> techknow, where technology meets humanity. only on al jazeera america. ♪ welcome back to your world this morning, republican presidential candidates back on the campaign trail after a fearry debate last night, senators marco rubio and ted cruz laced into frontrunner donald trump but in the end donald trump's rivals said they would support him if he wins the nomination. >> time and time again in this campaign you have told the voters one thing and reversed yourself within weeks or sometimes days. >> i have a very strong core, i have a very strong core but i've never seen a successful person who wasn't flexible. >> that is how we restore credibility. >> there is a difference between
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flexibility and telling people whatever you need them to say to get them to do what you want them to do. >> reporter: the war of words began long before the start of last night's debate and gop mitt romney going on attack on thursday calling donald trump unfit for office and a danger to the party and the nation. >> there is plenty of evidence that mr. trump is a con man, a fake, mr. trump has changed his positions not just over the years but over the course of the campaign and on the ku klux klan for daily for three days in a row and will only know if he is a real deal or phony if he releases his tax returns. >> we are joined via skype from portland, maine and is there because that is where donald trump spend time yesterday blasting mitt romney at one of his rallies and did mitt romney move the needle at all yesterday? >> i think he moved the needle among the people who are already
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move and interestingly enough it was hillary clinton super pac that put out a video immediately showing donald trump and mitt romney being lauditory when he endorsed him in 2012 and he is trying to maybe create fantasy but i don't know how much romney has and a charicture republican in an angry donald trump face and don't see how that moves people. this is interesting because the vulgarities and cruz didn't attack rubio and rubio did not attack cruz and do you think he is joining forces and what happens to the party if they take the nomination away from donald trump? >> can we just pause for a moment and think, i mean it's a good question but three years ago the notion that ted cruz and marco rubio were the republican
7:31 am
establishment shows you how far the party has moved and how desperate the republican establishment is and people are terrified of ted cruz as donald trump and having said that i'm not sure you can speak about a coordinated effort so much on realization on the parts of rubio and cruz and if we don't take donald trump out now he is going to march to the nomination so they realize these kind of tactics of i have to stop bush here and kasich here and if he goes this way it's over and what we saw last night. [switching captioners] combined to nominate other than trump, 9/11 othe,. >> if donald trump only needs to win 51% of the remaining delegates to be the nominee, he hasn't won 51% so far. but another interesting statistic is this.
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if caifng win kasich wins ohio,o wins florida, trump needs to winfully 58%, that seems like a mountain he cannot climb. now, the question that's not being addressed by the republican leadership, what happens with a convention with 48% of the delegates at the very least being trump delegates can you force those delegates to accept, i don't know, pawn ryan president -- pall ryan presidency? for the republican party, losing with paul ryan may in fact be winning with donald trump. >> lynn, is donald trump bad or good for the democrats? it is a wide margin, if donald trump gets the nomination, well
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he energize the democratic base the same way he will the republican base? >> i think so. however, if i can make a sports analogy, when i'm rooting for my team in the playoffs, i don't care who they play in the world series. sometimes that opponent can surprise you. democrats who are also americans need othey about what is worse? marco rubio presidency or donald trump presidency? clearly, hillary clinton wants to run against donald trump but the stakes are much, much high higher. >> let's go forward, if the party maintains the positions that it has, the tough stance on immigration, the tough stance on muslim 74% of republican voters polled say they support a ban on muslims coming into the country,
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what some consider to be an assault on women and other mierts, caminorities, can the p, with pennsylvania, new york, ohio, et cetera? >> i'm not sure what it would take for republican party to win new york state. >> take that one off the map. >> that's not going to happen. it is a tough demographic contest for the republican party. they knew this was coming. we didn't get surprised to hear the white population is dropping. what the primary is problem pr e republican party is captive of the base. this looks like the republican party, circa 1972. ten years ago, 12 years ago, place like arizona and nevada were not really in play for a two-candidate race. today they very much are.
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if this keeps going in this direction, ted cruz's home state will be in play pretty soon. it's not about getting a symbolic latino vote or african american vote. bumping up numbers among white voters even more, only way is to moderate on social issues. there are a lot of voters remarkeregardless of race or et, with their prejudice dison lgbt people, views on reproductive rights, they are losing the republican establishment. a lot of the republican establishment voted for clinton twice and bush twice. >> thank you very much. thank you. >> shooting death of an unarmed manneafrican american man.
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>> relieved that the officer who shot and killed 58-year-old gregary gun will face murder charges. >> i think he is smiling down now that justice has been served. >> gun died when 23-year-old police officer aaron smith stopped him on the streets of montgomery, alabama. he was patrolling alone around 3 a.m. smith said he saw someone carrying what he thought was a weapon, reports are it was a stick or painter's poll. when he stopped gun, the 58-year-old tried to run. >> there was a slight struggle, which continued for a block or so, the officer shot and killed the officer. >> louder louder every time he called and banging on the door.
7:37 am
>> smith's attorney now says his client fears for his life and only arrested because montgomery is a majority black city with a history of black confrontations. >> we believe these charges are brought to prevent public unrest. >> gun's mother says she hopes smith and his partner will come to her son's funeral this saturday. >> i want both of those officers to go to church with me at the funeral. if it can't be done, well, done and well good. >> at 23, officer smith is actually a four year veteran of the montgomery police force who according to his lawyer was known for taking shifts others didn't want to take. a group of fellow officers donated the money that allowed smith to make his bail. >> tell us about the person that was killed.
