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tv   Talk to Al Jazeera  Al Jazeera  March 15, 2015 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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as it swooped more than 800m to its trainer on the ground. it was the highlight of this endangered bird of pray? for those in united states joining us on al jazeera america, "talk to al jazeera" is next. more on the website. this week on talk toays, ku klux klan, david duke. >> when i was a young man enjoying controversial organizations, you know, i grew up from that. there is no question about that. but at least i did what i thought was right. >> he is recently been back in the news with reports that house majority whip representative steve scalise spoke at one of his organization's events.
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>> if he was there, he wasn't attending a klan meeting, an organization called european unity and rights organization which is an organization for the preservations of western european civilization. >> today, duke blames zionism for america's ills. >> i don't believe european americans control the country any more. >> the most well known racist, he calls himself a reformed klansman. but he longs for a past closer to his 1950s childhood? >> this is not the america i grew up in. i love america. i will fight, you know, to my last breath to save america and i think we can do. >> we spoke to the former kkk leader in washington, d.c.? >> well, i think it's not unfair to say that when the steve scalise story broke, a lot of people thought, well, david duke, there is a name i haven't heard in a while. let's talk a little bit about what happened.
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i think if it wasn't the big of a new congress with an enlargedvan majority, if representative scalise wasn't the third-rank can iran in the leadership, this might have sort of passed everyone's notice. did you think the congressman was telling the truth when he said he had no idea what the organization was or your connection with it? >> well, i have no idea. i was in moscow at the time. i heard he was there but i didn't find any confirmation. but i am surprised and shocked it would be a big deal if he was there. as you said, you started off the interview, what's been going on over these years? well, if you read the newspapers, you would think i was in the kkk today. and obviously, that's not so. 35 years ago, mr. scolise, if he was there, he wasn't attending a klan meeting. he was attending an organization for the preservation and the values of western european civilization.
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that's what its about. and it's truly a civil rights ormths now, it certainly is americans. no question about it. but we also have hispanic american groups of which you have been a part of, black organizations. many of, many crew issue organizations, very powerful organizations in this country working for what they consider to be the jewish agenda or the israeli agenda. i will always believe a congressman or any elected official he represents all of the people. when i served in the house of representatives, i would talk to anyone, and i have many friends around the world of many different races ult the idea he can't speak to an organization like that is abhorrent. >> he disavowed what the organization was, what it stands for. that? >> i think it's a couple of factors. i think the fact is that the media in this country and -- and i realize everybody has
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different points of view but i see the media in america and the government structure in america as very anti-european american. i don't believe european americans control the country anymore. i believe the zionists control. you primmed that you had a lot of information that could possibly -- certainly bike their likes -- embarrass a lot of people, and you gave kind of a warning. wagged your finger: don't bail out on me and back pedal from me so quickly. >> sure.
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>> because you know a lot of things about what went down in national politics. tell me what you meant. >> well, i know some members of congress and the u.s. senate who i knew personally before, not only from louisiana but other areas and i said, look. i don't think a person should be absolutely dragged through the mud or thrown out of his position because he came and constituents. i said if you do that, then i will reveal who you are. so far, none of these people have done that. but at the same time, i want to say it very, very clearly, that mr. scolise. i believe that will -- you see, i am an honest guy. in fact, when i was a young man and joined controversial organizations like a lot of young militants of all races have done, you know, i grew up from that. >> that's no question about that. but at least i did what i thought was right. yes do what was necessarily popular. you don't win popularity contests joining those kinds of
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groups but i really detest politics when people are just, you know, when scolise says that he was david duke without the baggage. the truth is he is not david duke without the baggage. not any more, not since the heat came down. >> is despicable. i said publii wouldn't vote for him nor would i vote for any member of the united states depressed right now because every member of the congress of this country is being led by the nose, totally captured by the zionists. they have the devotion to israel more than they do america. >> the idea that european americans are in the desce in. t, no longer control the country, that would probably be count he intuitive to a lot watching this program? >> i know that. >> their family income out strips. 4r78 every senator, 43 out of 44 american presidents, virtually every college president of all
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but historically black colleges, the big, high-profile positions in this country have traditionally been held by people who are the descend events of those who came to this country before we changed the immigration laws. the idea that they are in the descent, on the run, they need their civil rights protected is kind of counter-intuitive. >> you know, in a way what you are saying doesn't speak very well of european americans. and the fact that just because they are european americans doesn't mean that they are not corrupt and they are not controlled. political process in america goes like this: the largest political financiers in america absolutely are zionists. i think every people have a right to be concerned about their heirtage, including european americans. and i think our heritage has been replaced. hollywood to me is not an express of european values.
