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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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is. >> good evening, i'm antonio mora. this is al jazeera america. the battle fo for for south car. republican presidential candidates crisscrossing the state. finding a winning advantage in nevada. the labor union hillary clinton and bernie sanders are courting hoping it translates into a win in the silver state. targeting i.s.i.l, u.s. force he have struck another country trying to eliminate islamic state. set free, the last of the
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anc goele ah 3. angola 3. tomorrow is a key day in the race for white house. republicans hold a primary in south carolina and democrats hold caucuses in nevada. we start in south carolina where the gop candidates crisscrossed the state today serving for last minute votes. key lead for donald trump, the battle could be for second place. lisa stark has more from columbia, south carolina. >> reporter: tointantonio, thp phenomenon continues to stump experts. donald trump wouldn't have made the list last year but he has the momentum, according to the polts and the question iapologis can he ride that all the way to
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the convention? continues to tap into fears about immigration, and the economy. >> these men are not going to get you to the promised land. >> this is not politics as usual. from biting personal attacks. >> this guy ted cruz is really a liar i tell you what, i've never seen anything like it. >> to the threats to sue cruz over an anti-trump ad. >> this has taken the case. >> trump has even taken on the pope, who suggested that anyone wanting to build a wall is not a christian. >> by a religion leader, to question a person's faiths is
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disgraceful. >> reporter: trump softened his remarks and said i don't like to fight with the pope. >> we need somebody who's going to speak for us and get the job done. >> he doesn't have anybody backing him so he's going to do what donald trump wants to do and we'll do what we want to do. >> surprising political watchers. >> he's able to say these things and convince people because he has a track record in another area. you look at trump towers, the golf courses, however many millions or billions he's worth. you got to say, this guy has something on the ball. >> is trump unstoppable? he's told people, quote, if we win here in south carolina we feel we can run the table. he may not do so well but with the crowded field he has more
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odds. >> if trump continues to ally his supporters, and the others divide them. >> if trump does win the nom inflation, it will be one for the record books. >> i don't know what to say, everything i've told the students about, these are the important factors, they appear not to be. i have to redo some of my lectures that's for sure. >> one thing everyone will be watching after the vote tomorrow, whetherfully of the republican candidates decide to drop out of the race. next are the cawrkse caucuses n. >> on saturday, the republicans
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battle on saturday, both hillary clinton and bernie sanders were courting a major union endorsement there but neither got it. michael shure reports from the capital of nevada. >> reporter: there's a transient population here, they have a difficult thing to poll people at home, so many work at night when pollsters do their calling. one candidate wanted to come here and win the endorsement of the culinary workers of nevada. in 2008, the nevada culinary union endorsed obama. >> it was a strategic decision.
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>> david moore, says the union sees abstaining as ran tint. >> to say we're going to make our shining in nevada. obviously to engage the national media here. >> reporter: last october hillary clinton demonstrated with the union in front of the trump hotel, a nonunion and now politically important. after not receiving the endorsement in 2008, clinton hoped her, throes of negotiations on behalf of most of the members. >> the spoobility with jovcanda is the secretary treasure.
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>> we know political organization, we are a union and we have a lot of things to do with our workers now, going down to 45,000 may be a, even reports that the sanders campaign was being underhanded in influencing union members, some alleged that three were trying to target potential voters using culinary pins to oifer themselves. >> the sanders campaign did apologize but the importance of the latino vote mites have been what they expected in the first place. >> right now we know workers there in the hotel they have fake who they would like to move and have protection in this
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country. there the cull flare union is here, for cycle after cycle, particularly in the latina community one of the electronickest get out the vote. >> whether it comes to this we behemoth itself to organized the organized. and hillary clinton has secured the service of the service employees international union and the elusive, segment of the electorate that she at any time get. we have to be careful to get those to the polls we will see. antonio. >> paying spects t respects to n scalia, the eight remaining supreme court justices were joined by thousands of ar mourn.
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scalia's funeral will be held tomorrow. president obama will begin vetting various candidates over the weekend. the president will pick a nominee worry o. the last member of the angola 3 is now a free man. albert wood fox was facing a third trial. he had always maintained he was not guilty. as jonathan martin reports, wood fox has maintained his innocence, friday he was finally released. afternoon his scientist
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birthdayal l berth fox walked out of the louisiana state prison. he was convicted of killing brent miller, prison guard, both convictions were overturned under appeal. but the state of louisiana challenged the release, wood fox's release are friday came after the state decided to not try him with a third trial. concerns about my health and my age have caused me to plead no contest to lesser charges. wood fox was one of the so-called angola 3.
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they spent years in solitary confinements in,. >> there were the scapegoats, there was opportunity, but the prison administration to continue in the filter efforts to destroy the black panther movement. >> in a statement friday wood fox thanks herman wallace and robert king for their support. king was released, wallace was released after 35 years in solitary confinement and died two days later. 40 plus years in solitary confinement only because of his extraordinary strength and character. these inhumane practices must stop. thanking the others part of the
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angola 3, his brother, who supported him leaving prison and wood fox had supporters from across the country and across the world who were taking up his specific case and really rallying for his release. >> jonathan martin reporting. pentagon says it might have killed an i.s.i.l. commander after taking the group into libya. prosecutors are asking a judge to force apple to unlock a phone used by one of the gunmen in the san bernardino attack.
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>> the pentagon says u.s. war planes hit an i.s.i.l. camp in libya. and killed the man who was responsible for deadly attacks in tunisia. jamie mcintire reports from the pentagon. >> antonio, the all out expansion into libya, this was simply a target of opportunity. a chance to take out a major i.s.i.l. player and dozens of recruits in a single blow.