7:38 am
>> he lived with his mother, earned money doing odd jobs. his only arrest was a decade ago, for stealing a refrigerator. no known history of violence. >> thank you. search for a rape and murder suspect in mississippi. escaped from the county jail, forced to give up the keys to his cell. he is accused of the rape of a 69-year-old woman. >> can one of these officers charged in freddy gray's death be forced to testify against the others? al jazeera's paul beban has more. >> it is a question that could decide the fate of the baltimore police officers on trial in the freddy gray case. can officer william porter be both a defendant and a witness?
7:39 am
porter is the first of six officers charged in connection with gray's death in april 2014, to have gone on trial. he wasn't directly involved in gray's arrest and was not driving police van where gray suffered fatal injuries. nevertheless, prosecutors charged porter with manslaughter saying he could have put a seat belt on gray or called for medical attention. in december porter's trial ended in a hung jury. prosecutors want to call him as a witness in the trials of the other officers involved including cesar goodson, who faces the most serious charges, second degree murder. prosecutors argued thursday before maryland's court of appeals that because porter has been granted immunity in exchange for his testimony he should testify. anything he says in the other trials can't be used against
7:40 am
him. but porter's defense team wasn't buying it. defense attorneys argue that forcing porter to testify against the other police officers forces him to become a liar against his own case. and doesn't protect him against a potential perjury charge. >> that guy is going to have to go to the doctor, can't make it through book process. they believe porter was truthful when he said that. sergeant white in her statement says that never happened. so sergeant white answer interests are materially adverse to sergeant porter's testimony. >> could turn jurors against him and endanger his right to a fair trial. >> so it's the defense's position that they have made their position, porter is a defendant, he is a defendant. see if they can prove it beyond
7:41 am
a reasonable doubts. the other officers don't have skin in the game. >> it is not clear whether the cases against the other officers can go forward. the judge acknowledged this is a case in uncharted territory. >> this is the first time we have really had a defendant be a witness. >> the other officers' cases have been put on hold, until this case plays out. paul beban, new york. >> this morning some activists in flint are calling upon the governor of michigan to pay his own legal bills. rick snyder says he is using government funds to pay for his defense. the water situation has already topped $140 million. he says flint needs more federal help to fix its infrastructure. there is a report in the daily beast that says, it says lee has put a secret hold on the bill,
7:42 am
this week the senat house minory leader nancy pelosi. >> outbreak the elizabeth bacteria has been linked to the deaths of at least 18 people since december. another two dozen have gotten sick. most of the patients are elderly with serious underlying conditions. the cdc has no theories yet for how it started. there are new developments over the zika virus, revenuers have determined a second more obscure mosquito could carry it. >> brendbrandy chastain has agro
7:43 am
donate her brain to science. a number of athletes have decide andiedover the concussion issue. tiny house he are causing more problems than they solve. al jazeera's melissa chan reports. >> more than 10,000 people sleep ton streets of los angeles. sheltering in tents, under sheets or cardboard. the city faces one of the most serious homeless crises in the couple. last year elvis summers decided he wanted to do something for the people he walked by so frequently. >> i wanted them to feel they had something real, even temporary, as it is, to give them much needed shelter now
7:44 am
until permanent housing can be available. >> with crowd donated funds, summers started building tiny houses, six feet long eight feet wide and seven and a half feet tall, an american flag outside and two windows. each costs $1200. >> this one here. >> the light blue one. >> kevin green started living in one three months ago. >> why do you like this better than a tent? >> two reasons. one, two. >> he shows us how he now has solar power. >> solar power, he it lasts all night. >> but the tiny house movement play not last too long. the city started confiscating them two weeks ago. the city said city sanitation workers found evidence of
7:45 am
neeltdneedles. >> these encampments had trouble in the neighborhood. >> what was it like when the police came in? >> boom boom boom boom boom, open up. >> he says in a tent his things are constantly stolen. >> they cut through my tent. >> he is back to the merry go round. there used to be several tiny house he on the street. irene mcgegee isgee says she pra tiny home. >> i'm not about that, i'm about peace. i have more peace of mind out there than i'm sure i would have in one of those shelters. >> but officials say tiny homes only sustain homelessness.