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thousands of movies preach drug abuse, alcohol abuse sexual abuse, all sorts of degenracy, it's disgusting. same thing is true with a lot of the music industry. i blame record producers which happen to be big jewish zionists by the way. it's hurting european americans and african americans and hispanic americans and everyone else. and this is the one group you can't criticize in america. you can criticize european americans. you can call them, whatever you want to say it. you can call them a privileged class, white privilege is a very common word we use. but how is it wife privilege when we have all of these major studios which have a tribtre impact on the values that we believe in and not one single american studio is controlled by european americans? not a single studio. the last one was walt disney, now controlled by iger. before him, eisner. not a single studio.
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>> i think if we got eisner and eiger into this room two huge american entertainment executives, they would tell a family story about their families coming to this dainty tree from europe as well. the sleight of hand that's involved in removing the juice from the united states from the history of europe is an interesting kind of historical three-card monte. they are europeans, too. nonsense. >> first of all, i don't remove them from europe. they remove themselves from europe. they look at themselves, a distinct people, not only to europeans but everybody else on the planet. and it's a very ethnic-oriented organization. for instance, i was criticized years ago because i said if there was a large amount of immigration into my country and a large amounts of enter marriage that the character of our people would change, and i
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would like to see the character of our people remain. every major jewish organization in america such as the american jewish committee which is a worldwide organization and as far as visuals are concerned, they have programs to prevent jewish enter marriage -- inter marriage. standard. >> when i start out talking about america, we end up in a conversation about israel. happened. >> i will tell you something. the reason why that is, is because america has been taken over in the same way that palestine has been taken over. you can see a reflection of this in these insane wars all over the world that's not been in america's interest. i will give you a small example. let's take syria. i have been saying, look. if we continue to support the so-called rebels, they are mostly jihadists, very radical, we are going to have a big, big problem.
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we were supporting al nursa, which is al-qaeda. al-qaeda, that's supposed to be the same group that attacked the trade centers. right? by going against the assag government, what we were doing was we were supporting the rise of these radical jihadists and isis rose up. how is it in the american interest to support al-qaeda or to support isis? the only way you can explain that is because of the zionist control of our state department, our government and our media. you know, there are a lot of flaw ins assad, but he is a moderate person. we are going against assad because assad, syria, iraq, iran, and lebanon have been in time. >> earlier, you were talking about out marriage, changing the essential nature of a people and comparing what might be a european-american reluctance to outmarry and talking about the jews. the difference is that
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67% of americans traits their roots, their ancestry to europe. they are a sizeable majority in this country, and less than three % of americans self-employed as jews. the way minorities view themselves inside societies is intrinsically different from the way majority view themselves inside societies. but first -- >> well, can i? respond. >> of course. >> i appreciate the fact you are giving me a chance to answer, on o'reilly. >> i am a different kettle of fish from o'reilly. >> i think there is an answer to that. you know, when you talk about diversity, say, in a police department or you talk about diversity in terms of a job or community, i understand your position. i think people want to be policed by people who are similar to them. >> that's just some other race. i think people are concerned about who is going to be running the educational system where they are going to be. but the real power in this
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country is the very elites of america. at harvard university, our truly most unique university. european americans now are 20% of the student body. jews who are 2% of the population are now harvard. >> the europeans, too. >> now, they identify themselves separately with that and they certainly have a different agenda than we do. for instance, onnitsis and many other subjects. >> just as italians might have a different view from irish? >> is there an italian lobby in congress that no congressman would dare vote against? do italians control every major hollywood studio? do they conglomrates? >> if you look over the history of the last couple of centuries, it would be hard to find a group of people who have been set apart by the majorities in the countries where they live for
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elimination, expulsion, persecution, wholesale murder in some cases pogrames, widespread practice. the most powerful lobby in the american government, by far, over any domestic lobby certainly any foreign lobby is apac. the reason they have this power is not because they are the only people with smarts.