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this is all that was left of a farmhouse and other structures in a rural area of libya after a pair of u.s. air force f-15s floang out o15sflown out of a b, along with drones, attacked what the pentagon described as an i.s.i.l. training camp. friday morning. the camp had been under surveillance for weeks and was targeted based on surveillance suggesting the fighters there were planning external attacks on the west and other regions. >> we believe this group and this training facility posed a threat in the region and perhaps in the short term and as a result we wanted to move quickly. >> pentagon sources says the u.s. believes the primary target a tunisian named nordeen shashan
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a senior i.s.i.l. facilitator who was instrumental in moving foreign fighters in and out of neighboring tunis from the camp located west of tripoli not far from the tunisian border. in particular, he was suspected of organize straighting a deadly attack ton bardo museum in tunis last september and possible involvement in a june attack in a tunisian resort that killed 38. >> with respect to libya i have been clear from the outset that we will go after i.s.i.s, wherever it appears. >> reporter: earlier this week president obama indicated that strikes against i.s.i.l. in libya would be more limited than in iraq or syria in part because the u.s. has no partner ton ground. >> the good news in libya is that they don't like outsiders coming in telling them what to do. there is a whole buns of
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constituencies who are hardened fighters and don't ascribe to i.s.i.s. or their perverted ideology. but they have to be organized, and can'ting fighting each other. >> the white house compared this strike to one last year in libya which killed a top i.s.i.l. leader, abu nabil. >> the president will make good on his promise to continue to apply pressure to i.s.i.l. leaders who threaten the united states and our interests. >> the big obstacle to waging a wider war against i.s.i.l. in libya right now is the lack of a functioning government there. efforts so far to form a unity government of national accord have failed and without a ground component, in the air campaign attacks have to be limited to the few instances where there is a clear target. antonio. >> jack berger is a research
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fellow at the sufon group the co-author of a recently released report called libya extremism and the consequence of attacks. where jamie ended and something your report focuses on, libya is a failed state and a place for extremists to prosper. is there little the western powers can do in libya until the parties come up with a unity government? >> because of the divide between the two governments, there is little they can do and unless we want to exacerbate the problems and the dwight between the governments there is little we can do except what we saw today with these kinds of signature strikes where we are going after specific militants spiive camps on the grown. >> is there any opt maix the a
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unity government is going to be ask formed? >> the international community has been working very hard, the u.s., the eu, the u.n. and the arab league have been trying to get the two parties to come to agreement. the ministry of defense is a very big problem and 1st of the hurried tolz getting hurdlt government form. >> aside from all the other chaos in libya, i.s.i.l. is growing inside libya, it is seen as being the affiliate of i.s.i.l. over which i.s.i.l. has the most control, and we discussed this as libya as a plan b, if things go south in iraq and syria that this could be the center for i.s.i.l. >> sure and we have seen movement of senior i.s.i.l.
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members going from the territory in iraq and syria to the territory in libya. we saw oformer baath party member, killed in a u.s. strike, it has oil wells it has smuggling routes. >> and i.s.i.l. has established a pretty substantial presence. most of that area is around sirte and gotten access to oil facilities, attack other oil facilities. but today's attack land in the northwest in another area. why did we go after i.s.i.l. there? >> the problem with libya is it is notoriously hard to control, i.s.i.l. is able to move around
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libya fairly freely. the islamic state in december invaded the town set up checkpoints and claimed it as its own and this will there is some sort of international -- until there is some sort of united force to fight the islamic state to face them they will be able to do this kind of thing all around the country. >> tunisia is an important u.s. ally, focused on tunisia carried out these attacks against tourivity sites that -- tourist sites that really hurt tunisia. noreen shashan was a tunisian operative and focused on bringing tunisians to libya to train. the attack on the bardo museum and the attack on suss.
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>> we'll keep an eye on this jack berger, thank you for joining us. thanks. proof of u.s. citizenship when registering to vote, people who hope to register when they're applying for driver's licenses must show a passport or a birth certificate. the justice department is firing back at apple by refusing to unlock a phone used by one of the gunmen in the san bernardino attack. the federal government filed a motion asking apple to compel. apple has refused to obey the federal court order. harper lee, her legacy and
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why she was such a mystery despite decades of fame.
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>> virgin galactic has a new spacecraft. the company rolled it out today
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in southern california. the official name the vss unity. virgin galactic's firstship crashed in 2014 killed the pilot. each passenger will pay $250,000 for the privilege of suborbital flight. harper lee died at the age of 89. as john siegenthaler reports. >> all she wanted to be was the jane austen of south alabama. her prose would make her famous around the world. published in 1960 when lee was 34, "to kill a mockingbird" ranks among the greatest and most published novel of all
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time. it touched critics and readers alike, selling 30 million copies and adapted into the oscar winning film, starring gregory peck. >> will you identify the man who beat you? >> certainly will, sitting yonder. >> tom lee stand us please let her have a good look at you. >> harper lee, born in monroeville alabama in 1926. childhood friends with truman capote she traveled with him to help him do research on in cold blood. she moved to new york, worked as a bookstore, and as an airlines reserves clerk.
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the short stories became "to kill a mockingbird." lee shunned publishers until last with the release of "go set a watchman." today, oprah winfrey said: and from stephen king who wrote: the best quote is from lee herself who in 1964, had this to say about writing. john siegenthaler, al jazeera. >> i'm antonio mora. thanks for joining us.
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for the latest news at any time, you can head in to ray suarez is next. have a great night and a great weekend. ♪ ♪ ♪ there comes a time in every republican candidate's debate when the state of the u.s. military comes up. and thus becomes a candidate to candidate serial lament over how bad it is ill equipped, demoralized, weak, in need of a lot more money a lot more stuff. the audience applauds but is it true, is american military decline in absolute terms or compared to rivals around the world, real?


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