7:46 am
>> there's no heating, no leskt, it's just electricity, just a b. >> a box. i wish he could wear my shoes for one day and i'll bet he wouldn't call it a box any longer. you know? he call it a box. it may be a box to him but that doesn't help him or that doesn't help any -- no one, everyone needs somewhere to live, someplace, somewhere, i felt that was mine. >> reporter: summers says he will keep building. >> for someone who has nothing it may be a castle. >> the city will need to get on board. until then, those who choose the streets will have to settle for little mor other than a roof ovr
7:47 am
their heads. melissa chan, al jazeera. scientists think bright white spots there, could be snow, made from water that condensed from methane in plut pluto's thin atmosphere. i don't think you can eat that snow. >> looking down and will see -- >> can i find some snow for you. in a couple of different places as we move across the country. what will be moving out from the east coast today, a little disturbance. this one is the last system to come out of the west, bringing snow to place he like north dakota, not a wide area of moisture with this. but if we look at the coastline you can already see on the west coast more of that moisture coming in and this is part of a larger plume. so you can see the moisture extending tall way back into the fantastic. it is going to be a wet weekend for the west coast and a lot of this starts to extend into california. some of our recent systems
7:48 am
doesn't have that. this really goes through weekend. couple of rounds coming in. it will be snow for the higher elevations but especially around some of the foothills where the rain kind of connects in and rings out a little bit more, we could have some places that get more than half a foot of rain. california and oregon border, high winds associated to all of this, some of them could gust over 70 miles per hour. >> nicole mitchell, thank you. >> after a decade a spectacular new transportation hub has opened in new york city. it sits next to the 9/11 memorial. courtney kealy has the story. >> step into the world transportation hub and gleaming ground and a signature style for
7:49 am
spanish architect. the oculust is now open. human spirit and rebirth following the september 11th attacked. the wedge of light. big, 350 feet long, 75,000 square feet of retail space. it will be packed with 250,000 commuters aday. so what do some of them think of the design? >> it is interesting, beautiful structure, great. >> not everyone is impressed. a flattering opinion from vanity fair, saying: it should be for their benefit because they paid for it. over budget and delayed, the hub cost $4 billion. $2 billion more than it was supposed to. by far the most expensive train
7:50 am
station ever built in the world. >> it cost $4 billion to do, i'm wondering where the money went, certainly worth it,. >> any architect new building makes it an instant success. courtney kealy, al jazeera. >> certainly sticks out when you go to lower manhattan. pretty cool. cigar lovers gather in cuba. and ocach a cache of cards. a family finds a billion dollar treasure stuffed in an old bag.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
>> you're going to love this. excitement in montgomery texas last thursday, as tiger woods revealed a new golf course he designed. but an 11-year-old stepped up to the tee and did this. [cheering and applause] >> you saw it, fair to say
7:54 am
everyone watching taylor crosier's hole in one was very, very impressed. he got the big hug from tiger woods. >> seven rare ty cobb cards were found in a paper bag in a run down house. the family that found them are staying anonymous. we do know the cards were presented 1909 to 1911. so rare one appraiser says it's hard to put a value on them but likely close to $1 million approximately. >> for the first times americans are there since the travel restrictions are lifted. al jazeera, lucia newman is
7:55 am
there. >> the smell of tobaccos is overpowering. cigar aficionados from around the world are puffing away, competing to see who could produce the longest ash. it's not a hobby, it's a passion for men and women attending havana cigar festival. >> i would say, there are more young men and women who are owner developing the hobby. >> to learn how to roll a cigar. >> it looks easy enough. but it is very difficult, and people are coming here from all over the world to learn how to do it. among them george from new york, who says he smoked his first cuban cigar before the embargo that barred bringing them into the country. >> my father was a physician. he gave me a box when i was 17
7:56 am
and i was looked. >> but until now, he couldn't come here legally to smoke them. but now with the restoration of diplomatic ties between havana and washington, a number of americans are here to openly take part in the festival. >> i'm glad obama is finally opened up the gates. >> reporter: this year's festival is also special because it celebrates the 50th anniversary of cuba's premier cigar brand, rolled by hand, as are all cuban cigars. this was opened 1966 to make this, the lancero, fidel castro's favorite cigar. it was great to give as gifts in the 1982 when the coeva was put on the market for anyone to buy except the americans. now they can buy and bring home up to $100 worth, not much when you consider that many here will
7:57 am
be leaving with tens of thousands of dollars worth of cuban cigars, maybe just maybe enough to last them until next year's cigar fest. lucia newman, al jazeera, havana. >> i was wondering if anybody was going to sneeze. obviously somebody did. >> wonder how they keep the ash stacked. up next, her person experience proves clinics should stay open. >> and sexual abuse by u.n. peace keepers, as the u.n. touts its role in protecting women. >> we'll be back in two minutes with more of your world this morning. >> that harmony, that politeness and that equilibrium that japanese people call "wa." at the other side of history, fukushima's heroes were not enough. people have lost their trust, especially in the authorities.
7:58 am
the myth of nuclear energy, of it being economic, safe and clean has been swept away.
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> the last person that hillary clinton wants to face is donald trump. that i can -- >> let's move on. we have questions. >> donald trump's rivals try to tear him down as the republican establishment seems to say, anybody but trump. >> france and germany try okeep desperate people in europe. >> on alert, nuclear arsenal as
8:01 am
he pushes back against sanctions. the disturbing number of actual assaults by the people the u.n. sends in to help. he. >> signed up for this fake university and these people owe all this money now and they got nothing in return for it but you're willing to say whatever you had to say to get them their money. >> fiery words between the republican presidential capabilities as they try to stop front runner donald trump from walk wag with the nomination. welcome to your world this morning. i'm stephanie sy. >> diane estabrook is with us outside the fox theater, that's
8:02 am
where the debate took place. diane it got ugly and some would say vulgar. >> yeah, donald trump definitely on the hot seat. marco rubio and ted cruz were unrelenting in their attacks against him and at one point. things got uncomfortably personal. >> he referred to my hands as small, something else must be small, i guarantee there's no problem. i guarantee you. >> standing up for his manhood and his business experience is. >> he has convinced people that he is something he's not, this is a fact, he talks about these great businesses he's built, he inherented more than $100 million. >> wrong wrong. >> senator marco rubio and senator ted cruz teamed up in an effort to stop him.