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it's because they are very tribal. they support each other. they network with each other. and they give each other a true privilege, and that's the true privilege in this country. again, harvard, 25% of the student body at harvard is jewish. 20%, 65%, is that, you know, if 98% of european americans can't get similar to their percentage of the population notice leading institution of america, is that white privilege? >> next on talk to al jazeera, david duke addresses the country jersey surrounding his far right beliefs. stay with us. >> heavily armed combat tactics >> every little podunk wants their tank and their bazooka... >> with s.w.a.t. raids on the rise... >> when it goes wrong, it goes extremely wrong... >> what's the price for militarizing our police >> they killed evan dead >> faul lines, al jazeera america's hard hitting... >> today they will be
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arrested... >> ground breaking... >> they're firing canisters of gas at us... >> emmy award winning investigative series... deadly force: arming america's police only on al jazeera america
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arch. i am ray suarez. this week on "talk to al jazeera" we speak to the former leader of the ku space klux klan, david duke. >> you have touched on it. i want to make sure we give it a good airing, your idea that the essential nature of the country will change as the demographics of the country change. and i wonder if you think america. >> i already see in america -- an american that's not the america i grew up in as a young man. we have every major movie, it seems like for young people today promotes all sorts of drug use, dis lucien, drinking yourself, 25,000 kids die a year.
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they are producing the culture that's destroying this country. i don't think -- i don't believe hollywood represents the values. i will give you a good example of this. america now is torturing people, and whether or not we torture them in a caa place somewhere around the world or whether we send them in readdition to some hershman tortures them. this is not the belief my forefathers had. our founding fathers would roll over in their grave. this is something, by the way, again, we learned from israel. this is not american values. >> but the defenders of torture were a cross section of americans starting with the president from one of the oldest and most distinguished families in the country. do not rumsfeld, john yu, the dissendant of asian immigrants, alberto gonzalez, the dissendent. moment.
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again. >> you know what? to me, this is the main issue of the world. we talk about global ismsand the world, you know. >> i believe in the right of every people on this planet to be free and independent and the globalists are basically trying to say that we must have this global empire, this powerful -- who is it going to be run by? the international banks and boot the uppity governments controlled by the finances of these bangs and dictate to them >> en control the currency in their pocket. >> still ahead on "talk to al jazeera, former clansman, david duke shares his thoughts kiesh >> al jazeera's investigative unit has tonight's exclusive report. >> stories that have impact. that make a difference. that open your world. >> this is what we do. >> america tonight. tuesday through friday. 10:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america.
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arch this is talk toays. i am ray suarez. my guest is david duke who now heads the european american unity and rights organization, a white nationalist group. >> if we look at the states of the old confederacy -- >> yeah. >> if we look at the states that were holdouts, really opposed to
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brown versus the board of education, to the changes that swept through country during the 60s, today, those states are home to vast evangelical networks that extol american jewry, have strong links, extol israel, it's survival and security? >> one of the saddest things that i know of as a christian to see what's called christian zionism, when one considers not only have muslims, palestinians and muslim lebanese been murdered and tortured by the tens of thousands by the israeli state but christians, you know, one-third tliechtd one third, closer to one-half a long i'm were christians, and just like everything else in our society, web tabby over and also christians are subject to the control of this media it's ironic because they -- >> they hate the media?
