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The aim of this paper is to study and identify various threshold values for two prevalently used edge detection techniques, which are Sobel and Canny. The purpose is to determine which value gives an accurate result for identifying a leukemic cell. Moreover, evaluating suitability of edge detectors is also essential as feature extraction of cell depends greatly on image segmentation (edge detection). Firstly, an image of M7 subtype of Acute Myelocytic Leukemia (AML) is selected due to its...
Topics: AML, Edge detection, Leukemia cell, M7, Noise filters
Miscellaneous Contributed Journals and Academic Newsletters
by A. S. A. Salam, M. N. M. Isa, M. I. Ahmad

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In this paper, several techniques of image enhancement spatial domain is elucidated and analyzed for the purpose of enhancing Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) subtype of M1, M4, M5 and M7. The techniques involved contrast stretching of greyscale images, image subtraction and image sharpening. The three methods compared with one another to achieve the highest PSNR value for the suitability technique of AML subtypes (M1, M4, M5 and M7). Firstly, subtypes images converted into grayscale. Then, each...
Topics: AML, Contrast stretching, Image enhancement, Image sharpening, Image subtraction, Leukemia