8:03 am
>> donald trump has written checks to hillary clinton not once not twice not three times, ten times. >> reporter: the sharpest criticism came from fox moderators, who did digging into trump's economic plan. >> the defendant is 544 billion, more than half a trillion dollars. the numbers don't add up. >> reporter: the moderators also presshim on his immigration policies. the businessman suggested he might be more flexible on immigration. >> you have to be able to have some flexibility some negotiation. sometimes you ask more than you want and then you negotiate down to the point. >> you change your tune on so many things, and that has people saying what is his score?
8:04 am
>> megan i have a very strong core. i have a very strong core. [applause] >> but i've never seen a successful person who wasn't flexible, who didn't have a certain degree of flexibility. you have to have a certain degree of flexibility. >> governor john kasich in his limited speaking time said he wanted to be the adult on stage and touted his record. >> i was there when ronald reagan rebuilt the military. i worked with him. i was there when ronald reagan rebuilt the economy, i was there and i worked with him. i knew ronald reagan. >> even after all the trash talk on center stage -- >> breathe, you can do it, i know it's hard -- >> when they are done with the yoga can i answer the question? >> you cannot -- i hope we don't see yoga on this stage. >> well he's very flexible so you don't know. >> everyone disagreed they would support frumple he was the trume
8:05 am
nominee. >> i gave my word i would, if he's the nominee sometimes he makes it a little bit hard but, you know, i will support whoever is the republican nominee for president. >> but trump is not the nominee yet. the next two weeks will be vital with several win are take all contests starting march tenant. now trump is going to be campaigning here in the state of michigan today ahead of the tuesday primary here. the other candidates are fanning out to other states and there is some speculation that ben carson may be suspending his campaign today. >> diane aside from all of the noise last night did the candidates get their facts straight? >> reporter: well, the facts were a little squishy, especially whether it came to donald trump. one of the things that trump said is that the families of the 9/11 attackers should be held,ability because some of them were here just before the
8:06 am
attacks and went home and watched them on television. when in fact it's not been found that any of the families of the attackers were in the states at the time. >> diane the protesters at the fox theater where they are protesting the water crisis what did they have to say? >> they took issue on how being governor snrie der had handled the chris but rubio said that the governor had done a good job handling the crisis. >> diane estabrook, thank you very much. mitt romney called trump a danger to the party and the nation. noting romney's loss gave obama a second term.
8:07 am
also, he said trump begged him for his endorsement. >> when he calls george w. bush a liar, when he says putin is a strong leader, popular with his people, when he attacks women based on their looks or their menstrual cycle you've got a guy beyond the realm i want to support. i was welcoming his endorsements and was happy to support it, but when it comes to who i would support for president, there are a lot of folks who endorsed me who i wouldn't want to see as president. >> senator mccain is joining romney's position. >> lincoln mitchell is the facial correspond for the new york observer. i talked to him about his
8:08 am
fireworks about trump and the rest of the field and about how romney's strategy will work. >> shoag donald trump really -- showing mitt romney being so laud industry to donald trump when he endorsed him in 2012. i think be romney, becoming an elder statesman where he is the guy who comes in and saves the party, but i don't know how much strength mitt romney has in ang angry donald truman angry establishment base. >> are you convinced the republican establishment which donald trump says he is against is joining forces and what happens to the party if they take the nomination away from donald trump? >> can we pause for a moment? i think that's a good question. but three years ago the notion
8:09 am
that ted cruz and marco rubio were the republican establishment this tells you one, how far the republican party has moved and also, how desperate the republican establishment are is. people are almost as frightened of ted cruz as they are of donald trump. i don't know if you can talk about a coordinated effort, that if we don't take trump out now he is going to march to the nomination. i have to stop bush here and kasich here that's not real this way. that's what we saw last night. >> if you look at the delegate count, they combine their delegates to nominate someone other than trump, as the party said anyone other than trump will that work? >> well for example between now and the end of the primary season if donald trump only needs to win 51% of the remaining delegates to be nominee, having said that he
8:10 am
hasn't won 51% so far. but another interesting statistic is this. if kasich wins ohio, if rubio wifntion florida, and a week later ted cruz the best candidate in arizona, if he wins there of the non-florida delegates, trump needs to win fully 58%. that seems a mound can he not climb. >> now some of the wiggest names in the republican establishment coming out in an open letter, many of the prominent figures say trumplet' trump's vision isy unmoored. >> hillary clinton's husband will be in nebraska today, urging voters there to vote. in jackson, the former president told voters that hillary will work to reduce poverty, and
8:11 am
nebraska holds its primary on tuesday. maine, kentucky, kansas and nebraska that's where senator bernie sanders was campaigning at the university of nebraska in lincoln. >> when millions of people stand up and fight back, and demand that washington starts representing working families, rather than billionaires yes we will have real change in this country. >> sanders stuck to his message saying voters need to think outside the box to create real change. >> overseas leaders from across europe are meeting to talk about the war in syria and the refugees who are fleeing that war. be german chancellor angela merkel and fpt francoi french pe francois hollande.