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>> exactly. >> talk to one and one of their big bete noir, their enemies they perceive is american media. they sound like you when you are talking about deck readdation of the culture. they believe i am showing european americans a better way to go about we need to preserve our deorality and preserve our people without any sort of harm or hatred or anger toward any other group. i tell european americans repeatedly, you can watch fox news and it might make you start hating frern ps americans to
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look at some of these demonstrators and al sharpton and resent them but you shouldn't resent them. the people who are creating this tremendous divide in this country are the people who control the media. it's not african-americans after the trayvon martin case, it was the media that tried to incite african-americans, that all of european americans are racists and horrible. and if you want to look, go back and look at what was on television, the massive violence, blood, torture, sickness, weirdism, degenracy, destructiveness, drugs. we can go on and on. right? that on tell works that's on television today and movies and like music video yeses and so forth and you look at what was in the media. >> that's what's changed. i tell you the truth. it's even true in a marriage for most people. if people, some people want to inter marry that's their god-given right. they can do what they want but
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most people around the world want their kids and grandkids from both sides of the family to look like their forefathers. >> it's estimated by the census bureau and by other demographers that in 2042, 2043, somewhere around then, more americans will trace their journey to this country from asia, africa and latin america than from europe. will you be comfortable in that country? there. will you? >> my father, i will be alive unless some zionist radical gets in, in between. >> it's let's hope it's a natural event rather than a man-made one? >> i would like that. i have a lot more things to do in my life. yes, of course it's a big turning point. and to say it's not a turning point, if you just look at for instance, here is europeans are 63% of the population. you look at the voting numbers. okay? and then you look at the voting numbers of african-americans,
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the voting numbers of mexican americans and other groups, there is a big dichotomy. so the european american, you know, obviously, has to recognize the fact that if he does become a minority and continues on, if the immigration continues on, unstopped, and that if he believes in the idea that he has the right to have a gun, to protect himself in a lawless land that right could very well perish, and i think that there is no question and my book documents it. again, my book jewish supremism sdpikts the factdepicts the fact dem dominated. they boast about the fact that they dominated it. i will put it one last way because this will medication it more clear. okay? if european americans still had a country where the media was controlled by our people for our own interests, truly and themant interests of this country, we had a financial system that was in our own interest and we had a
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government in our own true interest, i don't think israel would even exist. i don't think the palestinians would have been driven out with terror and and murder in pam stain. i don't think we will be -- >> with all respect, sir, once again, i asked you a question about life in america. a very simple question. is that going to be a comfortable plates for you to live? is it still going to be 2043place? >> that's because the biggest single expenditure, if you want to talk about one project or one aspect of our government over the last ten years has been the iraq war. it's going to be a two or $3 trillion war. do you realize the social problems wedged solve with that? that affects our quality of life in america. so as long as this system continues, as long as the divide and conquer scenario continues, there is no question in my mind that this country is going to fall down in quality. and by the way, as a person who deals with european americans in politics and out every day, if i
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talk to anybody and they say, you know, how is it going? how do you think this country is going? overwhelmingly, they say it's going to hell. i believe it's going to hell. this is not the america i grew up in. and, you know, i love america. i will fight, you know, to my last breath to save america and preserve america. i think we can do it but we can only preserve america and the palestinians and other peoples of the world can only be free if we, ourselves in america and europe are free again from this lives. >> david duke, good to talk to you. thanks for joining us on "talk to al jazeera". >> you are very welcome. >> every sunday night. >> i lived that character. >> go one on one with america's movers and shakers. >> we will be able to see change. >> gripping... inspiring... entertaining. no topic off limits. >> 'cause i'm like, "dad, there are hookers in this house".
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>> exclusive conversations you won't find anywhere else. >> these are very vivid, human stories. >> if you have an agenda with people, you sometimes don't see the truth. >> "talk to al jazeera". only on al jazeera america. >> you know how everybody say they have a purpose in life? well at one time i felt that selling cocaine was my purpose. i used to think i was born to be a drug dealer. i thought it was my job to keep everybody high. to get as many people high as i could. >> welcome to the famous wake-up show. this dj king jack. toda