8:12 am
francois hollande. >> it's now a wreck, when the fire was raging the emergency services reported that some people could be heard cheering the burning and that a few people deliberately hindered their efforts. those people have since had charges brought against them. the mayor of bautsen says such incidents will not deter him from providing a welcome to refugees. >> we're not going to let arsonists decide who is going to come to bautsen, what number of people and under which circumstances. we're not going to give way to these arsonists. >> but in fact, such incidents do not happen in isolation. more than 20% of all the attacks on slum seeker centers are in this state yet there are fewer asylum seekers per cap that in
8:13 am
saxony than others. other examples of antirefugee sent nmensentiment in this stat. in this house refugees are being given shelter. but just a few weeks ago, a crowd gathered outside, shouting insults and verbally intimidating the refugees who were trying to get off a bus. this video of the event went viral and in the aftermath ministers denounced what had happened. but given had a relatively few refugees have come to saxony, why is there such an antirefugee sentiment? i put that to a local academic. >> people are becoming more anxious about people coming into the country so they feel themselves justified to some kind of resistance. and that's why some of them even take refuge to violent attacks.
8:14 am
>> reporter: back in bautsen, the market is underway. this is a prosperous town germans might called cozy. it seems the growing number of residents do not agree. dominic cain. al jazeera, saxony. >> these are photos of a tiny body washed up on the beach in turkey. his brother, mother, all drown. >> japan's prime minister is agreeing to a be point of
8:15 am
contention between the japanese government and local officials. the work involves moving the base to a different area. the process of moving it has been long delayed by disputes. this morning the state news agencies in north korea has recorded that kim jong-un has ordered the nuclear arsenal be put on stand by. the pentagon is calling on north korea to, quote, refrain from provocative actions that aggravate tensions. >> if you were on the east coast you woke up to this. these are life images in new jersey, it has been snowing, and snowing hard. this morning, nicole mitchell, a lot of people are saying -- >> for march may be hard compared to what we usually see in the winter in big storms, this is not too bad. >> this has been a mild winter. >> let's put this in perspective. southern end, more rain, most of this is moving off the coastline
8:16 am
right now, although this did bring some snow as far south as i, 000 know a few people in georgia that saw a few flakes go by. new jersey is one of the few places stilt under this. one or two inches, enough to make it slick, do watch out for that. winter advisors and the winter storm warning we have, a lot of there is midday and the latest into the afternoon most of this is gone. the other system we have behind this even lesser. so we're going to watch this over the next couple of days start to move its way towards the great lakes. into the day tomorrow as we get into saturday the system that we're watching brings snow right now to north dakota, minnesota, moves to the great lakes area, you're seeing more of that in michigan and by the time we get into sunday, a little bit of this makes it to the east coast, not a lot of moisture. a lot of people will see a dry weekend after we clear out of this. temperatures in the meantime
8:17 am
have gone down behind the last system. the cool air even sunk southward, areas in the south are in the 60s today. by the time we get into tomorrow that starts to rebound, 50s go into the 60s and temperatures in the 30s go into the 40s tomorrow. so there are a couple of brief rays of sunshine as we get into the weekend. >> all right nicole, thank you. >> supreme court today considering that texas abortion law. >> we speak to one abortion advocate who says her personal story shows such laws are dangerous. >> a proposed law in iowa that would allow kids to carry guns, not the only place guns are allowed.
8:18 am
8:19 am
8:20 am
>> the supreme court is now deliberating on what many call the most significant abortion case in decades. a women's health group is suing the state of texas over a controversial law that says puts an undue burden on women seeking medical care. the bill requires doctors at abortion clinics to have admitting privileges at local hospitals. clinics also need standards close to hospitals. nicole, thank you for joining us, thank you very much for your time. you spoke publicly about your own abortion, you had the procedure i understand after 20 weeks because the fetus wasn't developing correctly. wasn't this also when wendy davis had the filibusterren on
8:21 am
the floor of the texas legislature. >> yes, my husband and i were so excited, we wanted to find out whether it was a boy or girl. the fetus was abnormal, which doesn't sound very serious but in our case it really was. we had to make a very, very difficult decision about the fate of the pregnancy and just as we were making this decision, wendy davis was standing on the floor of the texas senate defending women just like me who couldn't know before 20 weeks of gestation that this was the case with their babies. >> if the texas law we're talking about das in effec todan effect when you had your abortion, would you have had trouble getting access to an abortion? >> i wouldn't have been able to have that in the state of texas. >> what would you have done? >> we were looking into other options perhaps new mexico,
8:22 am
people wonder why it is not okay for me to have this abortion in new mexico and not texas. which befuddles me mr. this law. >> knowing that your fetus was not developing normally, you would have had to travel hundreds of miles. how many women are in this situation because of this texas law? >> a lot of women have reached out to me thanking me for this, why are we trying to regulate that? we should believe in a women's right to make a decision for herself and that is what this is about, a woman's civil liberty. >> justice kennedy wrote a decision, quote: this was the
8:23 am
justification that justice kennedy made to uphold those bans on partial abortion. you know he could be the swing vote in this case. if you could speak to justice kennedy and he could be, like i said, the deciding voter, what would you say to him? >> i would ask you to consider that each woman has a right to determine her own emotional health and well-being. to make a decision like that because he thinks a woman might regret her decision is great injustice. >> why did you feel it was important to speak up, an now i understand you devote a lot of your time to actually advocating for access to abortion, not only to women who deem it medically necessary but who just make that choice. >> absolutely. it's my obligation to speak out. i produce a story telling series
8:24 am
that's all about sharing personal stories with the purpose of bringing together our community. i think this is a really tough issue and i understand why people have feelings about it. but perhaps if you can see a face to the issue you might understand that we're all just humans, trying to live the best, healthy lives that we can and making the best decisions for our family. >> for so long there has been stigma about speaking publicly about abortion. are you seeing that exchange? i know celebrities have come forward, they have sent amicus briefs speaking about their abortions. is that stimulating? >> yes, if one of three women have had abortion before age 45 which is a statistic, many of us know many people who have had abortions and i'm excited for people to leave shame and guilt in the past and to come out of the disclose it and to really -- clos it ancloset and to stand ir
8:25 am
truth. >> nicole stewart thank you very much fothank you somuch for jois morning. >> thank you. >> a new cnn orc poll finding that 58% of americans say they would like to see the president fill the vacancy left by the death of antonin scalia. 40% say that should be left to the winner of the 2016 election. a bill regarding florida's death penalty is on the way to the supreme court. on thursday state lawmakers passed a bill to revamp florida's capital punishment rules. governor rick scott is expected to sign it. >> a new gun law in iowa is drawing anger from firearm opponents. it would eliminate restrictions on who could use a firearm.
8:26 am
right now the law says a child has to be 14 or older to operate a handgun. the new law says it would allow anyone under the age of 21 to use a hand gub. one state lawmaker who is a gun rights supporter says it is just wrong. >> i'm a very strong supporter of the second amendment but this bill does not follow priorities that i have, and most other iowans have moving foss forward. >> most iowans can buy a gun and possess it, you think this measure goes troo a far. >> this measure takes away all age minimums. so one-year-olds and two-year-olds and three-year-olds. and to my best knowledge there are not handguns had a fit the hands of those size children.
8:27 am
>> federal law stating that a person under the age of 18 cannot possess a handgun, only am anythingammunition, but. >> straight ahead, accusations of racism and murder. >> the debate in alabama after a white police officer is charged with killing an unarmed black man. >> and the troubling new accusations against u.n. peace keepers, there to protect africa's most vulnerable.
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> these people have decided that today they will be arrested. >> i know that i'm being surveilled. >> people are not getting the care that they need. >> this is a crime against humanity. >> hands up... >> don't shoot.
8:30 am
>> hands up... >> don't shoot. >> what do we want? >> justice. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> explosions going on... we're not quite sure - >> is that an i.e.d.? >> welcome back to your world this morning. presidential candidates are going to be back on the campaign trail this morning. after a fire yeah and sometimes ugly debate last night, the other candidates did say they would support trump about he got the nomination but ted cruz and marco rubio spent most of the night attacking the front runner. >> let me tell you the real continuaconartistconartist who o
8:31 am
rubio who has the worst voting record. the united nations is admitting a sharp rise of sexu sexual.abuse allegations by the staff. >> up from 80 cases the year before, most allegations are against peace keepers. u.n. staff has also been accused and for the first time the the u.n. is listing the nationalities of the accused. osama ben javid has the story. >> a new u.n. report says the number of allegations of sexual exploitation. increase in the number of new allegation is signifyin signifye
8:32 am
needs to be done. the report further names all 21 countries whose nationals are allegedly involved in sexual abuse. the united nations has been criticized for not doing enough prompting the secretary-general to speak out against is issue last year. >> i believe the disturbing number of allegation we have seen in many countries but particularly in the central african republic, particularly when the u.n. peace keepers were deployed and since, enough is enough. >> it was in 2014 that allegations of wrongdoing in the central african republic first came to light, when french troops were first accused of sexual misconduct. the report is made up of 10,000 personnel from 45 countries and the u.n. says it takes time to investigate such allegations. but sexual abuse by u.n. personnel is not rare.
8:33 am
the 2003 the then secretary general kofi ah non anon- annan. report from central africa republic say women and girls are raising babies who are the alleged children of u.n. troops. osama ben javad, al jazeera. abuses defense women and girls worldwide it says every year as many as 2.5 million are trafficked into forced labor, 5 million girls and women who are living as slaves, one in five under the age of 15 reports being sexually abused.
8:34 am
joining us this morning, to talk a little bit more about the continuing violence against women and girls around the world. thanks so much for being with us first of all, there is sexual violence, forced marriage, there is genital mutilation, on the whole last the rates of violence against women improved in recent years? >> i don't think so. especially nowadays, women are the first to be affected whenever it's in countries in conflict. for example, now, women i.s.i.s. are selling girls and women for less than $25. believe it or not. even less than a pair of shoes. so it's getting bigger and big person and even in the united states where we think there is no abuse about girls and they are a powerful country and women have the right and still every nine seconds, believe it or not there is a girl who has been beaten or assaulted.
8:35 am
every nine seconds while we are talking there are a few girls who have been assaulted or beaten. >> and the statistic we hear a lot is one in five women on a college campus is sexually assaulted. so we're talking about a huge vast problem. what are some of the major causes of sexual violence against women now, you identified one which is conflict. but how much is still the same old beliefs that girls are inferior to boys? >> it's about education . we have to educate our children. i don't think in schools even here in the united states there are enough awareness for children since they are young. we have to add it to our syllabus. we have to have more awareness through kids since they are young. if you want to educate them about that, and make -- prevent this, we have to educate our children since they are young and we are not doing that here, even here in the united states. >> you think emphasis should really be on education? >> on education.
8:36 am
>> and what other areas should we -- >> change the laws, force our governments to change the laws. up until now there are laws which are not enough good for women. >> there are actually countries where it's not illegal to beat your wife. >> absolutely. what about honor killing? still honor killing exists in few countries. for what reason we are doing this? the problem is that we have to have enough money, enough funding for trying to for awareness for sex trafficking, are for awareness for -- we have to empower women and this is what we don't have. >> and empowerment -- >> and governments usually they put women's agenda on the bottom of their agenda. >> how do you change that when women are in some case not part of the government? >> we want the private sector to be part of this. whenever private sector is drawn attention put a lot of money on these issues then government can be pushed to do that. >> let me push back a little bit
8:37 am
because your organization tries to raise money from the private sector and you want that money to go to the u.n. >> yes. >> and the u.n. to fund programs this help women and girls. when you have the u.n.'s own being accused of sexual abuse what do you say to donors? what credibility does the u.n. have when every year there are dozens of cases of sexual abuse allegations against the u.n? >> you have to understand that the u.n. is good, if its members is good. the u.n. is our member of state. if these members of state are not good then the u.n. is not good. we can't blame the u.n. all the time. because the u.n. is like a small -- a small universe you know. you have all member of states balooning to the u.n. they are in conflict. there are bad people in it then it's bad. it's the same like talking about the world, but in a mini world. >> view march coming up. >> yes tomorrow at 11 o'clock sat dag hamarschold.
8:38 am
with dionne warwick. end violence against women m wod our hashtag are i walk for women. we walk for these girls who can't go to school because of boko haram, we walk for every woman who needs us. to raise our voice, to help governments, to put more money in these issues. >> and to do the right thing. moona rahani el nassir. >> raiding the home of luz da silva last night, the allegation
8:39 am
were. >> marallegations were corruptin against him. marga ortigas what do we know? >> one of the raids was from the former president, lula da silva. allegation is were of corruption at the state owned oil company, petrobras. to show that they stand with him. however those that stand against the former president have also come out and there have been quite a few confront stations between both sides. now this is all part of a long
8:40 am
investigation into these corrupt, alleged corrupt practices at petrobras. it's been two years now and it's involved a large number of high level politicians. more than 50 in fact. >> marga bad news at a terrible time. president dilma rousseff now facing tough questions about this very same scandal. can dilcan dilma's regime come r conflict? >> she is now being seen to have possible links to some of these corrupt practices to do with petrobras. so really, the developments here over the next few days could also spell trouble for her. >> marga ortigas, thank you very
8:41 am
much. be investigators have identified a second more common mosquito that could carry the diseeks. be zika virus. that means that zika could spread even faster than thought. the elizabeth kinja bacteria has been linked to the deaths of at least 18 people since december. another two dozen have gotten sick. most were elderly with serious health conditions. this is the biggest and it has no theories yet for how it started. an alabama police officer defending his actions in connection to the shooting death of an unarmed black man. >> the police officer is facing murder charges and says he is in fear for his life. pawbility reportpaul beban repo.
8:42 am
>> all i want is justice. >> i see him smiling down now that justice has been served. >> gun died when 23-year-old police officer aaron smith stopped him on the streets of montgomery alabama. he was patrolling alone around 3 a.m. smith says he saw someone carrying something that looked like a weapon. reports were it was a stick or a painter's poll. when he stopped gun, the 53-year-old started to run. >> the officer fired and shot and killed the suspect. >> a neighbor said gun called out to him for help. >> car been scar bon cacarbon c.
8:43 am
>> montgomery is a majoritie may black city. she hopes smift an smith and hir will come to her son's funeral this weekend. >> if it constant be done well done and well good. >> at age 23, officer smith is actually a four year veteran of the montgomery police force, who according to his lawyers was known to take shifts that others don't want. >> anything more you can tell us about the confrontation that led to gun's death? >> with the caveat this is coming from smith's side. smith apparently used his taser
8:44 am
six times and after the sixth tase, that's when gun brandished the item he had in his hand which motivated smith to shoot. >> it's snowy out there but will it last? nicole mitchell, good morning. >> a system off the east coast then the last system to pull out of the west is now in the northern portion of the midwest and plains. not a lot of moisture but some for great lakes or the weekend. what we're monitoring is west coast potent system and actually a couple of rounds of moisture coming in. can you see if we take is broad look off the satellite through the pacific, how far back that moisture stream flows and goes. so we're going to really bring in a lot of moisture over the next few days and some of this makes it into central portions of california. a lot of these have stayed in
8:45 am
the northwest. you see this over the course of the weekend. as these add up we have a couple of concerns. first especially near some of the foothills. when you get that moisture coming in and it rings out with the elevation, we could get places that get over a half-fool foot ofootof rain, then the aref brown, the high winds that we're going to have over the weekend, some of the places along the oregon-california border could go over 70 minors, which is bad for high profile vehicles. make it into some portions of california, that will keep areas like san francisco for example, around 65 with throws bands of rain. back to you guys. >> when we come back, news for the economy. >> the latest jobs report is out and it's a strong one with. >> and annual cigar festival, americans are coming for the first time in decades.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
>> the latest jobs numbers from the federal government just came out. a solid 242,000 jobs it created last month, the unemployment rate unchanged. >> the numbers are good, you might be able to find a job, you might not get paid as much as you would like. patricia sabga joins us. break it down for us. >> this was a great number but a decided sting in the tail. let's go over the numbers in case you didn't just hear them.
8:49 am
the economy added 242,000 jobs last month, that really blew away analysts expects. most were looking -- expectations. most wesh lookin were looking f. what's really encouraging about the unemployment rate, the number of people actually in a job or looking for one ticked up slightly, very good news on that front. as for the types of jobs created a lot of them were low paying job, health care, social assistance retail. and that explains this number right here. average hourly wages. they went down 3 cents to 25.30 an hour. that's only a twoo 2.2% rise year-over-year. that means jobs are being created but not well paying ones. >> how is this likely to play out against the backdrop of the
8:50 am
presidential race? >> you'll see democrats will come out and take credit for the recovery, better to have jobs even poorly paying ones than no jobs at all. there is still a significant amount of what we call slack in this labor force which is people out of work. i want to show you this one chart, basically the number of people who have been unemployed for six months or more. if you take a look at this cart, you see from the middle of last year that is sort of flat-lining. there are 2 million people who are long term unemployed. the big thing where we're feeling the pain in the american households, this cuts to the heart of so much anger with so many voters, as you can see this is real median household income, income adjusted for inflation, it has gone down. it is lower now, $53,640 in
8:51 am
2014, where we have the most recent data, down from 2007. this is where the pain is, until those average hourly wages move up americans are still going to be feeling a lot of pain. >> i saw a story in the wrawlt l street journal, directly affect politics. >> directly affecting them stephanie and we should point out even though there's not a lot of price pressure inflation, where we see prices go up, health care and rent. so if your paychecks aren't keeping pace that's something you're really feeling in your wallet. >> bernie sanders supporters feeling same thing too. patricia thank you for being with us. >> americans cal account for a d of the people in the world who buy cigars. many are heading to havana for the country's annual celebration
8:52 am
of tobacco. lucia newman is there. >> the smell of tobacco is overpowers. cigar aficionados are puffing away competing who can produce the most ash. it's a tradition, accompanying the havana cigar festival. >> i have to say there are more people in china start to smoke cigars, the trend. >> turned into a classroom for afist yoa nad oweaaficionados t. among them george from new york who says he smoked his first cuban cigar before the first economic embargo that barred americans from bringing cuban cigars into the country.
8:53 am
>> my grandfather was a physician, gave me a box of romeo and juliet, at 17, and i was looked. >> he couldn't smoke them, a record number of americans are here openly, to take part in the festival. >> i thought it was a long time coming and i'm glad to see obama has finally opened up the gates. >> reporter: this year's festival is also special because it celebrates the 50th 50th anniversary of cuba' cuba's own. >> in the neal 1982 when the koeba was finally put on the market for anyone to buy except the americans.
8:54 am
now they can buy and bring home up to $100 worth, not much when you consider that many here will be leaving with tens of thousands of dollars worth of cuban cigars. maybe just maybe enough to last them until next year's cigar fest. lucia newman, al jazeera, havana. >> look at that last picture. oops. an american soccer star takes a bold step to help others. >> we'll tell you what brandy chastain is doing. >> and train hub not everyone thinks is a work of art.
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> president obama saying he and the first lady are not going to be leaving washington at the end of his term. he says he will say in the nation's capital until at least his youngest daughter finishes high school. sasha obama will be graduating from sidwell friends. >> brandy chastain scored the game winning goal, at the olympics. evidence of brain trauma has been found had a number of deceased athletes and has been linked to dementia and aggression. after a decade of delays a
8:58 am
spectacular new transportation hub has opened in new york city. >> sits next to the 9/11 memorial. courtney kealy takes a tour. >> step into the world trade center's transportation hub. gleaming ground and a signature style for santiago calladrava manva.the okaythe oculus. 350 feet long, 75,000 square feet of retail space. will be packed with 250,000 commuters a day. so what do some of them think of the design? >> it is impressive. i think it's a beautiful structure. >> this is awesome, this is really great. >> not everyone is impressed. the new york times called it a boondoggle and dinosaur caucus.
8:59 am
vanity fair says: >> it should be for their benefit because they paid for it. over budget and delayed the hub cost $4 billion. $2 billion more than it was supposed to. by far, the most expensive train station ever guilt in the world. >> i'm curious where the money went. >> day 1 loved and hatewhich for any architect, a new building, makes it an instant success. >> i want to go down and see it, you? >> 99% of the grimy subways stations, yes i want to see it. >> how do you really feel? i'm del walters, as always, have a great weekend.
9:00 am
grimy and disgusting. the former brazilian president desilva is detained after his house was rated as part of a corruption inquiry. >> welcome, you're watching al jazeera live from doha. e.u. leaders say russia is committed to upholding a fragile ceasefire in syria. the u.n. reports a sharp rise in allegations of sex abuse by its staff in 10 different countries. >> i'm rob mcbride in the philippines on the trail of a dying language that is only


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